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Text Message Missions
(( Due to the delay in time zones between Mexico and Moscow I'm gonna just do the text messages with Elyse here - let's see what kinda story we can tell in only text messages ))

"Mr. Durante, my name is Elyse Andersen. Another hunter. I'm tasked to find some information in your reports in the Underground City. Would like to go with you if possible. Await your message either way. Thanks,



Mr. Durante? That's my father. Pretty thing like you better call me Nox. I'm in Mexico atm, can't be there. What do you want to know? Don't go alone!


Agreed - you're too cute to be Mr. Durante. Don't worry, I won't go by myself. I need a hero with me for protection ;-)

I'm still looking over your reports for this creature. At this point, I'd like to know the basics - tactics, does it stick to the dark. Are they coming from any specific location in the underground city, ect. Your general impressions would be great.

I'd like to arrange a time to go with you to investigate these creatures. I know that you are currently out of the area, but I think your experiences with them will make you an invaluable asset. If, however, it will take you a long time to get back to Moscow, I can find other assistance, I'm sure. I just arrived in Moscow, and quite frankly, I'm getting bored and need work.


Edited by Elyse, Jul 6 2016, 05:59 PM.
How nice of you to notice [Image: 2.png] If you wait for me I'll protected you.


Attached are three files - a program my sister wrote that you can use on your wallet. It'll track your movements when you turn it on and map out the area. The maps attached should get you some exploration time without needing someone with you. I'd feel 100% better if you don't go down to the third level without me or Aria.

I'd hate for you to get damaged before I even get a chance to meet you in person.

The creatures haven't made their way up to the top levels the last time Aria and I went through. But that could change quickly so still be careful.

We theorize they are a cross between a chubakabra and a rougarou, but they multiply so fast that we can't kill enough of them. It's like whatever it was has infected the rats below and keep multiplying. They always attack in mass, if you see one get the fuck out.

Soon as I get back we can go hunting. I don't expect I'll be much longer, I'm almost done here.

- humbly yours, Nox [Image: 2.png]
How very kind of you! What a gentleman! I owe you at least a drink just for that ;-)

Since you don't expect to be much longer, I'll wait for you to get here. I think it will be better to be down there with someone familiar with them based on your comments. Ill spend that time looking over your reports.

Eagerly awaiting you arrival,

Elyse ;-)
Eager? I could get used to that.

Drinks AFTER we hunt!
Always eager [Image: 1.png]

I thought getting the drink after the hint was implied. I apologize for my lack of clarity there [Image: 1.png]
Oh, are you saying I'm dim???? [Image: 18.png]
I would never! [Image: 18.png]Edited by Elyse, Jul 6 2016, 08:02 PM.
That's what it sounded like to me... maybe I should reconsider that drink? I'd hate for you to think I was an idiot or something.

I hope you don't get too bored waiting on me. There is a rougarou nest on level 2 we didn't finish cleaning out. It's marked on the map.

Think of me while slaying the last of the beasties.
That would make me very, very sad [Image: 4.png]

Killing rougs- I can handle that. And I'll keep you in my thoughts [Image: 7.png]

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