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Elyse was in the dream. She had learned through the years how to differentiate between real dreams and the dream. She didn't know how to force herself into the dream though. It often just happened by chance. It was something that she hoped she would accomplish soon.

Elyse moved quietly through the dream woods, wondering why she was here. Was there even a reason - something to be learned perhaps? She was cautious. She had heard that if you got injured here, you got injured in real life.

The thing she would never get used to was the shifting clothing. It seemed to always change as her thoughts wandered. Elyse smiled, finally figuring it out. Elyse stopped, concentrating on wearing a simple black garb with winter gear, and suddenly the shifting stopped. She was wearing what she had thought of.

Perhaps she had more control over this area. She would try to see what she could find out.
Calvin ran, feeling the exhilaration of the dream move quickly past him. He had learned a lot from Chase. Now he at least was able to come and go into the dream as he please. He still obeyed though. Calvin still felt the guilt of Dawn Wind, and he was reminded of it any time he saw Chase or Stinging Nose.

Chase still had anger. That much was certain, and Calvin didn't blame the wolf. His stupidity had led to Dawn Wind's death. Dawn Wind was no longer in the dream either. Not like Drifting Snow.

Calvin had ruined a lot. He knew this, but he was doing what he could to help others now. Now he was a cop now, and had been studying as much as he could to get better. He didn't need to see Alex much anymore either, although he sometimes met with her to talk about things. Beyond that, his guitar playing was improving.

A scent came to him, unfamiliar. He frowned, wondering if he should follow it or not. Stopping, he looked around. This didn't have the feeling of the nightmare. For now he stopped, waiting, ready to step out of the dream at a moment's notice.

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