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'Wolfman' Saves Rape Victim
A rape victim was rescued recently, the circumstances of her rescue, however, are considered unknown.

The reporting ambulance driver has said that he found the victim propped up against his ambulance and as he drove away, he heard a wolf howl.

"I was at my ambulance and heard a sound from the other side. I went to investigate and the woman was there. My partner and I loaded her into the ambulance and as we took off, I heard a wolf howl. I swear. It was close."

This seemingly unusual circumstance is augmented by the victims own statement.

"He was there and then another man grabbed him. I could hear him growling. I couldn't see his face, but his eyes glowed yellow. The man with yellow eyes saved me."

The police located the rapist, who admitted to the crime, in the victim's neighborhood. He had been beaten and sustained many injuries. A note was attached to his clothing proclaiming "I am a rapist. I've harmed your wives, daughters, sisters, and friends. Do with me as you will."

The police are attributing this to an act of a vigilante that people are calling "the Wolfman."

When asked about the situation a CDPS responded: "The term 'hero' has been used too often with vigilantes. Why does a man save someone, then flee the scene? Since when is it heroic to beat a man, even one guilty of a terrible crime, then leave him to die on the street? A hero puts them self at risk to help others, but what sort of person flees from the police after doing something that so many would seem to call heroic? The police cannot be everywhere at once, and there are crimes that transpire that we cannot stop, we rely on you, the people. Not to take justice into your own hands. Justice is not breaking a rapist's ribs and leaving him to bleed to death on the street. We rely on you the people to watch out for each other, to protect each other, and to help us help you. Vigilantes risk not only their own lives, but those of others. Of the victim they have leapt in to save. Of innocent bystanders who may be caught up in the violence. Of their own families and loved ones. Vigilantes do not have the training or resources of the CDPS. They are not held to the checks and balances that keep the CDPS in line with the core beliefs and values of the people of the CCD. They believe themselves outside the system, above the laws, justified by their own goals and beliefs, and it is only a matter of time before they take life and death into their own hands."

The police would like to remind people that if they see a crime taking place to contact the authorities right away.

Comments are open

((Police quote provided by NumberTwo))

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