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Sierra had been in a daze for days. She had lost her best friend and the only thing on her mind was what to do about it. She had no family in Moscow, the wolves in the distance only made her sad. Sierra thought about going home to see her parents. But even that thought made Sierra sad. She really didn't want to do anything. Even her passion for photography was waning. Everything seemed darker with out Snow.

She missed the way he would nuzzle her awake in the morning. The way Snow always sent her messages that were fully appropriate for a wolf, but made Sierra blush. She missed everything about Snow. He'd been with her a very long time. He was family!

Sierra decided she'd wander the wilderness for a while. She wanted to be away from people, away from their treachery. She disliked humanity! There was no balance in the world of humans. It was better to live in the hole in the ground bunker her father had built than to live among men.

She took her things, her bow, her camera. Always her camera. She took only the barest of necessities. But that was all she really owned anyway. Sierra told her land lord she was leaving and he could rent the place again. She wasn't expecting to be back soon.

Sierra set off to the outside world. Leaving Moscow behind, leaving humanity behind.

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This time Sierra left the city. She didn't look back until Moscow was just a blip on the horizon. Now that there was nothing around Sierra hopped the fence and headed off into the wilderness. Her bow, her camera and whatever she could carry with her, that was all she needed.

Sierra sent images out into the woods, asking for permission, hoping for a pack, but not caring whether she found one or not. She could sense a few, none were close, the familiar sense was depressing. Snow was gone and now she traveled alone.

It was cold, Sierra's feet were the first to feel the dangers of frost bite. She stopped under a pine tree and built a small fire to get warm. It was probably best to find someplace warmer for the night, but she didn't have much choice as the sky darkened, and snow began to fall. She sighed and pulled out a smoked jerky she'd made of the deer they had killed a while back. She was thankful for that memory but it all hurt.

Sierra dozed with the small fire going to a smoldering coal and the snow falling. Right now it didn't matter if she woke in the morning or not.

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Sierra woke less refreshed than she had gone to sleep. The dream had been unexpected but now it was light and she had to move on. She shook the memories from her head and got here things together and headed back into the woods. She'd lived like this most of her life. The snow in the forest was less than those in the clearings, Sierra tried to stick to the forest. It was safer too, in the long run.

She sent out her senses, looking for wolves. She could sense a few, but other than that she was pretty much alone. Just what she wanted.

Sierra trekked through the snow, stopping when she found a cave to rest and warm by a small fire. She missed Snow, he was her constant companion since she found him as a pup. Sierra tried not to cry, but the tears slowly began to fall from her eyes as the memories flooded her mind, the images dancing in the flames of the fire.
Sierra wandered for days, and weeks. Sierra had lost all track of human time. She had no pattern, no reason for her movements. Her only goal, to avoid humanity. Her senses and the outlying wolves helped greatly.

It was because of humans her brother was dead, and now her beloved Snow was lost to the hands of poachers. She killed the men who had killed snow. The deaths weighed heavy on her soul, as did the sorrow of her lost friend. She still could not forgive Calvin for his jumping in. But she knew it hadn't been his fault anymore than it had been hers or Snow's. Wrong place wrong time, but that knowledge didn't make things any easier.

Sierra found sanctuary in a wayward pine. Her small fire keeping her warm, and the furs she'd hunted herself now kept her warm in the blustery mountain air. It was like when she'd been with Snow before Moscow, now, now she was alone, and the bitter cold stung to her bones as she drifted off to sleep.

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Continued from Covered in Snow

Sierra woke with a sense of quiet about her. One that had not been there for since Snow had passed on. She had seen her friend. And she'd seen Calvin, though she was not sure the purpose of the dreaming had been, she felt better now.

She warmed by the fire and ate a small breakfast before she was headed off into the wilderness again. This time not to find peace, but to find wolves. To make a home with them, to do what she loved. Take pictures of life as a wolf. To be one with them for a short period of time before she sought out humanity again. Sought out what it meant to be human. But for now, Sierra was content with knowing Snow lived on in the dream. And she could see him when she slept. It was a small consolation prize, but it would have to do, at least Snow was not gone forever.

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