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To Rise with the Moon
She awoke.

Rajani Misra stretched her arms and scratched the sleepiness from her eyes. Her room had windows overlooking the harbor and sea. A room a british man had offered for her to stay in for however long she liked. A smile wisped across her face at that thought, men seemed so easy to convince of such things. Her dark obsidian eyes took in the scene of the sun beginning to set along the horizon in the west. The last glimmers of sunlight made her caramel skin grow duskier and painted a silhouette around her gentle curves.

The sky outside held the clash of fleeting colors among the clouds as the pure yellow slid away give rise to a flash of bright red; the sea greens of the sea and brown of the docks faded and faded of their tranquil colors; the slivers of blue were swept away as the white clouds turned grey; and the sun finally succumbed to the horizon. Above the ocean now in the darkening landscape outside, the singular orb reflecting pale light down shined above before the stars had time to reveal themselves. This was the time of the moon and Rajani had learned enough to know the ability it offered her.

Most days she slept during the later part in the day. The daytime hours had less to offer her and her dreams…well that was a part of the gift. Six years ago she had found herself able to have Waking Dreams. A world similar to the physical one, but of dreams and seemingly of dreamers. She had been too curious too quick in that world. Lack of caution had found her chased by nightmarish creatures in situations that felt too real for a dream. Eventually she learned to control this. And once she had control, confidence grew. More and more, the secrets behind these gifts would reveal themselves.

There would have to be names. She thought leaving the bedroom to head towards the modern living room. The british man was wealthy somehow and normally lived in Britain. All the better for her. Rajani had begun to think of herself as a witch. Not because of the Waking Dreams, although they were a part of it. More because of the other gift. The one given to her directly by the moon. When she was sixteen, it had first been there. A River of Magic. It was weak then. But has grown, every day it seemed to grow more powerful. And it was only through the moon, only at night that Rajani could embrace the River of Magic.

Turning on a laptop, Rajani closed her eyes. There were Taoist practices, her father’s religion, that dealt directly with such rivers of life such as the River of Magic took on, “Water is one of Lao Tsu's principle symbols for the Tao...He who lives the Tao acts in his life and dealings as water acts in nature. Water does not resist, yet it conquers all; it is tasteless - suggesting the invisibility of the Tao - yet life-giving. It moves through all that lives and in movement remains clear and pure. It is supple, flexible, and humble; it does not compete.”

And so Rajani embraced the River of Magic, feeling the pure pleasure of the moon’s blessing coursing through her. It had taken her some time to identify the various currents within the River of Magic. There was Fire and Earth, though both seemed more difficult to grasp when she attempted to. Water and Wind worked better to her cooperation. And the last was something she suspected would be the Void, but her four years of puzzling had given her little surety in all this. There was still some she had been able to uncover though and she spent many nights trying to master what she knew, while also having trials at what she could only fathom.

Still embracing the River of Magic, Rajani’s eyes of pools of midnight glanced across her screen as she searched for something. This gift making her into a witch could not have only touched her, there had to be others. In many days past she had heard rumors and discussion, random people speaking of magic and even a video but few centralized. Few that she could go to. She had to learn much and more about these abilities, had to uncover all of their secrets.


A man there claiming to use magic. A survivor of the Sickness. Calling for those like him to rally to him. Rajani pursed her lips, a fool. Like to be dead months before she would arrive, but the attention he would bring upon himself might give opportunity. She would have to be subtle, have a plan, but all this would need to be sorted from much closer. Glancing around the rich apartment that was not her own, she decided such elegance could be found elsewhere too. And a journey to Moscow perhaps could provide her with the knowledge she desired.

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