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Mastering the Dream
The past two weeks had been wonderful, albeit very difficult. It had been two weeks and two days since his last drink, and even though the call to drink was still there sometimes, it was becoming easier to manage. Especially since he started seeing Alex, Lucas, and playing guitar.

The guys at work had bought it for him, as well as a couple of lessons for Christmas/congratulations. That had been really nice of them and had been quite the surprise when he had seen it. He knew he found some true friends and hoped things stayed that way when he left. The more he thought about it, the more he was looking to do something else besides fix cars. He thought he knew what he wanted, but wasn't sure. Maybe it was something to talk with Alex about.

He met with Alex once a week and they discussed his progress. Calvin thought he had made some big strides and was feeling significantly better about things. He told Alex that he was playing guitar and whenever he felt the need to drink, he practiced. She encouraged this course of action and said she wanted to hear a song when he got good enough. That had made the first week a lot easier - and he quickly picked things up. His teacher said that he was a natural at the instrument. He called Lucas often - just to check in and say he was doing alright. He often started by telling Lucas how long it had been - it made him feel successful.

He had also told her about the Dream, the nightmare, and the strange girl he had met there. He told her about Dawn Wind too. Calvin had been coming to terms with the deaths of his family and Snow. He was beginning to understand that they were not his fault, but Dawn Wind - the alpha wolf's blood was on his hands. He should have listened, but he kept himself from allowing the guilt to eat him.

That was what brought him to the Dream this time. First off, he wanted to find the spot he buried Dawn Wind and talk. He knew the wolf wouldn't hear him, but it was for his comfort. Secondly, he needed to work on the other things that Alex wanted him to work on - his abilities. He wanted to talk to Sierra, but had not yet worked up the courage to call her. For now, he'd ask the wolves to train him in the dream, as Dawn Wind had started to long ago.

Calvin arrived at the mound, and wondered if it only existed because he wanted it to. Calvin sat on the ground and spoke, telling the wolf how sorry he was and what he was doing to fix himself. He also spoke of the strides he had made lately - that things were getting better. He emoted, allowing himself to feel the guilt released from what had happened and then turned his attention to the Dream Woods around him. Hopefully a wolf would teach him something and he could get started with really learning how to use the gift he had.
Chases Butterflies sprinted through the forests of the wolfdream. She missed her love. He'd been lost to a nightmare in the wolfdream protecting a two-leg. He was a friend, Chase remembered him from before, from the night Drifting Snow had passed into the wolfdream for his final time. Such a young wolf to be lost, Dawn Wind had lived, he was alpha. He was missed by the pack, but most of all by Chase.

The run was effortless, she bound from place to place, raced into the wolfdream, wishing her love had not been lost to it. Sadness was the reason she ran. Until she caught scent of Star Gazer. Her eyes narrowed and she swiftly changed direction towards that two-leg scent.

His fault! Sadness! But Star Gazer had been sad as well. He had lost Drifting Snow as well. Long Eye was out among other wolves. She'd passed through their territory and was long since gone. Her sorrow had lingered in the pack, and then Dawn Wind was lost to them. The pack fought over who would lead. Still fights happened near daily, it was another reason Chase ran today. Another would be alpha had challeged Red Leaf, current alpha. He was not as strong as the others, but he beat the last would be alpha. He may stay. And then the females of the pack would fight for a new order.

Chase stopped well short of the pup, he was sitting talking to a mound of dirt. Chase understood he thought he was talking to Dawn Wind but Dawn Wind was not here. Thanks to him.

She stalked up to him in a low crouch ready to pounce. She wasn't sure if it was meant to be sneaky or to really try to harm him. She would figure that out later when she got close enough.
As it was, he reached out with his senses to talk to the wolves. There was nervous energy. He had killed one of their own. He couldn't find any close by. He guessed that they probably wanted to avoid him now. He had hurt so many.

He fought to maintain his relaxed state as he felt the emotions begin to stir again. He needed his guitar to fight now - something to distract, and suddenly it was in his hands. He played it for a bit, strumming a few soft chords before stopping, already feeling better. The guitar disappeared, and Calvin stood, looking around. It was then that he spotted the wolf. She hadn't been on his senses and her crouched position told him that she was ready to pounce.

He was pretty sure this wolf was angry - or sad - or a combination of both. He didn't know. But he looked at the wolf sadly. The guilt came up again and Calvin didn't fight it. He had to feel this pain for a moment.

Then he sent the images to the wolf - a greeting - and an apology. He hadn't wanted Dawn Wind to die, but he should have listened. He hoped the wolf would understand. He sent more images - images of the wolf teaching him. He sent images of him as a pup submitting to her authority. He would listen and followed it up with physically getting on his knees. He pleaded with the wolf to teach him - tried to tell her that he was sorry and had made a mistake. Dawn Wind had sacrificed himself for Calvin's safety - because Calvin hadn't listened and had put his pack in danger. He wouldn't anymore.
The images flooding Chases mind were that of the pup, his sorrow, his apology, his submission. The latter caught Chase off guard, this was the same pup who didn't listen, ever. His folly had gotten Dawn Wind killed protecting the pup. It was his job but still if the pup had listened Dawn Wind would still walk the dream, even if his body would be gone, he'd be in the dream.

Chase growled low and deep in her throat. In a moment she was on top of the two-leg. Her front paws holding the man down at the shoulders, her jaws at his neck. All she had to do was squeeze and her teeth would peirce his fragile skin. And then pull and he'd too follow in Dawn Wind's path.

