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Interview With Little Bird
<big>Interview with Little Bird</big><small>Vulpesnet/Nicholas Trano</small>

The interview with Little Bird went very well. He's every bit as intelligent as you'd expect from someone who got a law degree from Yale in a year. We'll definitely be following up with him over the next couple weeks to see how his efforts are panning out in Moscow.

Jon Little Bird: *video static* Are we having technical problems over here?

Nicholas Trano: Sorry about that, there's a storm going on outside the station. Nice to meet you, Jon. Welcome to the stripped down internet version of my office.

J.L.B: Thank you Mr. Trano, and I sincerely appreciate your time today.

N.T: Believe me, the feeling's mutual. You're something of a rising star right now.

J.L.B: *chuckles* I don't know so much about that. I'm just someone who works hard and is all about making friends in today's world.

N.T: You might see yourself that way, but a lot of us normal people are in awe. You got your law degree from Yale in a year, isn't that right?

J.L.B: That's right Mr. Trano. It's surprising what one can do with the time he has when driven. And let me tell you, there's a lot of people who are hurting for help right now.

N.T: So I've heard. Before we get into what you're doing over in Moscow, is there any message you'd like to give to our viewers? I know you've done a lot of work representing the Council of Native Americans.

J.L.B: Yes, thank you Mr. Trano. *leans forward* I'd like to say to everyone out there not to forget where they came from, and who you are. Be proud of it!

N.T: Well, you might not have said that to everyone, but about fifty million people is close enough, eh? Now I know you told me your interest in standing up for the little guy was your reason for heading to Moscow. What convinced you they were, in fact, being oppressed and not terrorists as Nikolai Brandon is so fond of saying?

J.L.B: Yes, the Minutemen. Well, it's an interesting story, there. See, fresh off my victory in the Supreme Court that reversed the removal of the Seminoles from their land -- the Toledo disaster strikes -- and here I am in the midst of trying to help good, hardworking people who can't even return to their land. These are good people, Mr. Trano. And a number of them were members of the Minutemen.

N.T: So it was firsthand experience that convinced you they weren't terrorists?

J.L.B: That's correct, Mr. Trano. I might not be the ideal champion for their cause, but I will tell you that if you look at both their stated doctrine and the people who are involved with the organization, they're not doing anything illegal, and moreso all they are looking for is reassurance their rights and their liberty isn't taken from them.

N.T: Illegal and immoral are often different things, though, especially in a nation like the CCD where the dictator's word is law. How likely do you think it is that you'll manage to sway public opinion enough to achieve the desired result?

J.L.B: I couldn't say for certain, public opinion is a wild animal of its ownself; however I am determined to make it into the public record that there have been no acts of violence linked to the Minutemen and that the CCD's preposterous labeling them terrorists has caused real hardship on real families. The Minutemen Medical Fund for example -- originally created to provide medical care for children of Minutemen members, but has expanded to help grievously ill children all over-- their funds are in frozen bank accounts that they cannot access thanks to the CCD designation of the terrorist group. Are we serious, CCD?

N.T: They are one hundred percent serious. The CCD hasn't been known for its stellar human rights record. Are you at all worried for your own safety, seeing as you're travelling there to argue for an unpopular opinion?

J.L.B: I appreciate your concern. I am here as a guest on invitation, invited to share my opinion, and expect to be treated as such. If there were negative consequences on my behalf due to the opinions I gave..well, that would reflect poorly on the CCD. And if there's one thing the CCD loves it's its image.

N.T: The classic Snowden defence, eh? So how difficult was it to acclimate yourself to the CCD legal environment? After all, there must be some pretty major differences.

J.L.B: There has been indeed. I wouldn't call it difficult to acclimate myself. The problem lies in the fact the judicial system does not have meaningful oversight on the executive branch. Privileges essentially do as they will, and honestly the Ascendancy is not held to rule of law in his empire. It is entirely unlike the system of checks and balances you and I are familiar with.

N.T: As a practitioner of the law here in America, do you find that unnerving?

J.L.B: A little bit. It concerns me that there potentially lies no right, or pathway, to redress the highest levels of governance in such a system. As a law student I would classify such a system a dictatorship in the legal sense.

N.T: So how long are you going to be spending in Moscow debating the legal system of this dictatorship? Has anybody at the University expressed an interest in taking your side, or have you essentially placed yourself against everyone there?

J.L.B: *chuckles* I don't have any particular time table here. And I have had little time to meet many at the University, and don't claim to try and sway any minds here. I suppose you could claim I am against everyone here in the sense I have not yet found anyone who agrees with me. I will say that I came here to defend a group who wanted my help, and to do so it is possible I might have to start a fight over the entire system.

N.T: You don't seem too worried about the prospect.

J.L.B: I have no reason to be worried. I am confident that reason remains in the people of the CCD, and that they will see it when it comes.

N.T: So, what made you decide that advocating the rights of the Minutemen is more important than your work for the CNA here in the U.S?

J.L.B: I can certainly see how that might look, me jetting off to Moscow while the Potowatomi take in refugees from Daytona and the CNA pushes back against many abuses. But the thing is, the people of the Minutemen need help. The bottom line is that if the CCD can designate them a terrorist group, they can do the same to any gathering that happens

N.T: ...and you're worried that if the CCD manages to conquer the U.S, the natives will be even worse off than they already are?

J.L.B: The natives are practically conquered as they are. They have no military power to resist conquest. Should the United States fall, the natives will be conquered as well, save they strike their own treaty with the CCD -- something I hope doesn't happen. Within the U.S., we still are able to seek redress for grievances through the court of law -- and sometimes it is still honored. That is not a small thing to fight for.

N.T: So you're not actually abandoning the cause of the CNA. You're making sure all their bases are covered and fighting for another cause you believe in along the way? I've seen worse plans.

J.L.B: Of course I'm not abandoning the cause of the CNA. The tribes may not have military power anymore -- because they honored the treaties they signed, by the way -- But the power of politics and public opinion can be just as strong. The same rules that apply to the tribes should apply to other groups, though. Anyone should have the right so speak his mind and protect his land. If that goes, so goes everything the CNA stands for.

N.T: Are there any groups other than the Minutemen that you believe have received blatantly wrongful accusations of terrorism from the CCD?

J.L.B: The Minutemen are the only group I'm aware of that have elicited such a scourge from the CCD, nevertheless I'm certainly open to provide defense to any other group wrongly accused in such a matter.

N.T: That's good to hear. Thank you for giving me the chance to interview you today, we're definitely going to follow up over the next couple weeks to see how things are going.

J.L.B: You're very welcome Mr. Trano, and I appreciate your time.

<em>Published by Vulpesnet, 2045. U.S.A</em>

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