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The Interview Went Well
The Interview Went Well
Vulpesnet/Nicholas Trano

The interview with the Ascendancy went about as well as could be expected. There were a couple tense moments, but overall I found it enlightening. If you read between the lines, we effectively have confirmation that this guy's the biggest enemy the free world's ever faced.

I'm on my way back home from Dayton, but I figured it'd be best to get this out there as soon as possible. I'm sure you were all looking forward to reading it, after all. By the way, sorry Ms. Richardson but he didn't give me any answers on how he looks so young aside from a love of swimming.

Nicholas Trano: Well... we might as well get this started, then. These are the questions I'm allowed to ask right?

*Nicholas Trano holds up the paper*

N.T: Right, then... why pick me of all people to interview you? I figured I'd be a few feet below the bottom of the list.

Nikolai Brandon: Well, Mister Trano, while in the United States I wanted to take the opportunity for the American people to come know me a little better; in that regard, it is a pleasure to be here today.  I want your readers to feel as though they have the best representation possible in this opportunity.  As you have an unrivaled level of trust from your followers, almost as though you are speaking on their behalf, you were the obvious selection.  And I am aware you have many questions you wish to ask of me.

N.T: Yes, and only a third of them were denied... well, let's get started then. Why did you pick Russia as the seat of your Empire? Was it the history of dictators beforehand that made it easier for you to take control, or was it just that that happened to be where you found oil?

N.B: I was democratically elected as President of the Russian Federation in 2020, and therefore conquered nothing.  You would not make the same comparison to the President of the United States, I should hope.  In regards to my election, I was proud the Russian people identified with me.  They were a great nation, and still are, a great people.

N.T: Of course, many dictators in the past have also been elected. How early on did you start planning to become dictator of Russia, or as you quickly renamed it the "Ascendant Soviet Union?"

N.B: I am afraid the question is not answerable, because the ASU was not a dictatorship. 

N.T: I suppose even rigged elections count as elections. Let's back off from policy for a bit. Where did you come from? The farthest back we've been able to trace you is to somewhere in America. Want to shed some light on the early life of the Ascendancy?

N.B: Indeed, this is true.  I was raised in a suburb of Baltimore.  My mother was a homemaker and my father worked in corporate.  In fact, I'm still a Ravens fan.

N.T: Your censors are probably going to be angry with me for going off the rails, and feel free not to answer this--but are your parents still living in Baltimore?

N.B: Both my parents have passed on. 

N.T: Sorry to hear that. Moving on, I've gotten a lot of requests for this one. How do you look so young? For a man over sixty, you don't look a day older than I am. One of my readers went so far as to say she would kill for your moisturizer.

N.B: Wow.  How flattering!  I only try to take care of myself.  One's health is a gift, after all.  I used to go on a daily run, but have since come to enjoy swimming.  And it is less of an imposition on the people of Moscow.  My running down any one street was a bit of a security nuisance for Moscovites.  It was for their convenience as well I opted to use air-lifts in and out of the Kremlin, to avoid additional stress on Moscow traffic for motorcades and the like.

N.T: You've got nothing if not good manners. Another big question I've been getting is about where you studied, and what. A lot of people would like to know what it takes to become a successful dictator.

N.B: Fortunately, the history of dictatorships ended with the twentieth century, Mister Trano.  As any young person in the CCD can explain, dictators are sadistic, ambitious, intelligent, and probably a little insane.  Fortunately, these traits do not often coincide within the same person.  But back to your readers' real interests, I studied Law at the University of Bologna.

N.T: Even if you're not calling yourself a dictator, Mr. Brandon, I would recommend you read up on your history. But, you're right, back to my readers' interests. Were there any particular philosophers or schools of philosophy you studied? It seems to me Hobbes and Machiavelli would have held your interest ...although perhaps you took Machiavelli a little too literally.

