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"Are we there yet?" The age old question. And if most parents thought it was bad, try it from a 6 year old who could say it in 3 languages. "No, Zoe, we are not there yet. Now, what number are you on?" Nadia heard a sigh from her daughter out of the backseat and soon heard the steady thud thud tap of little fingers dancing across a plex-screen. "Nine." "Good, only ninety-one to go then." The next sigh wasn't quiet, but after that the car was for a while.

Transferring cities mid-term was chaotic to say the least for little Zoe, but when the job called, you answered, especially with the promise of promotion. Not to mention that a move to the Central Dominance could only increase their possibilities. Nadia wasn't sure if Moscow was really a city for children, but their new apartment was a ways outside of town in what everyone assured her was a good area, Papa included.

Yes, even now Nickolas Solokov had his grubby fingers dug into his daugther's and grandaughter's lives. While usually it was for the better, there was still fresh stinging bitterness, like a spray of salt water to the eye when she thought of what her father had put her through. But at least he still stayed in touch. Mother hadn't spoken to her since the move to Prague.

No use crying over spilled milk, though. She had started her own life, and she was proud of the life that she had built mostly with her own two hands. She was employed and her daughter was receiving a good education, staying ahead of her class, and they still had time on the weekends to be a family.

All roads lead to Moscow. The truth of the old adage could be confirmed by any GPS, but it seemed to be true for Nadia as well. The last time she had lived in Moscow, she was just toddling around. She only had a very few memories of the city, mostly memories of their old home and the playground. She remembered falling and scraping her knee and a boy who smiled nicely at her and told her it would be okay before mom had swooped in and pushed him aside.

Nadia checked the clock. 14:22. She had hoped to make it to Minsk tonight, but it didn't look like that was going to happen. Still they could stay in Baranavichy for the night before pressing on tomorrow.

"Are we there yet?" Oh here we go again. "No, not yet, Zoe. Look, see that sign? What does it say?" There was a pause then "Moss-cow Eighy" Nadia suppressed a chuckle. "They call it Moscow, not Moss Cow, sweetie. But that means it won't be much longer."

Nadia saw Zoe's dark head bob a couple of time in the Crossroad's mirror then her brow furrowed for a moment. "I dunno, Mom, 80 seems pretty big to me!" Nadia shook her head. Yes, eighty was pretty big, but considering that they had already gone almost 2,000km on this trip, 80 more felt like nothing.

Soon enough, they were turning down a side road. As promised, the area didn't seem too industrialized, but was built up enough as to not feel secluded. The studio apartment that she had the key to was small, but nice, and she found herself thinking that maybe this move would be even better than she had first thought. "Home Sweet Home"

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