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***Exclusive*** Interview with Evelyn Avalon
CNN Instant News


Evelyn Avalon Tells All
In an Exclusive CNN Instant News Interview</big>

GWEN: Good evening, and hello America! You’re watching CNN Instant News. Where We Make News First. I’m, as always, Gwendolyn Petersen.

Tonight. They’re calling her America’s Wonder Witch. From the backwaters of South Dakota, catapulted to the national spotlight with her address to the Joint Session of Congress. A magic user, channeler, this stunning and brave junior congresswoman. Evelyn Avalon. And we’ve got her here. In the flesh. First, exclusive, live. You will never forgive yourself if you don’t watch this interview! Stay tuned through this message from our sponsors.

*Commercial Break*

GWEN: And we’re back in the studio.
(turns to Evelyn sitting across from her anchor desk.) Hello Miss Avalon and welcome, thanks for joining us today.

EVELYN: I’m glad to be here Gwendolyn. Thank you for having me!

GWEN: You can call me Gwen.

(Flashes a toothy grin) You've been making some waves recently, haven't you? A popular Vlog, winning a House seat, and now you're revealing yourself to be a channeler. What must that be like for you?

EVELYN: Well this whole experience has been a whirlwind for me. Running for Congress and getting elected was more than I’d ever dreamed of, but I did it to try to make a difference. As I’ve said during and after my campaign, I ran for office because I wanted to try to use my platform to advocate for those whose voices are too often silenced. Being an advocate for fellow channelers is an extension of that. I have an obligation to my constituency and to my country to speak out for what’s right, no matter the personal consequences to me.

GWEN: What do you consider a “difference?” Lots of people say they want to make a difference. Tell me what drove you to take that next step.

EVELYN: Ever since I was a girl, I’ve felt compelled between the conflict between the CCD and America. It’s a fascinating topic historically speaking, whether it was the Soviet Union, Russia, ASD, or CCD, our countries have been at odds for the better part of the last century. It always terrified me to think about how close our countries came to causing global calamity during that time, as well. That drove me to want to find a better solution to our differences than through conflict: armed wars, cold wars, hacking wars, etc. When I was young, I always found myself hoping that someone would step up who could help us make a peaceful future. Eventually I starting asking myself why I was waiting for someone else to take the reins?

GWEN: Diplomacy to stave off disaster, then. Making sure people kept the back channels open and the like?

EVELYN: Yes, precisely. I’ve made no secret that I think that through diplomacy we can overcome our differences. That’s been the driving force of my whole career.

GWEN: Fascinating. And what do you think their endgame is? What does peace look like to them? For that matter, what does peace look like to you?

EVELYN: For all his faults, Nikolai Brandon has never taken control of a country through warfare. Therefore I have to believe that his ultimate goal is peace and order, or at least I hope so. I think that to the CCD peace looks like a place where its citizens can raise their children without fear of war or global catastrophe; that’s certainly what peace looks like to me.

GWEN: (puts a finger to her temple) Would you consider yourself an admirer of Nikolai Brandon? Because it sounds like you agree with his methods and goals. Do you think maybe the United States be more receptive to him?

EVELYN: Do I admire Nikolai Brandon…

(pauses for a moment and taps her index finger against the armrest) I’ve said multiple times that I cannot more strongly condemn the many humanitarian violations the CCD is accused of, and I’m very concerned with the lack of democracy and transparency in Brandon’s reign. However, it cannot be denied that the standard of living for the average citizen of the CCD has become quite high during his tenure. I would never suggest that the United States go so far as to join the CCD, but as fellow world powers, we have a responsibility to cooperate productively. The world cannot afford for us to fight each other, not while many parts of the world like South America and Africa are still reeling from the many disasters of the 2020s, and 30s. I would go so far as to say that the US’s relationship with CCD is the most vital issue of our time, even more so than the emergence of channelers.

GWEN: Let’s change gears a minute. The Power. When did it start with you? Did you always know? How did you cope when you found out?

