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Unexpected Guest
Sierra received a text from Elyse. She hadn't expected to hear from the other wolf but was genuinely happy to hear from her. But the message seemed less than happy. Sierra had no problem letting Elyse stay with her. She didn't have much space, but there was a couch, and the bed was big enough for both of them if Elyse didn't mind sharing. It had been a while since there had been another warm body next to her. The thought brought back fond memories of Snow cuddled up next to her. And the sadness would creep in, so Sierra pushed away the happy thoughts.

The apartment wasn't really a mess, but Sierra picked it up anyway. It wasn't much. A small living space in the front that doubled as kitchen, dining room and living room. Sierra's apartment was already furnished - she didn't have furniture, and she rented week to week never knowing where she'd be any given week. Sierra's belongings were all in one bag she could quickly up and leave with.

The bedroom wasn't much bigger than the living space, but the bed was a queen and it was warm and comfortable and beat the ground any day. Sierra was a little worried about Elyse and paced back and forth hoping everything was alright with her friend.
Elyse had bid farewell to Ana as well before she had left. She stepped into the car and gave Christian the address that Sierra had given her. Christian either sensed her mood or was just a quiet driver, but he didn't speak and Elyse was glad for it. She didn't want to talk. She leaned her head on the window, watching the buildings go past. The tears came at times, but she just wiped her eyes and tried to move on.

Elyse felt so many things right now. She was angry, upset, terrified, and confused. Elyse was glad to have a friend like Sierra - one who would let her stay at a moments notice.

Christian pulled to the side of the road as they arrived at the address. Elyse thanked him quietly and said goodbye, grabbing her bag and heading into the building. Elyse sent a text to Ana saying she was safe, and wiped her eyes. It wouldn't accomplish much. Sierra would know she was upset right away, but at least she felt some sense of dignity.

Arriving at the door, Elyse knocked and waited.
Sierra heard the knock on the door but she smelled who it was before they even knocked. She smiled happily as she opened the door. Elyse looked upset, her eyes were red rimmed and she looked like she'd been crying. Sierra reached for the other woman and took her bag and wrapped an arm around her. "Come in."

She guided Elyse past the door and into the living area's over stuffed chair. "Do you want some water? Or does this call for wine and ice-cream?"
Sierra hadn't ever used either a coping mechanism, but that's what always played on the screens for entertainment. She smiled at her friend. "How can I help?"
Elyse entered the apartment, trying her best to smile at Sierra. She sat in the chair offered and pulled her feet up underneath her. Elyse really did smile at the offer of wine and ice cream. It was such a stereotypical response to a break-up. At least Sierra had lightened the mood.

"Water would be fine,"
she said, trying to figure out how to word what she was thinking.

"I had a boyfriend. Last night he cheated on me with another man. I found them this morning. They smelled like sex and like each other. I..."
She puased, the fear taking over more than the sadness or anger. "I wanted to kill him...the other man. It's never been that strong before."

The tears were coming again. "He ran, and I wanted to chase him. I barely held on. I was so terrified."

Elyse wanted to get up and wanted to hug Sierra and wanted to be hugged in return. She couldn't stand up though. She was already embarrassed for coming over in this state and didn't want to scare her friend.
Sierra got a glass of water for Elyse and sat down on the arm of the chair waiting for her to take it as she talked. "This is where I'm supposed to say all men are pigs."
Serria giggled. "But I don't imagine they taste much like bacon. It's probably a good idea you didn't chase the fool."

Sierra put a hand on Elyse's shoulder. "In all seriousness though. You fought the wolf, and you won. It's more than many can say. You know this. You hunt those of us who don't."

"Your boyfriend is an idiot too."
Elyse couldn't help but laugh now. Sierra was right. It was why she had come here. Elyse took the water and took a long sip before setting it down. She rested her head on Sierra.

"He's an asshole...and he's not my boyfriend anymore. I didn't feel safe where I was though. I had to leave and fast."

Elyse yawned. She hadn't been sleeping well since the nightmares. What sleep she did get was usually restless.

"You wouldn't mind a roommate for awhile would you?"
Elyse said hopefully. She needed somewhere to stay.
"I don't mind a roommate."
But she wanted to know why she didn't feel safe where she was. She sighed and ran her fingers through Elyse's hair, "Why didn't you feel safe? Surely he wasn't going to hurt you."
Sierra growled, she would chew the man's face off herself if he had... You don't hurt people.

Sierra took a deep breath and focused on the simple task of grooming Elyse. Wolves were pack animals and touch was important. Even the most male of the group would sleep with the pack. They didn't call them puppy piles in the human world for no reason. Sierra smiled to herself. "It's getting warmer outside. We could make that visit I was telling you about. They might help you with your dreams, and controling the wolf. It could be good for you."
Sierra smiled adding, "Good for us. And the wolves will bit your ex if he decides he was a fool and wants you back. Because he is a fool."
Sierra started running her hands through Elyse's hair. Elyse closed her eyes and relaxed. It was becoming easier to relax quickly. "He wouldn't have hurt me. But where I lived - well he worked for the family I was with. He would have been there and...I didn't think it would be safe for me to be there while he was. I don't know it would have been safe for the family either."

A trip sounded nice, but Elyse was fading from fatigue. Her own tiredness meshed with the feeling of Sierra running her fingers through her hair. With her eyes closed she was beginning to nod off.

Elyse lifted her head and opened her eyes, trying to stay awake. She couldn't handle one of the nightmares right now. "A trip could be fun...and good for us."
She said with a smile and took another drink of water.
"Tomorrow then."
Sierra stood up and pulled Elyse to her feet. "First you sleep."
Sierra wouldn't take no for an answer and she pulled Elyse by the hand to the bedroom.

Sierra took off her pants and removed the top blankets so Elyse could get in without issue. "I won't let the nightmares take you. I'll be with you."
Elyse was a pup, and Sierra would take care of the pup until the wolves could help. She'd never really met someone like her, other than her brother. Sure there was Calvin, but thinking of him brought up bad memories. Memories she didn't want to deal with so she didn't think of him.

Sierra patted the bed. "Come. I will keep your dreams safe."
Elyse was pulled to her feet and she resisted as Sierra told her that she needed to sleep. She didn't want to sleep. She didn't want the nightmares. But Elyse was too tired to fight for long and reluctantly she followed Sierra to the bedroom.

Sierra took off her pants and told Elyse that she would protect her from the nightmares. Elyse trusted her, more than she had most people. Elyse nodded, removing her own pants and the sweatshirt she had put over her tank top.

she said climbing in and cuddling in close to Sierra. "I can't believe I'm so scared of them...please don't leave..."
she said, but the comfort of the bed and the warmth of Sierra next to her as well as her fatigue put her to sleep almost instantly.

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