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Is the CCD losing its grip on DV?
Is the CCD losing its grip on DV?

<small>Al-Jazeera LIVE</small>

Good afternoon from Dubai, and once again I'm Samir Abdukhaliq.

Is Dominance V under threat of slipping out from under control of the CCD? Recent events suggest the rising influence of Muhammad Al-Hasan and the actions of his followers suggest Moscow's ability to influence and control events in the Middle East might be waning.

Today, there was yet another checkpoint flare-up outside Kuwait City that appears to have enraged citizens who support Muhammad Al-Hasan as the Mahdi. Apparently, a woman clad in head-to-toe black niqab refused to remove her garment in response to an ordered search at a checkpoint. Her two male cousins accompanying her refused to allow a female CCD soldier to pat her down. During the dispute a weapon was discharged, resulting in the woman suffering a gunshot to the leg.

Mahdi sympathizers have rallied around "Amira," taking to the streets to protest CCD infringement on women's decency. Amira is recovering from her injury in a Kuwaiti hospital and is expected to be released tomorrow.

Let's go to Achmed Karoum, professor of theology at the Center for Islamic Studies in Dubai. Achmed, what can you tell us about the implications for the CCD as it stands right now in this situation?

ACHMED: Thank you Samir. To be quite honest, it doesn't look good for the CCD. I'm certainly not claiming they were culpable here -- it's their duty to maintain order, and sometimes things like this happen -- but there is strong tradition for the martyr and it seems this woman has been cast in this role by Mahdi supporters.

SAMIR: So you're saying that it doesn't really matter whether the CCD soldiers involved with the shooting of Amira were in the right or wrong -- all that matters is the perception?

ACHMED: Yes, exactly. It's a powerful and quite compelling narrative in the Islamic world -- young woman attempting to protect her modesty and being harmed while resisting violation of her virtue -- so regardless of what the facts were at the checkpoint, that's what's going to be remembered. And the emotion provoked by the perception is unlikely to go away on its own, regardless of how baseless it might be.

SAMIR: Thank you, Achmed.

In other news, government offices in Karbala, An Najaf and Al Basra have reopened after local officials have allegedly proclaimed their recognition of Muhammad Al-Hasan as the annointed spiritual leader of Islam. Protesters in Medina continue to prevent local government from access to their places of work. Protesters claim Sharif Abdul Kassan has political ties that are too close to the Holy Soldiers of Muhammad, the group alleged to have started the violence against the Mahdi faction, to allow the Sharif to continue in office. Sharif Kassan has vowed to seek CCD assistance to help him regain his place of office.

We'll bring you more news as it develops. For now, I'm Samir Abdukhaliq and you're watching Al-Jazeera LIVE.

Copyright Al-Jazeera News 2045, Dubai, D.V.

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Comment: Anonymous

Bullshit meter is going off. I was there, I saw the so-called loving cousins shoot the girl themselves then blame the CCD police.
"So?" said Loki impatiently.  "This isn't the first time the world has come to an end, and it won't be the last either."
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Comment: FreedomRider76 (3:05 EST)

Way I see it, long as they're shooting each other let 'em keep at it. It ain't the white man's burden to civilize people who don't want to be civilized. They gotta figure their own crap out.

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