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Melany Terrones – New Plans for Spiritual Retreat Centers in the CCD
Melany Terrones, famed head priestess of the Temple of the Goddess of the Moon has decided to make a pilgrimage to Moscow, much to her supporters dismay. This news comes right on the tail of Jet Terrones’ announcement that he would be quitting Red Hot Blues. Coincidence?

Having long been a proponent of the US joining the CCD, Ms. Terrones has decided to make a religious circuit of the CDD, starting with a six month visit to Moscow. The decision was also right on the heals of a harrowing experience for the young religious leader when some 50 members the KKK burned an effigy of a young woman on the front lawn of the Fort Worth temple where Ms. Terrones’ organization is located, and where she does most of her charitable works. The KKK have long accused the courageous young women of harboring channelers. The accusation has only once garnished a disgusted reply of “No es importa.” She has otherwise refused to address the matter.

When asked to comment on her departure from her temple so soon after the incident, Melany said she has no room in her heart for hatred and that she has no intention of endangering her charges by keeping them in an atmosphere of ignorance and barbarianism. Her mission plan had always included bringing the word of the Lady of Light to the rest of the world, and that these plans have actually been in the works for a few years now.

“I hope to bring the ways of the Goddess to the people living in the CCD. My mission here has come to its natural end. I hope the people in this community will support the temple, and with the help of Mrs. Dix, continue my work in spreading kindness and understanding and to help protect young women needing sanctuary.”

The Temple’s long time supporter, heiress Mildred Campbell Dix says she plans to continue Melany’s good works and while she is sad to see the younger woman go, understands her need to move on and spread the word. Mrs. Dix plans to keep the Temple running as it has been, the octogenarian adding that she will be “adding some serious security” and will “kick the craven asses of anyone fool enough to try to cross my line.”

Melany smiled fondly when asked about Mrs. Dix. “I will miss the time I am able to spend with Mrs. Dix who has always been such a staunch supporter and a good friend. But we’ll be communicating regularly and I have the utmost confidence that she will do a first rate job at keeping the Temple running and helping women in need.”

Melany’s decision to move her operations to Moscow comes on the heels of her brother’s sudden departure from the music industry. When he said he was done, he meant it and little has been seen of him since his announcement. When asked if Jet knew of her decision to move to Moscow she replied, “You know, I’m not sure if he knows. He never was one to read to the newspaper much …” and left it at that.

This reporter wishes Ms. Terrones great success in spreading her gospel of kindness and light and may her virtue and bravery be an example to all women.
Edited by Melany, Feb 22 2018, 10:15 PM.

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