EVELYN: My abilities with the Power arose similarly to other accounts I’ve heard. It began with the Sickness. Personally, I contracted the Sickness when I was fifteen. I’m not sure what it was that made me survive; perhaps it was luck or genetics. But regardless, after I recovered from my illness, I discovered that I had the capacity to do incredible things. Maybe if I’d been older it would’ve been scary, but my abilities didn’t manifest themselves in the terrifying displays we’ve seen on TV. Rather, it was minor, like being able to move small objects from a distance. As a teenager, it felt quite adventurous and exciting.

GWEN: Exciting? Oh, do tell. What’s it feel like?

EVELYN: Channeling the power…

(appears to suddenly be out of breath) It’s like nothing that I could possibly describe. It’s as if my veins are filled with fire, but it doesn’t hurt. All of my senses are heightened. I can see colors more vibrantly, as if the world was in black and white beforehand.

GWEN: Wow. That sounds better than chocolate. What can you….what can you do with it? What limits are there? Are there any?

EVELYN: The effects, at least for me, seem to be limited to the physical. In some ways, it almost seems…
(taps fingers) elemental. I can make fire appear without a lighter, or cause the earth to shake. There are most certainly limits though. At times, it seems like I’m drawing too much on the power, and I hesitate to imagine the consequences of using too much. It seems like a muscle, almost. I can do more and use more power than I could’ve a decade ago, for example, but there were also diminishing returns. It seems as though I’ve reached a plateau in my strength, or that I’m close to one anyway. So if other channelers are like me, I doubt that our abilities are infinite. Maybe our physics play by different rules than everyone else, but there are definitely still rules.

GWEN: It must have been very helpful to your early career. Tell me about that. How did your magic abilities help you become who you are today?

EVELYN: All my life I’ve always felt that it was important to speak out for those in need, those less fortunate or powerful than me. Developing the ability to channel only reinforced that urge. However, it seemed that I was able to make more of a difference through words – through my Vlog and later my position in Congress – than by any presumptuous displays of raw power. I firmly believe that the pen is mightier than the sword, and I hope that we can resolve any conflicts that arise peacefully and through discourse. The ability to channel is indeed an incredible power, but not one that helped my political career at all. My success in the political arena has come about solely due to the support of my constituency, and - I believe - my honest convictions for using the political process to better the lives of everyday Americans.

GWEN: The new Secretary of Powers mentioned you as an old friend of yours. Care to tell me more?

EVELYN: It’s no secret that the Secretary hails from my home district. However, what’s less well known is that we actually grew up together. His younger sister, Madelyn, was my best friend growing up. We were quite a few years younger than Nick, so we weren’t exactly close, but the two of us have known each other since childhood. Actually…

(Evelyn hesitates, placing her hands on the desk and leaning in towards Gwendolyn) ...I probably shouldn’t admit this, but Secretary Trano actually mixed me my first alcoholic beverage. I may or may not have been legally allowed to drink at the time.

GWEN: (Eyes narrow) Come on now. May or may not have been? Isn’t he eight years your senior? That sounds like a felony to me. Maybe several.

EVELYN: (Mouth open) Of course I can’t be sure that-

GWEN: (winking) I’m just playing. You don’t have to kiss and tell. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, Am-i-rite?

EVELYN: (laughs nervously) Trust me, there was absolutely no kissing involved. “Best friend’s older brother” was never a trope that I subscribed to.

GWEN: Of course.

(leans in, eyes soften) Now about Madelyn...

EVELYN: Maddie and I were inseparable… at least, until she also developed the Sickness. Unlike myself and the Secretary, she didn’t survive it. Nick and I really only knew each other through her, and after she passed away we drifted apart. After that, we really didn’t speak again until my career brought me to DC.

GWEN: (nods softly) Nicholas Trano hasn’t spoken about Maddie at all for pretty much his entire career running Vulpesnet. Why do you think that is?

EVELYN: Like I said, Nick and I didn’t speak much after she passed away, so I can only speculate. However, I know how hard it was for me to talk about her afterwards. Losing someone you love… it’s like a part of you dies with them, and everyone grieves in different ways.

GWEN: So why should America trust that Secretary Trano is going to be capable of actually taking on this task?

EVELYN: (Sniffs) I have full faith in Secretary Trano’s ability to effectively protect the rights of channelers and non-channelers alike during this transition period. Of course, we also need our citizens to have patience and compassion. This isn’t going to be an easy time for anyone, but it will be immeasurably better if we all do our best to cooperate with one another.

