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I Better Not be the Only One Surprised
<big>I better not be the only one surprised.</big><small>Vulpesnet/Nicholas Trano</small>

As you should already know if you've been keeping track of my articles, Nikolai Brandon, dictator of the Central Custody of Dominion (now there's a proper title) is coming to the United States to attempt to woo the American people. Darth Brandon never gives up trying to turn us to the dark side, after all. None of that's new news, but what I've got to tell you now better surprise you all more than it surprised me.

When I got in to work this morning, my secretary told me that the Ascendancy, yes that Ascendancy, has requested for me to interview him at the power summit next week. Now, I'm sure you're all expecting me to disappear after entering the room, never to be seen again. Fear not, I'm... pretty sure that won't happen. But if my next article is broadcast from a gulag, don't tell me "I told you so."

I can only wonder at why Brandon would request that I of all people interview him. The most obvious reasons are to attempt to discredit me somehow, or to improve his image on Vulpesnet which I'm proud to say has a near-unanimous negative opinion of him. Or hey, maybe the continent-conquering dictator just has a sense of humor and wants to see what will happen if he's in the same room as his biggest enemy in the media. Don't worry, most likely there won't be any fist fights breaking out.

Brandon has been something of an enigma since gaining power in Russia some 20 years ago. Reporters were able to trace his origins back to America, but aside from that next to nothing is known. Assuming that the questions pass his censors, I'm hoping to get a bit more information on where he's from and how he's managed to conquer half the world. Him being from Massachusetts sure would explain a lot, at least on the policy side of things.

Of course, the censors are going to be fairly strict, as they always are with dictators. Remember the last time someone asked Kim Jong Un about how he plans to deal with the corruption and starvation in his country? Of course you don't, because it didn't happen. Incidentally, Kim's unwillingness to field questions of that nature may have been part of the reason his people revolted. Not that anything of the sort could occur within the CCD.

Nevertheless, I'll try to get as much of the good stuff as I can. Alongside the release of the interview, I'll be publishing a list of questions that were denied by the censors. There's usually just as much to read in what's not said as in what is.

In any case, there are a lot of questions that I and by extension the American people want answered. In support of Democracy, leave a comment with a question; maybe it will make it onto the list I bring to interview the dictator.

<em>Published by Vulpesnet, 2045. U.S.A</em>

Comments are: <strong>OPEN</strong>

<small>((Comments are anonymous unless you state your character's name in the time tag: Comment: "NAME" (TIME TIMEZONE) ))</small>
If anyone manages to disappear without a trace at such a high profile event I'll eat my hat. $100 to anyone who manages to pull it off.

Dirk Cowan (11:31pm EST)

<small><small>(I'm posting as a fictitious NPC from the US, that cool? Or does it have to be our characters.) </small></small>

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COMMENT: "User" 2:18 AM, MSK

If Tron goes missing, we'll just assume he's stuck in dogfights on the grid. I wouldn't worry too much.
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Comment: Jane Richardson (8:00 PM EST)

Why don't you ask him how he looks so young? I'd ****ing kill to get his moisturizer!

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