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Bas pulled his vintage 2020 cherry red Camaro up to the club. He was pretty pleased with it. Had that big muscle car look that he loved, all beefy and heavy in the front, like a panther or leopard ready to pounce. That generation 5 look was unlike anything else. Lot'sa the other guys went for the new stuff with their more futuristic sleeker thin lines and lights and colors. But he liked the old look. Seemed classy to him. Hardcore too.

Once the engine shut off, the sounds of music were audible coming from the club. It wasn't too loud, though, which was good. They'd be able to talk to people. A few people hung around the door smoking and chatting and firtling. He pulled the collar of his jacket up and opened his door. "This is a pretty cool place. In the day time this it's more tame. It's not really a club. More of a lounge bar and junk. There's some dancing, but it's not all people come here for."
He grinned. "Lotsa cute girls out though. Girls night out, bachelorette parties, stuff like that. And where there are girls, there are douchey guys."
He laughed. "Hey, we're here aren't we?"

They exited the car and made their way to the entrance. The guy at the front looked at him and just nodded him in. He had a bit of a rep here, especially since he joined the Mordvinovs, which suited him just fine. Once inside, the music was louder and there were spheres of light breaking up the ambient darkness. Sounds of laughter and talking hummed, while smells of food and drink and hints of perfume and cologne touched the air. It felt like home. He nodded to one of the tables along the wall. Instead of there being chairs, there were plush couches. From there they'd be able to take in the room and see what they could see.

The server girl came over- a leggy thing that probably thought she looked like a model, though was far too thin for his taste. He liked his women to look like women, not barely slightly curvy boys. What'd they call it? Heroin chic? Pretty face though.- and he ordered a bottle of chilled vodka and a lemon rimmed glass with a platinum icer in it. It would keep the drink chilled without diluting the pure flavor. She turned to Nox for his order while he surveyed the club and also kept an eye out for the Weasel.
Nox was impressed with Bas' car. While to him old typically meant beat up Bas' car was far from the junkers his dad use to ride around in. Another memory came to mind, how utterly useless it was. Nox sighed as he got out of the car. The friggid air made Nox pull his leather coat tighter. He probably should get something for the weather other than what little of his luggage had been retreived from the flight. Maybe he was a poor planner?

"And where there are girls, there are douchey guys."
Bas laughed. "Hey, we're here aren't we?"

Nox laughed. While he didn't think he was one of those guys every girl warned you about, he wouldn't really know either. Last girl he'd met he'd left her hanging with some other douch because Nox had other and better things to do. Which in reality had consisted of going to bed after a hot shower to make the pain from being crushed by a falling man. But no one needed to know that.

Bas seemed to get them in rather easily. Hopefully weasel boy could get in just the same. If he even showed up. The music wasn't too loud, the place was busy and there were lots of girls. Nox smiled at all the girls that they had passed even the ones who were clearly with another guy - especially them.

The girl who took their order was eh, she'd do, she gave her a smile. "I'll have Nevskoe Original in a bottle, Duckling. Don't open it."

The table they sat at reminded him of those old gangster movies, or anything that said mobster. Plush couches, girls in fur coats. Bas looked at home, Nox would have been more comfortable at the bar. "Been here before I see."
The shower was the best one he'd ever taken...ever!!! He couldn't remember s time he had sweat that much. When he had gotten home he was tired and thought about staying in. He had to work just as hard tomorrow. At least he didn't have to wait tables, but the shower was revitalizing and he never went out. It would be a nice change. Pyotr changed into a pair of jeans and a blue button up shirt. It was a nice casual look and suited him well.

He had heard of the place they were going to, and places like that made him nervous. There were a lot of people, but Pyotr thought of it as good practice to try this confidence thing that Charlie was talking about. If he could keep his nerves in check, it would be a big step. It would be difficult. He still wondered why Bas and Nox had invited him.

He arrived and got his ID out for the bouncer to check. The bouncer looked a little skeptical at his size, but let him in. He music was softer than he expected, but it was somewhat crowded. Pyotr kept standing straight instead of his normal slump, but he had to consiously think about it.

He looked around, searching for Bas and Nox and found them sitting over on some sofas. He made his way in their direction until he was surprised by a voice. "PYOTR!"

