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The "Q" Document Proven To Be A Forgery
The "Q" Document Proven To Be A Forgery

by Soren Miriam

The mysterious manuscript, referred to as the "Q" Document, supposedly discovered by the Chinese Government has been proven to be a forgery. It has also been made quite evident that the Chinese Government was a part of the conspiracy to manufacture and then sell this document to the highest bidder.

The reason that this discovery was so hotly debated recently is that it contradicted much of the Christian Bible. It especially called in to question many of the 'sayings' of Jesus Christ. If this document had been verified the entire Christian world would have been in an uproar. The ramifications of this would have also spread into the Islamic faith as Jesus Christ is also considered as a prophet to the Muslims. This document would have also called into question the accuracy of the Koran.

Ambassadors of the Chinese Government have been verified to have approached Not only the United States of America, and the Vatican, but the Central Custody of Dominance as well. These ambassadors made claims that the document was genuine and that the buying entity would receive all of the materials associated with the find in the sale.

The Chinese Government claimed to discover the "Q" Document when it captured a Germen monastery at the close of World War Two. They claimed that it has been in there custody ever since its discovery at the Bejing University. Furthermore, they claimed that they have diligently verified the authenticity of the manuscript before putting it up for auction.

The deception was uncovered by American John Smith, a lecturer on History, Anthropology, and Archeology. Not only has he proved the document to be a forgery, but he successfully proved that the document had to have been forged in the last 5 or so years. Causing a major shuffle in the Chinese Government as they attempt to save face with both the United States and the CCD as well. This journalist would not be surprised to hear about a deluge of resignations in the Chinese State Department in the near future.

John Smith showed how the original parchment that contained the forgery was once an inventory sheet of the Roman Empire, explaining how the paper passed the initial testing for age. The ink was consistent for the ink used during that time in history, but it was exposed to a rare chemical compound to replicate the look of aging and deterioration. This particular compound is frequently used in dating pieces of antiquity through a process referred to as 'non-destructive' testing. The inconsistency in amounts and areas affected by this compound was what called into question the authenticity of the document. Further investigation uncovered a part of the inventory sheet that was not 'stripped and altered'.

John Smith is currently in the CCD on a student visa. He has 3 masters degrees and specializes in the study and translation of documents of antiquity.

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Damn dirty apes!

"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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One must wonder about the motive for such an elaborate scheme. Was it purely religious? Or were there ulterior motives we have not yet deciphered?

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