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Family Business
Continued from Dueling Dragons

(closed for now)

The past few days had not been her normal routine. The day she'd met Lucas shifted her schedule to the point that staying up another 24 hours didn't sound like a good idea to Aria.

She woke up early, it was always dark when she woke up. The day's flowed like her nights used to. Morning workout, it was sad she couldn't get outside in the fresh air to practice, but inside it was warm and her sparse studio worked well for that. Thankfully no one lived underneath her so she didn't disturb their wee hours sleep. Aria's routine was always the same, same practiced moves she did since Father Dimitri had given her free reign of her workouts. Stretching then sword forms. Some of the hunters likened it to dancing, but it was more like tai-chi than anything. Slow movements, perfected over time. Providing control of her body at all times. Cardio was the same, except the movements varied as she sparred an invisible opponent.

Shower, dressed and then to Atharim headquarters to research more about Ascendancy's past. There were many questions and many inconsistencies. For instance, Siberia monastery? What really happened? That was someplace Aria above all others might be able to figure out what had happened. If it were emotionally encapsulating of death and destruction as the manuscript Regus had her searching through when she first got to Moscow, surely something would be gained from going there. She'd started researching the means to get there.

The day grew late and Aria's stomach rumbled. Her apartment not far away allowed her to eat in the privacy of her own home. Unlike a few days ago, something actually adorned her walls. Aria had framed Lucas' drawing and hung it above her bed as a reminder of the internal struggle. Not that it was needed, it was a daily fight. Nearly hourly as the pain and suffering of humanity poured into Aria's body. The later the day grew the worse it got. Too many minds awake and feeling.

Tonight Aria would stay up despite her better judgement. The night was so much easier to function in. Aria went into the Desolate Scroll and nodded to the shop keep, he had a customer who was waiting. The man was nearly empty of all emotion. Aria glanced over her shoulder and wondered if he as like Dane's doctor at the precinct. Sentient or just empty? She wouldn't put empty past anyone since meeting Dane.

Aria took the stairs two and at time and opened the door to her apartment. Sanctuary so to speak, but it was home regardless of the sparse state.

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Continued from Seeker

Giordano had been waiting for quite some time, the first day had not been fruitful, but the shop keep insisted she'd be there eventually, and he was right. The raven hair girl walked into the shop with a nod to the innkeeper and walked up the stairs. He glanced at his watch and noted the time. He sent Alex a text. "Found her. Text me in an hour to check on me."

It was an odd thing to send your daughter, but this girl was Atharim. There was no telling how dangerous she was.

Giordano waited an appropriate amount of time before he got up and followed her up the stairs. He wasn't very good at reading people, but he could use his talents to find her. She was a distinct flavor, her blocking methods were crude and undeniable. She clearly had never been trained. She wasn't even blocking anything really.

When he was out of sight Giordano reached into his duffle bag and pulled out a pistol with the newly purchased silencer attached. He had no desire to draw attention to this little disagreement.

He crept up the stairs and found her in the first apartment above the shop. Giordano was at an impasse, knock or break down the door? He wasn't any good at this.

It was a split second decision. Giordano kicked the door as hard as he could and the door splintered at the locking mechanism. His gun pointed inward he saw his daughter pointing a gun directly at him, as if she had it in her hand all along.

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Aria kept her attention on the man who had felt nothing downstairs. She wanted to know when he left. Instead of leaving he drew closer. Aria drew the gun from behind her back and stepped away from the door. He seemed to hesitate on the other side. But whatever had stalled him was quickly ended as her door flew inwards. Aria sighed. She'd have to replace the lock now.

She pointed the gun at the man, he pointed one at her as well. He had the foresight to put a silencer on, Aria hardly cared either way. If she used her gun, it typically meant she was pretty much already dead anyway.

Aria motioned with her gun for him to back away from the door. "Care to see who's faster?"

He complied, kicking the door shut behind him. It bounced instead of latched. Aria sighed. Seriously, he couldn't have knocked...

"What do you want?"
Giordano wasn't sure this was the best idea he'd come up with. He should have got her when she first walked in. Touched her and manipulated her. It would have hit the stronger points of his offense, the gun was not something he'd foreseen her having. Which was stupid on his part, she was Atharim. She motioned for him to move away from the door. He knew who would be faster, he kicked the door shut and moved towards the kitchenette. She circled away from him, keeping the distance exactly the same. Her gun never flinching, never wavering.

Giordano took a step towards her and the look in her eye said that if he took another he'd be dead.

She demanded an answer and Giordano wasn't really here to give her that. He was the one making the demands here. He pulled the trigger, he had aimed for her chest, but the bullet landed square in her shoulder.

She sneered at him, and that was the last moment he saw before she lunged at him with a look so dangerous that he knew he was going to die today.

[Image: harrison_ford_05.jpg]

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The man had taken a step towards her, he was defiant and didn't answer her. He thought he was in control, how fun.

Aria felt the bullet pierce her body and it fueled her anger, and the pain made every fiber of her being want to lash out and make him pay. There was little thought in what she did next. She lunged at him and was on top of him before he could react. She pinned him to the ground, her knees on his shoulders and her entire body weight making sure he didn't move.