Pyotr stopper and looked to see a woman making her way towards him. It took him awhile to recognize Michelle without her waitress uniform on. In normal clothes and with her dark hair down he found her quite attractive.

Not too long ago I was checking out Stanislav and now...God this is confusing...
Pyotr thought as he said "Hi Michelle, it's good to see you.

She wrapped him in a hug and Pyotr returned it, feeling a little awkward as he did. "We never see you out of's so good to see you!! Did you come to hang out with us?

They released each other from the hug and Pyotr answered. "I actually met some guys at the gym and they invited me out...
Pyotr didn't know if they could hear him, but he was sure Nox and Bas were probably watching him. He noticed a slight look of sadness in Michelle's eyes and Pyotr wondered what Bas or Nox would do. "I know we don't get to hang out much. You wanna join me?"

Michelle looked around, trying to find her friends who seemed to be in conversation with others and she smiled. "Yeah...I'd like that."

She took his arm and Pyotr found himself in a bind. He didn't know how he felt and didn't know what he'd do. He didn't want to use her to find out how he felt, but her company was nice. He wondered if he made the right choice in coming here.

Pyotr approached the table, Michelle in tow. "Bas, Nox, this is Michelle...this is Bas and Nox"

Michelle greeted them with a smile and then said something about the bathroom. Pyotr took a seat and ordered a beer but couldn't help taking a look as she walked away. God it was confusing...

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Nox saw the kid show up. He grinned as the stupid nursery rhyme stuck in his head. Thankfully the music was loud enough no one heard his humming. Nox gestured to Bas that Pyotr had arrived. "Seems our friend's already met a girl."

Introductions and she left. He sat forward and leaned against the table and grinned at weasel boy, but not before checking out what was walking away. "You don't waste a minute."

A second girl joined weasel boy's friend. She left two chumps and headed to the bathroom with her friend. What was it with girls and that shit? Can't go all by them lonesome. Sad. The two thugs looked their direction. The blonde's face grew wide with smile. Nox wished he could have heard what he said, before they headed their direction.

His beer arrived and Nox grabbed the power with ease. It flooded his senses with details, he could smell the wreaking scent of nearly every girl in here, and the men too. It was almost enough to make him want to drop the power. The power was too intoxicating. Nox wove a small weave of air and put his hand on top of the beer, no need to be a show off to the world. The top popped easily in his hand.

Nox looked up at the two who had recently joined them, they stood at the end of their table. The blonde clapped Pyotr on the shoulder. "Pyotr. Sup chump?" Pyotr's head swung around at the voice and the look on his face said it all. " what takes you out of your hidey-hole?"

This must be the reason that weasel boy was at Gracie's. Nox grinned. He wanted to do something, damage, fight, the power was taunting him at the edge of his vision. Nox made sure the other two guys at the table saw what he wove, it was simple really. A small belt of air wrapped around the blonde's friends waist. A few hooks and Nox pulled the weave of air down, the man's track suit pants fell the floor. Nox suppressed the laugh. "Seems your friend can't keep his pants up."

Pyotr couldn't help but check out Michelle's ass as she walked away. She found a friend and both of them went to the bathroom. Pyotr never understood why women did that. He turned around, but hadn't seen the two thugs that were with the other girl. Not until one clapped him on the shoulder.

Yegor...Pyotr's face became irritated and a little fearful. He had been hoping to have a good night tonight. "Pyotr...sup chump? Hehehe so what takes you out of your hidey-hole?"

Pytor saw the weave that Nox made, pulling down Stanislav's pants. It brought a smile to his face. The quip that Nox made amplified it. He was beginning to like Nox.

"I'm out for a drink and don't care for your company...go away."
Pyotr said.

"There's a problem - Michelle's with me tonight."

Stanislav was getting his pants back on and Pyotr didn't watch. He kept his eyes on Yegor as he stood up to face him. It was easier to face him now that he had done it once and he kept Charlies words going through his head as he did so - giving him the courage he needed.

"She can go where she pleases, Yegor. And perhaps, I don't know, she finds my company more appealing than yours."

Pyotr could see the fire in Yegor's eyes as he said it. "As far as I remember, she's not your type anyways. Bet she doesn't know your little secret."

