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Coming Into Order
Aaliyah Zevros
[Image: 8dbbed0b5e9747bcf445f7a20f7de317.jpg]

Aaliyah had spent a lot of time with Giovanni. Ibrahim had noticed this, and Ibrahim was a jealous man. Aaliyah found herself not caring. Giovanni had more to offer than Ibrahim ever did. However, she was surprised when Giovanni had asked her to appease him. At first she had felt abandoned by Giovanni, but then she realized what he meant - keep your relationship with Ibrahim.

So she did. As his mistress, she was still granted some semblance of power in Al Janyar. Her meetings with Giovanni continued however. The man was an enigma. He held great power, but seemed to be holding back. Aaliyah had seen it. She had heard of these gods - and apparently her new companion was one. Why didn't he rule somewhere?

Aaliyah sensed a patience in his eyes. Perhaps he waited. Perhaps he already had followers. She had no idea. He was still a private individual. But he had summoned her. Summoned. He had used the word. Aaliyah had found herself obeying without question. Giovanni had drawn her in. It was unusual for her. She usually searched for what these things did for her, but she didn't. Not this time.
Giovanni felt that his time had come. Things were falling into place as he had wanted to. Aaliyah had been a god send. She was in the perfect position to help him get what he had wanted.

Ibrahim - Giovanni knew little of the man, but he know that Aaliyah's potential was wasted on him. She had been given some semblance of power. Ibrahim didn't know she had a leash tied to him, however, she didn't need to be a puppeteer. She could have control herself.

So Giovanni summoned her to him, and without question she had agreed. Giovanni had smiled at that. She was already passing his tests. In fact she had excelled at everything. It was why her potential was wasted under Ibrahim.

She arrived and stood, waiting for him to speak first. Interesting how she had deferred to him quickly. "Tell me about Ibrahim,"
He said without so much as a greeting.

Aaliyah shrugged. "He's the head of Al Janyar in Egypt. Probably the most powerful man in Egypt at this point."

"Do you respect him,"
Giovanni asked.

she replied almost immediately.


Silence permeated as Aaliyah formulated her words. "He's easy to manipulate. Flash him some tits and he's like putty in your hands."

Giovanni nodded. He had once been like that. He had been like that with Oriena, but things change. "Something you've used to your advantage...not just with him, but with others."

She nodded only. Giovanni continued. "You're wasted with him."

"I agree,"
She responded.

Giovanni smiled. He hadn't expected her to say that, but it was a good sign.

"Why do you ask about him,"
she continued.

Giovanni paused. She was curious. She revealed more of herself every time they met. "I'd like to meet him."

Aaliyah narrowed her eyes at him. "Why - he's nothing,"

Giovanni met her gaze and stepped forward. "Because someone like him doesn't deserve the station he has."

She didn't back down from him. Giovanni hadn't expected her to. "What are you planning?"

Giovanni smirked.
Giovanni followed Aaliyah into the Cairo Headquarters of Al Janyar. The building wasn't lavish. It was purely functional, which actually surprised Giovanni. Ibrahim, from what he had heard, had seemed like the type to flaunt his wealth.

They stopped shortly after entering. "So what's the plan?"

Giovanni looked at her. "You'll speak for me."

"What do I say?"

Giovanni smirked. "You'll know what to say."

Aaliyah led him straight though to the dining room, where Ibrahim was eating lunch with his advisors. There were six men in the room and they all looked towards the door as they entered. Giovanni let Aaliyah enter first.

"Ah! My dear, please join us," Ibrahim, Giovanni assumed said. "Who's this?"

Aaliyah remained calm as she spoke. "Your time has ended Ibrahim."

"So you have found a new patron. Kill them both." he waved a hand at the man next to him.

Giovanni had already been working, preparing the air weaves to tie the men down to their chairs. The man Ibrahim had pointed to couldn't stand and the others struggled as they felt themselves tied to the chair.

Ibrahim, who Giovanni had left untied stood and went for his weapon. Giovanni used fire to heat the metal in the pistol and Ibrahim dropped it as Giovanni stuffed his mouth with air.

Ibrahim struggled as Giovanni stood staring at him. Aaliyah looked to Giovanni for guidance. He met her gaze and then looked at her former lover. She approached Ibrahim, pulled out her knife and killed him.

"Please," another said. "We'll serve you. Promise.

Aaliyah moved towards him next, but stopped when Giovanni raised a hand. Giovanni walked towards the table, picked up Ibrahim's gun - a silenced .45 and placed it on the table in front of the man.

Aaliyah was very intuitive. "Words are weak. Prove it."

As she did, Giovanni released his bonds. The other men pleaded with their former colleague as he made up his mind and shot each one in turn.

"Thank you...I will serve faithfully. I have served Allah and Al Janyar for years."

Giovanni met his gaze and for the first time since entering the room spoke. "Allah is dead."

As he spoke, he used another air weave to pull the gun up so he was aiming it at his head. Using another thread of air, he pulled the trigger.

Aaliyah waited for a moment. "So you've ousted him. What's next and what's my role?"

"Every god needs a priest."
Giovanni said with a smirk. "You know the organization well. Find those who can consolidate my power to be my advisers. Preferably those will military experience."

"As you wish,"
She said with a bow. "Do you want me to seduce them or what?"

"That's up to you - just make it happen."

She bowed again and then exited leaving Giovanni alone with the corpses.


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