GWEN: … It sounds like he has some secrets. I mean, you’ve touched on a couple of them here, haven’t you?

EVELYN: (taps fingers against the armrest) I assure you that the only secrets of Secretary Trano’s that I’m privy to are of the childish variety. I could tell you what kind of embarrassing boxers he wore as a kid on Saturday mornings, for example.

GWEN: (blinks) Right.

(Turns away and silently mouths “EDIT” off stage, then turns back and gives Evelyn a smile) So. How do you think America is going to react to the existence of channelers?

EVELYN: I have confidence in the goodness of the American people. As I said, this is going to be a difficult time for us all, but America has an incredible history of accepting so many different cultures and people within its melting pot. Channelers will just be one more group that adds to the texture of this great country. While there may be rough spots, we’ve seen time and time again that we’re much stronger together.

GWEN: (coughs at her last statement) Excuse me.

(Takes a sip of water) Anyway. You talk about discrimination and fear of discrimination. Tell me about that. Have you experienced this or seen this happen?

EVELYN: Well, because the issue of channelers is so new, I don’t think I’ve personally seen any instances of it. However, as a woman, I know how difficult ingrained prejudices can be. That’s why I don’t want any of my fellow channelers to have to worry about being treated differently due to their abilities. I hope that I can continue answering ‘no’ to this question over the next few months, and I’ll work my hardest to ensure that every American citizen is safe and enjoys the rights afforded to all of us.

GWEN: Now, about your own party. How do your personal experiences align with the goals and platform of the Democrats when they are confronted with this issue?

EVELYN: There is no platform or plank of our Party that references channelers. However, there is a plank dedicated to protecting minority groups from discrimination. For decades the Democrats have been the party of progress and social justice. Turning against channelers would be contrary to the mission of the modern Democratic Party, and I have every confidence that by the time we have our next Convention in 2048, protecting the rights of channeling minorities will be officially adopted as a core tenant of our party.

GWEN: And your leadership as well. Speaker Holden. Was he surprised you spoke?

EVELYN: Speaker Holden has been incredibly supportive of me and my political career over the past year and a half. I’m very grateful to all of the personal and professional assistance he’s given me.

GWEN: Come on now. Why’s he put you into such an influential position? Did he know about this?

EVELYN: No, of course not.

(taps her fingers) Until Mr. Brandon came forward with his abilities, I had no idea that I wasn’t the only person like me. It was a secret that I kept very close to the chest. I can only assume that Speaker Holden gave me so much responsibility because he saw potential in me as a politician, and that he appreciated my ability to convey our positions to our voters in a direct and honest manner through my Vlog.

GWEN: What do you think about the Speaker’s abilities to work with President Dawson? He hasn’t been thought of as Dawson’s biggest fan. Can they achieve bipartisanship where Channelers are concerned?

EVELYN: The two of them are very accomplished politicians and statesmen. I certainly hope that they can put whatever political differences they may have aside for the good of our country. America needs confident and compassionate leadership right now, and we can’t afford to squabble about semantics like children. Everyone - channeler and non-channeler alike - deserves to have full confidence that their government will protect them.

GWEN: One more thing. You got to show us something. You know. For the audience.


(finger tapping) I didn’t want to make a display of power, because I believe that progress is made through diplomacy and discourse, but…

GWEN: Come on. For America.

EVELYN: (she grins at Gwen)... I can tell that you won’t let me leave without something. Excuse me, it takes me a moment to concentrate.

(Pauses and bows her head)

This is one of my favorite tricks.

(Evelyn cups her hands together, and when she opens them, a single fluttering light appears, kind of like a firefly. It floats through the air between them like a bubble, before splitting off into two lights, slightly different colors. Eventually, more and more lights form, flickering in and out of existence like fireflies, each a slightly different shade of blue-white. Then, slowly they begin going out.)

EVELYN: How was that?

(a small smile blossoms on her face)

GWEN: (blinks, seems disoriented) I...I think this will be talked about for quite some time. Miss Avalon, thank you for being such a fantastic guest here at CNN Instant News. America, you saw it here first. Congresswoman Evelyn Avalon, Channeler Extraordinaire.


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