Pyotr kept meeting his gaze, but the only thought going through his head was that this could get uncomfortable real fast.

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Bas sat back and sipped at his vodka. The taste was crisp and sharp on his tongue and cold as it went down his throat. After just a few moments, a feeling of warmth and contentment came over him. He was sharp as ever, but relaxed. Out on the town with a freind, pretty girls everywhere, nice music. Maybe a bit hungry, but this place had some good bar-food too. He put one foot up on the table and let his eye wander.

Over in one corner he saw a group of girls standing around a table laughing. And there, on the furthest right of them, holy shit! Her head, covered in long dark curls, turned and he saw the face of angel. And the body of a devil, swathed in a tight shoulderless dark maroon dress that went to her mid thigh, the top of which was black mesh to just above her bust and jutted into her cleavage. He looked her up and down, made sure she saw him look her up and down. Her head turned back to her table quickly and after a moment, a few of the other girls looked up in his direction. He smiled at them. He was going to nudge Nox that they should go over there when Nox nudged him. He looked over and saw that Weasel had arrived. And that he had a girl with him. She was pretty cute too. Not nearly as hot as the other girls, but definitely doable. Alright man, good for you.

Even as they made their way to the table, Nox's beer arrived and he once again called on the power. Then he used it to open his bottle, though this time he made sure to cover what he was doing with his hand. Bas laughed. The guy used it for everything. It wasn't a bad idea.

Weasel boy came over and introduced the girl- who then promptly found a partner before heading off to the bathroom. That always amused Bas but he knew that's where women talked about shit, mostly guys, put on make-up, and whatever else. It was cool. They usually came out all regrouped like they had just had a strategic meeting and thinking they were in charge of how things would go. And he'd laugh and see what else he could do.

Immediately, he noticed two guys- one a gopnik from the look of him- making their way to the table. Bas didn't know him but that didn't mean anything. It wasn't exactly a brotherhood, by any means. Just something you did when you were younger. And the fighting between gangs was among the bloodiest. So Bas watched him carefully while giving no sign that he was doing so. Course, the guy really wasn't any threat. Not with him around.

He put his arm up on his knee while the other held his drink- he'd just taken a sip- and watched, casually interested. The blonde one- man that guy looked like the biggest douche on the planet. His face begged to be punched. Seriously, he looked like the cover boy for "this face needs to be beaten badly" magazine. How that gopnik could stand to be around him and not put a serious hurtin on him was beyond him.

And of course, he immediately laid into weasel boy. It was clear that he was the source of weasel boy's desire to fight back. Nox saw it too. While Bas was content to see how the contest went- he'd not let the punchable douche hurt him, not badly anyway, but he did want to see what happened- Nox used the power to pull down the gopnik's pants down. Bas busted out laughing and the guy looked at him sharply. Bas kept his smile but became very still and gave the guy a look. His tattoos were visible, but it was clear that he had moved up in the world. The guy would have to be a moron not to figure things out. Which, he might well be. Not all of them were bright, really.

Because of this, he really didn't catch much of weasel boy's and douche face's words. But when he looked back at them, he had to smile. Ho ho ho! Look at him go. He was doing it. Even making a claim for the girl. Bas smiled and watched, dismissing the gopnik from his mind. After a moment, he prayed and the power flooded him. Everything in the club suddenly brightened, the sounds, the smells, the people. He looked over again at the hottie at the other table he good god almighty, but that dress hugged her curves. And he could see her face clearly, sharp blue eyes periodically looking over at them. Oh yeah, target acquired. His hearing picked up on what douche-face was saying to weasel-boy. So....his tastes ran to that did they? But he'd also seen the kid checking out the girl's ass. Maybe both ways. Either way, didn't really matter.

But it did seem like fun. Might be nice to fight these guys later. He leaned over to Nox and whispered. "I got dibs on blondie. You can take out Mr. Adidas there. Finish what you started."
A fight, some dancing, and then some fun with blue eyes.

He stood up. They were of the same height but he was willing to bet blondie did not have the background he did. He looked him in the eye, challenging him to say something. His voice went that dead calm that he used just before he let loose. "You need to leave. Right now."
That was it. No threats. No promises. No boasts. Just a simple fact. And if the guy had two brain cells in his head, he'd read the situation and see that.

