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Supernatural rattles Moscow - ends in violence
<big>The Report: Moscow

Three acts of the seeming supernatural weather rattled Moscow today, each ending in violence.

First, during the morning commute, a vortex of fire three-stories in height surged down the Garden Ring road over a kilometer causing innumerable traffic accidents that were the direct cause of no less than thirty-four deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Then, in mid-afternoon, a blinding cloud of dense fog suddenly materialized over the Moscow International Airport rendering the airport to a complete stand-still until the strange phenomenon lifted. A jet bound for Minsk was in mid-take off at the time, but despite the low altitude, crashed several miles away. Eight were killed and over ninety injured.

Finally, in the central district of Arbat less than two miles from the Kremlin, police pulled an unidentified man from a vehicle for routine search and seizure. Witness-provided video showed red lightning streaked from the man and struck each of the arresting officers who were subsequently found dead at the scene. The man in question is unaccounted for and is considered the primary suspect in these events.

In the wake of these tragedies, official Custody statement expressed grief and sorrow over the deaths and injuries of today. Such mysterious phenomena have occurred with greater frequency. The Kremlin has denied allegations of other-worldly interference such as what has been compared to footage from the Battle of Jeddah in Dominance V, but the public demands these broadly witnessed atrocities be addressed. Pressure upon the Kremlin has increased regarding the inexplicable events.

A recent New York Times article discussed what most regarded as a stunt undertaken by American politician Nicholas Trano as some unidentified branch of science that the public deemed magical. Regarding today's events Nicholas Trano was unavailable for comment.


He is like, totally psycho! Michael Vellas is way cooler. He didn't kill innocent people but fought to protect us. This guy needs to be totally arrested!

IHEARTMV - 2:20am Moscow

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I have this urge to comment. no idea why.

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