N.B: Niccolo Machiavelli was a writer, diplomat, historian and philosopher.  Whatever his ideaologies, even you must admit his level of intelligence.  I was and still am a student of philosophy of many interpretations.  It was for this reason I found the peace of my second  home so easy to adopt: to study and contemplate upon these higher issues of humanity.  In them, I find the order of modern civilization fascinating, and frequently return to lessons from history to learn from mankind's past mistakes. 

N.T: *cleaning his glasses* Excellent non-answer Ascendancy. *puts them back on* What happened to that Datsan monestary you stayed at? When reporters finally traced your trail back there all they found were ruins and a lot of graves.

N.B: There was a fire--at night.  It was a small community anyway, but many people did not make it out. 

N.T: What happened to the ones who did?

N.B: The survivors integrated into adjacent datsans, as there was not enough interest or support to rebuild on their own. 

N.T: I see. Well, we're moving back into the political section of the questions. It's more than a little convenient that disasters racked the world right before you discovered those massive untapped oil reserves in Siberia. How much would you say those disasters helped your rise to power? Or do you believe that even without them occurring all of Europe would have fallen under your control?

N.B: *hard gaze*  I am sure your readers would not agree with the belittling comment you're taking of enormous, worldwide tragedies by calling them a convenience, Mister Trano. 

N.T: You can deflect the question if you'd like, Mr. Brandon. It still looks to me, and much of the American people as though you've used those same enormous, worldwide tragedies you just spoke of for personal gain.

N.B: And what if the CCD had not been there to pick up the pieces?  What if God forbid, Russia had likewise crumbled?  The world would now be in chaos, Mister Trano.  The true heroes of legend do not rescue the damsel for personal glory but to serve.  The CCD is the hero to five billion people.  I am a servant, a leader, the back upon which the CCD rests.  It is the people of the Custody that profited, not I.

N.T: And when you die, they'll all come tumbling down again like the people always do when their dictator's gone. I'm not looking forward to the death tolls when your privileges and aristocracy go to war with their corporate armies. But I shouldn't expect you to think about what'll happen when you're not around anymore. While we're on the subject of privileges, don't you see any problems with what's essentially a system of state-sponsored corporate lobbyists? Your highest echelons of advisors are all billionaires completely disconnected from the needs of regular people.

N.B: You're speaking of The Sphere.  Their purpose is not to represent the people.  They are not a Congress.  They are highly accomplished, respected, and revered individuals which have gained the highest level of esteem in their fields.  They are capitalists, entrepreneurs, and innovators.  I want to surround myself with people of the highest quality.  They are advisors.  Together we seek the goal of a functional, efficient government.  Organizing 5 billion citizens is no easy task.

N.T: And the will of the people be damned?

N.B: The people willed to join the Custody.  Their will is being honored. 

N.T: People are fickle, Mr. Brandon. In a few years they might start to realize they gave up half their freedoms. Well, let's keep this moving. You've been flexing your empire's muscles a lot in South America recently. What's your endgame? More dominances, or do the people there have nothing to worry about?

N.B: Custody presence in South America has always been as a stability force.  Continental war affects us all.  I do not want to see the economic downturn the South Americans have suffered extend worldwide.  For that reason, the invitation to join the Custody is open to any nation which wishes to join.

N.T: Odd that none have decided to yet, it sounds like the dominion is such a great thing. Alright, here's the last question your censors were okay with. Relations with China have been more than a little strained since you started conquering the entirety of the continent. How do you plan to deal with the last--and believe me, I use this term lightly--free nation in Eurasia?*

N.B: I accepted China's refusal to join my Custody and at the time no bridges were burnt.  However, open hostility from China or any other nation will be treated accordingly.  I will not accept threats toward the people who look to me to protect them. 

N.T: Without a strong hand, you're worried about them realizing you're not quite as all powerful as they think you are. If you don't play tough they might turn recalcitrant and revolt, right?

N.B: Peace is having the stronger hand than anyone else, Mister Trano.  An American should know this.  I will not tolerate actions that lead to World War III.

