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Brandon Fails to Convince
<big>Brandon Fails to Convince</big><small>Vulpesnet/Nicholas Trano</small>

The Central Custody of Dominion has once again tried to seize freedom from Americans--the white horseman of the apocalypse has the snake's tongue too, apparently. If you're anything like me, you were unimpressed by last night's events--although the apparent attack was a nice touch. I had the "privilege" of sitting in on Ascendancy's speech in person, and I was faced with exactly what we've seen from Brandon time and time again.

He's got a snake's tongue, and a penchant for making a loss look like a gain. All he's done is repeat what he's always said--"sacrifice freedom for security." We tried that already, Mr. Brandon. I would urge you to speak with anyone who lived through the time of the War on Terror; they would rightly tell you that sacrificing liberty for security just doesn't work.

Of course, the vote is going to fail as it always has--polls from even the domination-leaning Washington Post place the numbers for annexation at less than ten percent. However, it is still important to remind people why that is the case.

America is a young nation--although in comparison to the CCD it seems ancient--and yet it has still outlasted countless tyrants. There was King George III, a man whose government style very closely resembled that of the CCD. Other major ones include Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Aside, of course, from the fact that Europe seems really good at producing despots, what has America learned from these people?

We've learned that tyrants never last, and the biggest empires fall the hardest. In Britain, the fall of their empire was gradual--the people living on the island barely felt any change. However, the third world is littered with nations utterly ruined by British rule. Some are still trying to claw their way out of that hole today. If we are annexed, when the CCD falls we won't be Russia. We would be just another colony.

In Germany, Hitler survived less than ten years. When he fell Germany was even worse off than after the first world war--subservient to the superpowers of the east and west until the end of the cold war. Then, of course, came its economic domination of the European Union--but at a terrible cost. The people of Germany had lost nearly all of their national spirit and culture.

With Stalin, the world was polarized between the Soviet Union and the united west led by America. Behind the iron curtain, terrible atrocities were committed. In part, those things occurred because individuals had no rights--only privileges. Within the CCD the same lack of proper rule of law holds true.

As a citizen of the CCD, you would live much like a newly freed black man in the American south during the 1870's. Not a second or third class citizen, but a fourth. There would be three classes above you--the privileges, followed by the patrons and finally Ascendancy himself. Even within your own class, a rich man would be able to do whatever he wanted to you so long as he bribed the correct official. They wouldn't even need a Klan to keep you from voting--after all, you agreed to not have representation in government. Or your parents did.

Within America, corruption has never been nor ever will be as terrible a cancer as within the CCD. In the CCD, citizens have no means of recourse against the higher classes--despite what some loyalists would say. The only possible way to change laws is by sufficiently embarrassing the legal system as Jon Little Bird recently did in the Minutemen case. They have no supreme court--at least not in the sense we Americans enjoy. The goal of their court is not to defend the rights of citizens as laid out in some manner of constitution--rather, it is to defend the laws of the state.

That is so profoundly anti-American as to make me question the sanity of one who would willingly be annexed. There is no system of checks and balances, one man--one mortal man--holds all the cards of power.

The fact is, Nikolai Brandon trying to woo the American people now because we're reeling from a disaster. The relief efforts in Dayton, OH are still ongoing--and incredibly taxing. I should know, I've been organizing a small part myself. The short-lived blackout on the eastern seaboard was conveniently timed as well for the announcement. Nikolai Brandon is the equivalent of a con man trying to cheat an old widow out of her estate, and his new tactic of appealing to American exceptionalism doesn't change that.

The US is not an old dying widow, and it shouldn't act like one. We're still young, and sure--we might have been hit by a car, but we'll recover. It's not time to sign away our freedom and our future for a couple decades' stability, especially not to a newborn child. When Brandon dies it's all going to come crashing down. Don't forget, he's already past sixty. He won't live forever.

<em>Published by Vulpesnet, 2045. U.S.A</em>

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Edited by Nick Trano, Oct 6 2013, 02:05 PM.
Comment: "CherokeePride_686": 8:32 P.M. CMT

Preach it, Trano! Such a kindred spirit to my main man JLB. That's, like, exactly what he said when he schooled that CCD hack over at Moscow University last month. Stay true and you'll get the Native vote for sure if you run for the Pressy. We already got our land taken away once, fool me twice and I've got a tomahawk for that scalp. I'm gonna go make a Trano '48 sticker on my printer right now for my pickup truck!
COMMENT: "User" - 3:41 PM, MSK

Know what'd be shit funny? If the Ascendancy ran against Tron for Prez. Talk about splitting the vote.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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Loki +
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COMMENT: "Sukmabalz_21243" 5:43, MSK

Yeah, it'd also be shit funny if Trano and Assendancy both tripped and fell --

***comment edited for violating terms of use***

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