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The Evil Egyptian Overlord
Giovanni didn't see many people. With the exception of Aaliyah, he saw almost no one. Aaliyah alone knew his name as well. An air of mystery surrounded him and in some way that help draw people into this change that had surrounded their local branch of Al Janyar.

One exception was the man in the room with them. Giovanni didn't remember his name. All he really needed was the man's title anyone. He was a Captain that had served Ibrahim. He helped organize the troops for Al Janyar in Egypt. Now he was one of Giovanni's advisers.

"Overall, things are going well. There were a few dissenters. They have been appropriately dealt with."

Giovanni nodded. Aaliyah stood at his side as always. She was after all his voice. Most of the time he didn't speak to those who came to him. The Captain was an exception.

he said. "The troops will need to be prepared. They will go on a trip with my Priestess. We need to secure the other branches of Al Janyar."

The Captain looked perplexed. "I don't understand?"

Giovanni showed no emotion on his face. "For too long has this group not lived up to its potential. Fragmented leaders who have long feuded with each other. I will bring them together - and in that way, we will see our goal."

"We don't have enough - not enough to go abroad and protect our interests here."

Giovanni nodded. "Then we must find more - begin recruiting. Dismissed."

The man bowed his head and left.

"A scientist wanted to see you today - an archaeologist as a matter of fact."
Aaliyah said after he left.

Giovanni looked at her quizzically. "Why?"
Giovanni absentmindedly opened a book and began perusing it's pages.

"He worked for Ibrahim. Dr. Pierce is his name. Ibrahim was obsessed with finding rare items. For his prestige. He wanted to know if you wanted him to continue digging."

A picture caught Giovanni's eye. For reasons unknown, the image struck a chord within him. "What is this?"
Giovanni said, pointing at the picture.

"The Eye of Horus,"
she answered. "An ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health, I believe."

Giovanni smiled. "Yes - tell your Dr. Pierce to keep working. And anything he finds with this symbol should be brought to me immediately."

Aaliyah bowed as she turned. "As you command."

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Reports. It was the worst thing about running a group of people. Everyone had reports. The Captain had stuck out feelers and had found a few more troops. It wasn't enough. Giovanni needed more. After he got more of the Al Janyar leaders to his side, it would work out fine, it was just getting that started that was the problem.

Dr. Pierce kept researching and digging, but he had yet to find much of value. A few trinkets here and there, but nothing with the Eye of Horus on it. Giovanni had no idea why the symbol attracted him so much.

Aaliyah worked hard, giving him any information she thought might be important, and so far, he had not seen her today. That in itself was unusual. Giovanni's paranoia was beginning to set in as she wasn't sticking to her usual routine.

Sure enough, it was at that moment she entered. "I have news."

Giovanni pushed aside his paranoia and frustration at her tardiness. "What is it?"

She smiled. "News of people like you. Former shamans and the like that were pushed aside because of their strange abilities."

Giovanni smiled at that. "Outcasts looking for allies. Do you think you can recruit them."

Aaliayah grinned. "Hopefully. They could serve as my guard as I travel. A few of them would alleviate the need for more common soldiers."

Giovanni nodded. "Work you magic, High Priestess."

She bowed and exited to do as her master commanded. With more channelers at his side, this would go well.

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