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Much Too Fast
Landing in JFK airport as Nikki was something different. In the restroom of the airport Ayden pulled a blonde wig on and removed the flame colored contacts and flushed them down the toilet. Ayden Hayes was dead... She would see to it. Connor might not like it, but they had to make this look real. And a body was the only way to do it.

Ayden and Connor Kent would die in New York. The pieces had already been set in motion. In two days time, their bodies would be found in a burning car. A high paid hacker modified dental records to the bodies - there would be no doubt that these two charred bodies where them. They would be dead.

It wasn't the first time Ayden had had to fake a death to clean up after herself. Entrenching yourself in one place for too long was bad - and this had been one of those things that was bad... the Atharim had found her. How she wasn't sure? Why was obvious but how... maybe she should look into that.

The last leg of their trip was uneventful.

They would stay in a hotel for a few weeks while they searched for whatever it was they wanted in life. The first step had been handled. But now they had to find that new life - one together, married ... she still couldn't believe that they had skipped everything else. There was no wedding planned. It was surreal.

Their room had a small kitchenette in it and Ayden wanted to make dinner instead of eating from the restaurant below or getting room service or take out. A home cooked meal - like the first time they'd met. The grocery store was her first stop. She wanted to go alone. She had told Connor that she wanted to be Nikki alone for once. Nikki wasn't pressed tight to her husband she was a strong independent woman like she was - she could go grocery shopping by herself.

She needed it.

The wandering of the grocery aisle was an interesting experience. It had been a while since she'd been back in the States and in what she remembered from her childhood. Everything was still the same yet slightly different around the world. It felt good to be home.... Right up until the moment she saw her mother picking up an orange in the produce section. Ayden froze. The thought that she might run into her mother was a decent thought in theory, but not that it was happening Ayden was ready to flee.

Her heart was racing. Her palms were sweating. This was not how she wanted this new life to be. What if she recognized her daughter who was supposed to be dead... No this was the wrong thing to do. Her family deserved to be happy to be unconnected to her in every form and fashion - she believed that with all her heart. The Atharim would kill them too... No she wouldn't stay.

Ayden left the cart in the middle of the aisle and left out the grocery door. They would leave San Antonio now... She couldn't do this... She didn't want to do this. Connor would have to understand. If he didn't .... she couldn't do this.


Ayden entered their hotel room in a flurry and rushed to the drawers she had unpacked. "We need to go. I can't do this."
Ayden started packing her things back into her bags. She couldn't stay here, not with her family so close - she wouldn't.

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