It surprised Chase that she let go, that she had found the resolve to let this child survive where her mate had not. Dawn Wind would not want that, would not want her to take the life he so valiantly defended. No she wouldn't do that.

Chase backed away from the two-legged, Star Gazer, a pup, a pup who needed training and his master was gone. He needed a new mentor. But Chase wasn't sure she could do it. He was after all the reason her love was dead.

But the memory of Dawn Wind would live on, she would instill his teachings in this pup, he would never be what Dawn Wind was, but he could at least have those ideals to live up to.But

Chase told him in not so many words her name, the image of a small pup chasing butterflies through the field. Her name. And she sent images of a different pup learning and following her. She would teach him, if he behaved, if he listened. He'd pretty much made that suggestion himself, but this time it was a question. It would be an oath. She added the image of her ripping his throat out if he were to put her pack in danger again.
The wolf growled and before her knew it, Calvin was on the ground. The wolf clamped her jaws around his throat and Calvin could feel the sharp teeth just millimeters away from taking his life. Calvin didn't struggle. He wasn't afraid either. He didn't want to die, but he had submitted to this wolf. If she chose to kill him, he wouldn't stop her.

She released him and backed away. The next set of images she sent included her name - Chases Butterflies - as well as several other images. She would teach him, but there would be no quarter. She would kill him if this came close to happening again..

Calvin had put his life in her hands already. He would do so again. He sent the images to her, agreeing to her terms. He would learn or die. Chase didn't seem to like him and he understood why, but that also meant she wouldn't hesitate to tear his throat out.
Chase gave an accepting image. She would not go easy on him. No she would not, Dawn Wind would not have either. He was a stubborn pup Dawn Wind almost always came back exasperated at the pup in front of her. He was always too human, too dominant. Now he would submit. But it was too late for Dawn Wind. Sorrow came off of her in waves. She missed Dawn Wind.

Stubbornness must be broken. Chase sent Star Gazer images of going home, to sleep, images that were foreign to her, but she knew enough of human nature that she sent him to sleep in a bed, with soft bedding and covers and things that were not needed in the wild.

The next image her self growled at the pup that was star gazer if he were to enter the dream. She gave him the same image of her tearing his throat out.

A sorrowful pup was at her mercy, an accidental dreaming, she growled at him and sent him home. She sent a number of passing suns, and her final arrival in his dreams.

She told him in the most certain way she could that he was to go home, and to not enter the dream until she came for him. Not even by accident would she tolerate it. The time would be extended. If he cannot follow simple instructions she would end his folly.
The sorrow the wolf felt was palpable. It increased the guilt he felt. He had hurt this wolf so bad. Yet she still was willing to help him. She sent him images of home and a bed. She wanted him to leave the dream. More images - he wasn't to come back until she told him too. A final image of the wolf tearing his throat out appeared in his mind again. If he didn't obey, she would kill him.

He conveyed to her that he understood and sent an image of submission again. He would obey. He bid her farewell and left the dream quickly. He awoke in his room, feeling that desire to drink again. The guilt was gnawing at him and pulling him back to the bottle. He picked up his guitar without another thought and played for a few minutes to calm down.

He then went to sleep - avoiding the dream world. He wouldn't enter until Chase called for him. As he fell into sleep, he realized that he wanted to make amends, but didn't know how. He didn't expect that this learning experience would be easy.

((OOC: I think we can continue in here, but just let me know how many days pass before she comes to get him. Calvin won't enter until Chase calls.))

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It was the night of the full moon, the one following the near death of Star Gazer that Chase brought Stinging Nose into the dream world for the first time. He had seen his third moon, and his follies had kept him from the dream longer than most, much like Star Gazer, they would learn well together.

Chase found her way into Star Gazer's dream and beckoned him to a mountain top in the dreams. She would call until he came, each night for the cycle of one moon. If he was too dim to understand the dream than he would not be worth training.

At the top peak of the mountain Chase laid down and watched the sun dip below into the horizon, it was her and Dawn Wind's favorite spot. Stinging Nose curled up next to her, he was the last born of Dawn Winds line. Maybe one day he'd make a great Alpha, but now he was just a pup, he needed to train, needed to learn. And Chase would see both Stinging Nose and Star Gazer were worth of her mate's training and lineage.
Calvin felt Chase's presence in his own dream - beckoning him to the dream world. It had been several days since their last encounter and Calvin was glad this was finally happening. He had dealt with his guilt and kept working on fighting his own demons.

He felt another presence as arrived on the mountain top in the dream. Chase was there and a younger wolf - still a pup - was curled up next to her. He wondered if the pup was hers. Calvin greeted Chase and the other wolf - Stinging Nose - before letting Chase know he was ready.
Star Gazer came. Stinging Nose stood and sniffed the air and let out a deep growl. Chase nuzzled her pup and made the introduction. She sent Star Gazer an image of a pup who was foolish, sticking his nose into a hornets nest. The pup ran away whelping in pain from the stinging upon his nose.

Stinging Nose felt ashamed at the incident, but he stood proudly as Chase sent the image of Dawn Wind and the pup beside him. He was the Alpha's son, he was a proud creature, just as Dawn Wind's other children had been as well. It gave them no leverage in the pack, their dominance was their own.

Chase's own rank was diminished greatly. Chase doubted Red Leaf would choose her as mate, he was young and unmated, but would soon be required to choose. It was the way of the pack.

Chase gave instructions to both Stinging Nose and Star Gazer. Two pups, chasing each other through the dream. Landing, shifting, knowing, and moving on. Finding, and then the roles reversing. Chase sent them off with Star Gazer on the chasee end first. Stinging Nose would wait to the count of 10 breathes before hunting.

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