He waited, feeling all tingly and loose. Damn, but this was gonna be a good night!

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And it was on. Nos grinned at Bas words. This was a fight that was going to have to go outside though. Too many people. Nox stood up after Bas. "I'd listen to him."
He really hoped that they didn't listen. Nox was itching to fight, the power called to him. It wanted to be used, and there was a keen sense of knowing in it all. Nox wove a thin wall of air in front of him. He wasn't about to take a punch. The last the he needed after the last fight was to hurt himself more. These guys wouldn't touch him. He'd make sure of that.

Nox walked around blonde and stood in front of his buddy in the track suit. "See now, our friend here isn't going to put up with your shit anymore. Step off or step out, either way you won't touch him again."

Track suit man was bigger than Nox. It made all the more fun. Nox saw him ball his fist up and try to hit him int jaw. Nox just laughed as his fist smashed into the wall of air. The confused look on his face made it all the better. Nox dropped the wall but kept a weave ready to solify again if needed. He grabbed the guys injured hand and twisted it behind him then use the sole of his shoe to push him way in the direction of the door. "I said, step off or step out. Seems you can't listen any more than you can keep your pants up."

Adidas man turned around and looked at his friend. Nox grinned. "Don't look at him for help, he's got his own problems."
Nox walked up to him and put his arm around the idiot. "Have you made your choice?"

There was little time to react as the fist landed in his gut. Nox bent with the pain, but used the distraction to swipe his feet out from underneath him with a weave of air. Nox bit back the pain as he stood up straight and put his foot on the man's throat. "Wanna try that again buddy?"

Bas and Nox were standing up for him. He might have expected it from Nox, but Bas just didn't seem the type. Maybe it's because he was used to Stanislav. Pyotr remembered that the man wasn't a gopnik but he still looked like he'd beat up Pyotr for the hell of it.

Bas and Nox worked out who they were going after and soon tried to take the fight outside. Before getting outside, Stanislav and Nox started fighting and it started with Nox getting hit, but it didn't take long for Nox to gain the upper hand. Pyotr marveled at the speed of it. He knew Nox was using luck and Pyotr wished he could use his.

Yegor was there waiting, ready to fight, and Pyotr thought about it. That was it - the person he had been afraid of for a long time. The symbol of his fears and insecurites. Him and Bas were staring each. You could cut the tension with a knife.

"Can't fight your own battles, Grigory."

Yegor took another look at Bas and then came after Pyotr. Yegor landed a punch on Pyotr's jaw, and he stumbled back, landing on one knee. Pyotr brought his hand up to his lip and felt the blood there. The whole situation was kind of embarrassing, and despite the pain, Pyotr smiled as he felt his Luck enter him.

Pyotr stood and spat blood away, a look of fear still in his eyes, but he knew what he HAD to do. He approached Yegor and punched him in the gut just like Charlie had taught him. He added a little flare though, using his luck to enhance it He put his whole body into it and twisted from the hips.

Yegor hadn't expected it and he grabbed his stomach, bending over in pain. Pyotr responded with a punch to the jaw, once again just like Charlie taught him. The embarrassment was gone and with it went Pyotr's luck. Yegor had landed on the ground face down, and Pytor walked over and kicked him in the ribs.

"Since when have you fought any battles without your little posse."
God it felt good to hit the douchebag.

Yegor stood up and tackled Pyotr to the ground. Without Luck enhancing his senses, he had slowed a bit. This would be the part that would hurt, but Pyotr didn't just take it like he had before. He struggle to fight back.

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The meeting with Drayson had gone well. A new job, after just getting the last one. Tonight was probably going to be her last night out in a while. So she was going to make the best of it. It'd been a while since she'd been out. She missed Christine and Mara, and even Luka, he was a trip to go out with, but a little over protected. Mara was happily married now and still in Italy. Luka was seeing this great girl. She was the only one not in a committed relationship. Alex suspected her long work hours and her career eventually scared them all off. But tonight wasn't about finding Mr. Right, any good man would do right now.

