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A Starting Path (Closed)
Aaliyah Zevros
[Image: 8dbbed0b5e9747bcf445f7a20f7de317.jpg]

The open air market was something most people would expect in Cairo. Shops sold food and other wares in the street. Things had gone back to being relatively normal for the people here despite the conflicts with the Al Janyar group.

Effectively, Al Janyar ran Egypt as well as several other North Eastern African nations. The so called military was unable to keep the group in check. Ibrahim was in charge in Egypt, and as his consort, Aaliyah had a significant influence in the government.

Of course, most people had no idea who she was. She was more like the puppeteer. She pulled strings and things happened. Ibrahim had the final say, but Aaliyah still had his ear. Often, her whisperings became a realization even if it didn't always go her way.

Ibrahim wasn't an ideal situation. Truth be told, Aaliyah didn't like him much, but sharing a bed with him got her what she wanted, and for now that was fine. Who could say how long the Al Janyar would keep his position. It was a tense situation and very little was needed for someone to rise against him within their own organization. It wouldn't matter to her. Another man would rise, and she'd wrap him around her finger as well.

Aaliyah still hated the situation. It was difficult for her to rise in this society. She was a woman in a man's world after all, so she made do. She had so much more potential, however, and craved more.

Today Aaliyah had left Ibrahim's side to get some fresh air. Walking around the market was always somewhat enjoyable. Growing up as an orphan, she had always marveled at the amount of stuff that was in these markets. Of course, that stuff usually ended up in her pockets.

Aaliyah had no need to steal anything anymore. She always got what she wanted, but still she practiced her thievery skills. If she was smart enough to take away another's property and they were stupid enough to not notice, then she deserved it.

Aaliyah looked at an item. A crystalline statue of a scorpion. Aaliyah smiled at it's beauty and waited patiently before pocketing the statue and leaving the area through an alleyway. Another successful thievery.
Giovanni had left Moscow shortly after his meeting with Jensen and the photographer woman. Staying in one place for too long had gotten to him. He was too used to movement for that. Giovanni still had money that he had taken from Luciano, and with that he had gotten a plane ticket on the first available flight with open seats. With the Ascendancy's announcement, he was willing to leave as well. Not out of fear, but he didn't want to become the Ascendancy's puppet - what else would registration be for?

That brought him to Cairo. He felt oddly at home in the desert environment. He was dressed fairly casually as he looked around the open market. People looked at wares with a careful eye as if deciding whether or not it would be worth the money to purchase. A woman caught Giovanni's eye. She moved carefully and with grace.

The woman looked around as if awed by the items, standing awhile to look at a crystalline statue of some sort. Giovanni smiled. He recognized the type. Giovanni had no desire to steal at this point, but he scouted the area with expert skill, looking to the casual observer as one who was examining wares. Finding the best escape route from the woman's location, Giovanni went to stand in the alleyway, leaning against the wall.

As expected, the woman came through soon. "Little thief,"
Giovanni said with a smirk.

The woman stopped and turned. She moved semi-seductively, trying to manipulate. "What are you going to do, turn me in?"

Giovanni recognized what she was trying to do. Doubtless she had some sort of weapon on her. He prepared the power just in case. "No,"
he said, not responding to her seductiveness. "Your technique needs work."

Anger flashed briefly in her dark eyes. She recognized him as a fellow thief now, but in a way he had insulted her.

"No insult intended. You're very good, but could be a lot better."

She paused, drawing her hand out of her pockets - yeah she was armed. "I've haven't been caught since I was a kid."

Giovanni smiled. "No? Well you are good at choosing escape routes, however, you linger too long - you admire your target too much. You give people a chance to see you and put together in their mind a face if something disappears. You do that, and you'll be unstoppable."

The woman became thoughtful. Giovanni had the feeling he had made a new ally, but he didn't trust her. If she was smart she wouldn't trust him. Thieves didn't trust one another.
Aaliyah Zevros
[Image: 8dbbed0b5e9747bcf445f7a20f7de317.jpg]

Aaliyah had been caught. Briefly the thief worried that she would get turned in, but even so, she would have likely been let off. Ibrahim would intervene. However, she decided to play with the man. Moving seductively, she spoke to him coyly as she reached for the knife she had hidden amongst her clothes.

"What are you going to do, turn me in?"

The man was either oblivious to her charms or ignored them. Instead he insulted her - telling her that her skill needed work. Heh - what did he know?

But it turned out he knew his thievery. He analyzed her theft and as Aaliyah thought about it, she knew he was right. She did linger too long. It wasn't something she had ever thought of, but it made sense. Aaliyah calmed down - at least a little - releasing the knife and drawing out her knife hand.

This man had things that he could teach her. She could become better and the idea itself was enticing. She had to know that he was worth it though. Knowing how to do something was different than doing it in practice.

"If you're so good - prove it."

The man smirked at her. "Fine - you choose the target."

Aaliyah smiled at him as she turned and led the way to another shop. The owner of this one was good at watching for thieves. Very few had stolen from him without getting caught. Of course, the stranger didn't know this. She would see if his words were more than just words.
Giovanni followed the woman through the streets and she led him to a shop. She nodded at him to let him know that this shop was his target. Giovanni smiled. He watched as the shop keeper looked around his store. This guy was good. She had led him here to truly test him, and that excited Giovanni.

Giovanni nodded and entered the store, looking like a normal patron. He examined the wares. It looked like a sort of antique shop. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to what he sold - it was really an assortment of different items. Perhaps it was a pawn shop. Giovanni noticed the lack of religious artifacts - perhaps due to the political climate in Egypt.

Giovanni didn't remain in one place at once. It was a fine line to walk looking at items enough to seem interested, but also not looking long enough to draw attention. There were a few people in the store, and Giovanni needed to blend in. Giovanni passed by one person as he slipped an item into his pocket. He continued to look for a minute before heading out of the store non-chalantly.

Giovanni met the woman outside and led her away from the shop. There was no worry in his step, it was just prudent not to remain around the scene of the crime long.

"Did you even take anything?"
she said, and Giovanni smirked, pulling out the item and tossing it to the woman.

She looked surprised for a moment and then smiled. "I could learn things from you."

Giovanni smiled. "I'd be willing to teach."

The woman held the item up - a small statuette of a jackel. "Can I keep this - as a momento."

Giovanni nodded and she pocketed it. The fact that she had asked showed a semblance of respect for Giovanni.

"Aaliyah - Aaliyah Zevros."
she offered her name.

"Giovanni Cavelli,"
he gave her his with a smile. The god had found his first servant.

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