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Press Release
<td>[Image: vatican4.png]</td>
<td><big>Press Release
from the Press Office of the Holy See</big>

<td>[Image: vatican4.png]</td>

For Immediate Release
Contact: Marcello Esposito, Diocese of Public Relations

A Response to Revelations made by His Excellency, The Ascendancy, Nikolai Brandon

His Holiness Pope Patricus and the Holy See extend a warm and comforting hand toward all those who have been stricken with fear and uncertainty after the Ascendancy Nikolai Brandon's recent announcement.

Please be assured that Christ's love, as expressed through the ministrations of the Holy Ghost and through Mother Church, is with everyone throughout the earth regardless of their faith. The appearance of supernatural abilities that has manifested itself throughout the earth has beeen frightening to many.

His Holiness and the Holy See encourage all to see these things for what they are. Yet another example of the myriad wonders of the Lord God our Creator.

His Holiness and the Archbishops of the Holy See will continue to pray and to seek the guidance of the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Mother and of the Saints, as they try to discern the Church's new role in the coming years.

In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to reflect the Spirit of Christ our Savior in showing themselves humble and the servant of all, even as the Our Lord washed the feet of his Apostles while in his Incarnation. Whether low or high, gifted or the salt of the earth, we are but the fingers and hands of the one God who is over all and in all. There is no place for violence or hatred.

We would also extend this gentle reminder to The Ascendancy himself, who has shown through the words and actions of decades the continuing concern for the welfare of the CCD Empire in his heart. The Lord God did indeed call those he has placed in authority 'gods', but only in the most relative sense. It is the fervent hope of His Holiness and of the Holy See that The Holy Trinity and Blessed Mother continue to guide The Ascendancy to be a hand of stability and order to the world in the coming years.

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