N.T: Hah. Big stick diplomacy, eh? You should read up on your history, Mr. Brandon. It didn't work out for us. Now before I go why don't you tell me why you really decided to come out to Dayton?

N.B: *pauses*  For the Summit.

N.T: Of course you're here for the summit. But tell me, is there any other reason?

N.B: *longer pause*  I wanted to see the Plant layout.  *Shakes his head thoughtfully*  No, more than that.  *Quietly* I wanted to see if I could feel it...  *blinks* 

At that moment, the Ascendancy's Public Relations staff suddenly cut in to break up the interview. At this point, Nikolai realized what he just said. What he felt, and stood suddenly holding the power. He stared hard at his interviewer, who was leaning forward clutching his forehead as though wracked with a headache before finally turning leaving the room. Nicholas looked up to see the Ascendancy half-hurrying out of the room, surrounded by angry staffers.

PR: The interview is over.

And, as promised, here's a list of questions that didn't get past his censors, although I did get an answer to the first one, however... cryptic.

-Why did you really decide to come here?

-Why did you choose to call yourself "Ascendancy?"

-Why was English selected as the official language of the CCD?

-How would you handle a potential accidental military engagement between the U.S and CCD forces deployed in South America?

-How are you planning to deal with the developing polarization between the CCD and the remaing free world powers--Namely the U.S, China and Australia?

Published by Vulpesnet, 2045. U.S.A

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Edited by Nick Trano, Jul 30 2013, 08:55 PM.
That commie sweet-talker sure can pull 'em faster than Muhammad Ali, good ta see ya kept 'im on his toes, Trano.

Trano4lyf -Texas. 20:08 EST.
"She saw a flaring halo around his head, radiant in gold and blue. It shouted of glory and power to come"
"No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."
He's very good at avoiding questions and telling what he thinks people want to hear - he's got a silver forked tongue.

-FreedomFyter - Illinois 23:19 EST
COMMENT: ("User" 12:16 AM, MSK)

Tron! You missed golden opportunities!! I know you're a program and find thinking for yourself difficult, but com'on man!

<dd> </dd>
N.B: Niccolo Machiavelli was a writer, diplomat, historian and philosopher. Whatever his ideaologies, even you must admit his level of intelligence. I was and still am a student of philosophy of many interpretations. It was for this reason I found the peace of my second home so easy to adopt: to study and contemplate upon these higher issues of humanity. In them, I find the order of modern civilization fascinating, and frequently return to lessons from history to learn from mankind's past mistakes.

He just told you he was a fascist! Order! Modern civilization! You screwed the pooch on this one, Tron.

<dd> </dd>
N.B: Indeed, this is true. I was raised in a suburb of Baltimore. My mother was a homemaker and my father worked in corporate. In fact, I'm still a big Ravens fan.

This guy is brilliant. Or his PR team is brilliant. Either way, the math equals the same thing: brilliance. He's just a normal joe football fan, dead ma and pa, went to college, likes swimming, and bloody considerate--Moscow traffic will make you want to claw your face off. I actually feel bad for the guy.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
Jaxen +
Loki +
+ Jole +
<small>((Damn you Jaxen, you should've been there </small><small>during the interview. lol

Although, I read that with the slightly-less-batshit-insane understanding that he was just interested in how civilization comes together.))

Edited by Nick Trano, Jul 31 2013, 08:21 AM.
This man is the Anti-Christ - it is time to seek God who can save us.

-Anonymous - 6:30 EST
Mr. Trano,

Your lack of respect and rude demeanor underlie your true issue, insecurity. You are trying to gather support for your own power grab, and doing it by convincing the American people in a boogeyman that doesn't exist.

The Ascendency chose to honor you with his American interview, and this is how you treat him. You do yourself no service in this farce. Instead you focus on how truly "small" of a person you truly are ... In EVERY way.

K. Constantine
Moscow, Dominance I

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