Alex browsed through her closet, she found the little red dress she was looking for in the back. Showed how much she'd been going out, all the fun clothes were all in the back.

After a shower, Alex dressed in red down to panties and bra. The red pumps gave her an additionl a two inches in height. Not that she was all that short. The dress showed off a nice bit of cleavage. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror as she decided how to wear her hair. Up or down? Alex decided to pull everything up into a lose pony tail. It gave her room to show off a pair of silver dangle earrings and a matching necklace that fell to just above her bosom, all the more to draw the attention where her assets where.

Alex put on sublet make up, she didn't need much, but the lipstick matched the dress perfectly, and made her eyes stand out even more.

Cafe MIO was not her typical hang out, but a girl at the clinic had suggested it, said the guys were handsome, the music not too loud, and the booze were a decent price. Not that Alex worried about the price, she barely bought drinks when she went out.

Alex walked in just as a fight started. The tall skinny one was standing on the throat of a much larger man. She walked past him and to the bar with little more than a glance. Alex ordered a Sex on the Beach just as a second fight started. This wasn't exactly what she wanted when she wanted to go out. Alex sat against the bar, her legs crossed and watched crowd, particularly those fighting.
Sebastian stared at blondie, watching his eyes, oblivious, in a sense, to what was going on with Nox. Oh, he knew what was happening and he'd have Nox's back if he needed it. He doubted he would though, Nox being who and what he was. And how he carried himself. He had a tight smirk on his face, daring blondie. His eyes were chipped blue ice. He loved this part, the stare down, watching. The anticipation was thrilling. You could see into your opponent's soul, could see the decisions as if they were puzzle pieces clicking into the place. Am I stronger. Am I faster. Is he bluffing. Am I ready. It all happened in less than a second, but that second could draw out. No matter what was decided, the adrenaline rush was like a drug. If you got to fight, awesome. And if not, the pathetic backing down was its own thrill. Bas always liked to draw it out to the last possible moment.

Except it looked like weasel boy had finally found his balls somewhere. Stepped up and made a comment to blondie, and then they were at it. Bas was a bit disappointed, but he let weasel have his moment. Probably the first real fight he'd ever had where he fought back. Course it was only a couple hits- and they were good ones, he'd give him that. Of course they were amplified by the power, but still...

It was only a second later, however, before blondie had the upper hand and was going to wail on weasel. Bas thought about letting him before jumping in, but he could already see the crowd parting, He knew the bouncers were coming. "Awww fuck it!"
He had to at least get one hit in before it was all shut down.

He grabbed blondie by the scruff of his neck and his waist and hauled him off Weasel, slamming him into the ground chest first in the process. The bouncers moved faster than he expected. Before he could take a shot at the guy, he was shoved back by a brick wall of a man.

Despite it all, he was having great fun. This was one of the things he'd hoped for, even though he'd not gotten a chance to do much fighting. He spun as he fell towards the bar, and found himself face first into a very admirable bosom, his hands going to the side of her chair and the bar top. And of course, wet sloshed all over his hands. He pulled back- somewhat reluctantly and more slowly than he should have, he'd admit- and looked into the face of a gorgeous woman with dark hair framing the most amazing green eyes. Which, of course, were staring down at him with surprise and some amusement- and he liked that reaction a whole hell of a lot.

He grinned up at her and laughed. "Guess I better buy you a drink before I do that."
He stood up and looked at his wet hand and what looked like her drink all over the counter just as the bartender was coming over to wipe it up. Just as he was about to say something more, one of the bouncers came over to talk to him. Evidently, they'd already figured out from the others- and the other people in the bar- who'd thrown the first punches. And of course, they had surveillance cameras they pulled up on their wallets. It wasn't but minutes before blondie and the other guy were thrown out the club and things returned to normal.

Bas looked at the woman- in a red dress that was tight enough it begged to be looked at- and all thought of blue eyes in the corner left his mind. Well, most thought of her anyway. Still, red won out, what with the way that dress molded her breasts, hips and thighs. She wore her dark hair up in a pony-tail exposing a very kissable and inviting neck. And those lips and that smile. He walked back over to her.

"Bartender, another for the lady."
He looked at her, marveling at her eyes. "What were you having?"

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