The gun in her hand before lay feet away where she dropped it when she lunged. The dagger at her side was at his throat now. She pressed it into his neck until a trickle of blood flowed from it. Aria put her left hand against his forehead and pushed fear into him.
The girl was quick. Much faster than her mother had been, and far more dangerous. The look in her eyes was not something he thought he'd see in anyone. He'd seen killers, he'd persuaded a few to do what they did, but none had that look in their eyes that was in hers. Pure darkness. The intent to kill him was there.

Giordano could barely move under her weight. The dagger at his throat bit into his neck and he could feel the blood running down his neck. And then she did exactly what he would have done. She tried to make him afraid. He could feel the fear she sent and he sent it back the same way. It did little good, she feed upon it and grinned at him.

It was that moment he realized that she was going to be hard to coerce. She knew what she was, and she knew the power of fear, and pain, and suffering. He knew a hint of fear could be seen in his eyes. Her smile grew wider at the realization as she dug the dagger deeper into his neck. If he moved she'd slice his throat.

His ability was useless, but he was still a master at manipulation, having honed it for all these years. He smiled up at her. "Come now, is that anyway to treat your father?"

[Image: harrison_ford_05.jpg]

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"Come now, is that anyway to treat your father?"

The words echoed in her head. She wanted to focus on them, but the fear and pain was glorious. It was near impossible to focus on anything else. Aria could slit his throat, or plunge the dagger into his heart and make him suffer. The sounds the reporter had made, made Aria's heart soar as the memories came to her.

Aria's heart pounded and it was all she could hear. She had to focus on something else. The irritation from the newly drawn tattoo pulled her away. Lucas...

It was enough to get her head on straight, Aria pushed the fear away, pushed the pain, but it was strong. And she didn't want to let go. But it was enough to speak. "Why are you here?"
Aria slackened the pressure on the dagger at his throat as a reprieve, but not enough that if he moved he'd not injure himself.
Giordano watched the struggle. He knew it all too well. The intoxication of the emotions. But she was stronger than he was, she pushed it away. Enough to focus. Clearly he had underestimated this untrained girl.

She asked again what he wanted. He'd answer this time with a sneer of his own. "I came to kill you."

She pressed the dagger into his throat and he laughed. "You are Atharim. You killed my daughter and I come to return the favor."

[Image: harrison_ford_05.jpg]

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Whatever control she had gained from remembering was gone when he spoke. All Aria wanted to do was kill him. To plunge her dagger into his body and revel in the pain and suffering.

Footsteps from downstairs hobbling up the stairs distracted Aria. Stay away old man. The man below her took the opportunity and shifted his weight and toppled Aria. But he was not fast enough to gain the upper hand. Aria quickly held the dagger to his chest as he tried to get on top of her. It gave him pause as Aria pushed the tip of the dagger through the covering of cloth his body had as the only protection.

Aria pressed until she knew she was pushing into his flesh. The pain in his eyes indicated she was making her point. He backed off. Aria grabbed him by the arm and wrenched him around and made him kneel on the ground. Her body weight on top of him as she leaned on him. Dagger again at his throat.

She whispered in his ear. "That was such a big mistake."

Aria pressed the dagger into his throat ready to slice. Everything she'd done to right herself after that night with Dane flooded into her memory. The resolve to not kill another human, and this was well past self defense. Aria fought herself as she found the strength to stay her hand. It felt like forever to Aria, but when pushed the man from her it had only been moments, the shop keep was on the landing. He called out. "Aria, you okay in there deary?". The world returned to her, the pain and the fear fled and she looked over at the man who stared back at her. She didn't have to voice anything. He fled without anything he'd brought with him.

His duffle lay on the ground outside her door and he ran down the stairs. Aria knew he'd not come back.

Aria pulled herself into a ball and cried. The pain in her shoulder finally taking it's toll on her body. The adrenaline fleeing with the pain and the fear, her body ached. Aria crawled to her wallet and pulled out Lucas' card and dialed. She needed to hear his voice. To know his strength, but she needed help.
Someone was coming up the stairs. She noticed too, and he shifted, trying to take control again. But she was quicker than Giordano and he was once again at her mercy.

She was stronger than she looked. She had him kneeling in seconds, and had her dagger back at his throat before he could even think of retaliating. She was ready to end his life, he could feel it. He knew it. But something stopped her. She knew what he was, and yet she did not kill him. She pushed him away and he knew it was his only chance to get away.

He didn't think, he left. He made it to the top of the steps. The old man tumble down the stairs before Giordano. Giordano hurdled over him it wasn't till he was at the bottom of the stairs before remember his gun and his bag. He glanced up at the stairs but he couldn't tell whether or not she was there, someone had shown her something, she was nearly imperceptable to him without line of sight.

Giordano left the building through the side door and walked casually way. No need to draw attention to himself as he left.

Once far enough away he'd call Alex and tell her he was leaving. But first it was his prioirty to get as far away from that girl as humanly possible without drawing any more attention to himself. He'd deal with her another way later.

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