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The radio played loud guitar riffs in the background with screaming voices over top. It wasn't what Ilesha called music but it was what Rick was fond of and it was Rick's shop. Ilesha sat across the seat of a new intake - the bike was goregous, the chrome was perfectly polished, the paint job was buffed to a perfect shine, but most importantly it was well taken care of. Everything about the machine was perfect - it was in for it's three month maintenance - like it was every three months.

Danny was not your regular joe who owned bikes, Danny was a collector - but this one he loved - he rode it every weekend. Ilesha knew when Danny pulled into the garage, the hum was perfect. One day maybe Danny would let her take it for a spin.

The radio blurted out the breaking news beeps that alerted the world to changes - usually weather related but this one wasn't. The tyrant across the sea - one Nikolia Brandon was giving yet another one of his famed speeches. Ilesha rolled her eyes - the man was too powerful for his own good and should be taken down a notch. Someday someone would - but really it wasn't Ilesha's concern - at least not until the moment he declared magic real.

Sure Ilesha had heard of Nicholas Trano and his declaration of magic. The entire current event thing had been the only talk around the dinner table for months after it's end. Ilesha didn't really care - it wasn't mechanical in nature but magic - she knew magic. The very man she'd disliked was now kin. A man like herself. It wasn't surprising to hear really - it explained so much of history and how this man looked as good as he did for his age.

Ilesha had graduated having had to take a history class which covered current events and of course their enemy Ascendancy was part of the curriculum but now she saw so many things that could be explained by one word - magic.

The sickness linked to magic. Magic people like herself were about to become targets. The world was about to become a boiling pot of rage and fear. Ilesha tried to tune everything out - she wasn't going to out herself by reacting to the news. Fear and anger were going to rip the world apart. It always did. There had to be something she could do about it. It would just take time to think of a solution that worked for her.

Ilesha was sitting at home working on her own project. She was humming along to the radio when an announcement came over the waves. "Ascendancy's display of power is all over the news..." A display of power?

Ilesha quickly got up from her makeshift workbench in her bedroom. Living with her parents still had been only a minor inconvenience. Everyone was so busy with their own thing no one bothered the other. In the livingroom her family were fixated on the screens in front of them. Ilesha leaned over her mother's shoulder and watched as buildings melted and shifted into new things. It was such a display of his magic potential that Ilesha stood in awe. "I want to see that in person."

It would have been impressive in person to witness the formation like she had on the screen, but that was an impressive peice of work and Ilesha had to see it. "I'm going to Moscow, mother. I don't know when I'll be back."

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