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Thrice platform: Texas Secession from US
Jessika Thrice platform calls for independent Republic of Texas

Dallas Chronicle
<small>-Turner McIntosh, 2045</small>

Gubernatorial candidate Jessika Thrice rescheduled last night's fundraiser for next Monday. Following her last speech given to a sold-out, high-profile fundraiser in Houston last weekend, the momentum she has gained from religious, minority, and the range of socioeconomic households has been unprecedented.

Thrice's economic views has won her support from Big Business, her grassroots cultural, moral, and religious standings appeal to the conservative Catholic and Christian base (1), and her most controversial platform - that of Texan secession from the Union - arguing self-government and self-regulation appeals to the low-income and urban voter. It appears that Jessika Thrice will be the next governor of Texas, and if she gets her way, the President of a free and independent Republic of Texas.

Click the link
below for a clip from her keynote address at Texas A&amp;M University. (2)


[Image: Jessikaheadshot_zps2df72a60.jpg]

"Exactly two centuries ago, the Republic of Texas ceased to exist. A glorious and triumphant nine years did she last. The Texas Declaration of Independence symbolised the autonomy and fierce independence that differentiated the people from that of Mexico and the United States. Despite recognition from France, Britian, and the United States, battles continued and the Republic gathered a heavy debt. We traded our independence for money. We set aside claims to the vast stretches of Texan territory in exchange for forgiveness of these debts from the United States government, and in 1845 the United States swallowed the mighty Republic.

Two-hundred years later, what has our forefathers' compromise purchased? The United States now carries heavy debts owed to foreign superpowers. China verges on calling in their debts, and who can blame them with the empire that's grown around their borders? Texans understand what it means to strengthen defenses, buckle down, and hold the fort! But what happens when China calls in their debts? Where will the casualties fall?

While China's threats pummel Congress' ears, your federal lawmakers discuss another cop-out! All for money! Annexation to the CCD is not an option for Texans! Our great state's legislators in Washington are losing the battle. Although they call for Federal reforms to match Texas' successful template, the Federal government is unwilling to listen and President Dawson is no better.

See, Texans are no longer indebted to the country that swallowed the Republic two-hundred years ago. If the state were its own country, our economy is so vast and diverse, that we would have the sixth largest economy in the world! (3) We have the means to be a free and independent land once again!

Which is why when I am elected governor, I will draft a resolution that calls for secession of the state of Texas from the United States of America. We will be our own people once more! We will cry our own anthem at the top of our lungs! And we will again be the Republic for which we proudly stand!"

/Roar of applause/EndVideo


(1)Jessika Thrice, also known as Jessika Thrice James, dropped the use of her married surname after disassociation from her first marriage to Pastor Jensen James, who disappeared in 2041 following investigation of fraud. Formal charges against the James' household were never filed. Recent polling from the base of her religious-supporters shows sympathy with her situation, and do not hold her accountable for any moral misdeeds on the part of Mr. James.

(2)The Jessika Thrice Campaign funds for TAMU appearance were provided by the League of Independent Texans Movement

(3)Largest world economies by GDP: CCD, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Republic of Texas</small>

Edited by Jensen James, Dec 6 2013, 07:36 AM.
Comment: User "Red_or_Green," 1:51 P.M. MST

Texas politician calling for secession, how original. How did that work out for you last time? Also is it me or does Jessika seem under a lot of stress lately? Texas would be the seventh largest economy by my figuring. But I'm sure it's good enough for her Texan-educated voter base.
Comment: "Suckmabalz214982," 10:06 A.M. MST

You're stupid. Christmas lights are red AND green, not red or green you dumbass troll.

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