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A Wind Stirs
Rajani Misra had taken the train from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City. It was not the location she sought, that would be Moscow. But it was the best way for her to travel. A plane would need identification, something Rajani had never been inclined to offer. Especially as the most known River of Magic user, in her estimation, was a wanted terrorist. The train went from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City to Beijing to Moscow. Not a straightforward path or a short trip compared to the ease of flight, but she had dealt with worse in the past.

It was daytime. Only a few short hours before the moon’s rising, but Rajani had wanted to at least walk around the city. Even if it was briefly, while she was temporarily there. It was good to feel the sun as well, even if it felt of betrayal. Before leaving Malaysia, she had not in truth ever been to a city and now she had been to two in just a few days. Granted her stay in Bangkok was short, her stay here would be even shorter. Rajani did not like for it to be noted about her failings though and would much prefer seeming to have much experience with great cities than none. Short ventures like this would make it all the more easier to pass off being knowledgeable.

Rounding to enter a park within the city, there were trees and flowers maintained to look wonderful along the shaded path. There were chants coming from a clearing and open grass area. She supposed it was a rally of some sort, but could not be concerned with the politics of Vietnam anymore. Rajani wondered for a moment if it was still called Vietnam within the CCD. It was a realization of knowing she knew too little of it all. That would need to be corrected.

Shaking her head, Rajani stood in the background and listened as a speaker went on with speakers reverberating his voice. The man spoke of unity and greater purpose of seeing the message within the muddled mess. Rajani was not truly interested in the religious speech, but something held her there as if she should at least make note of it. The man went on, “The world is united and embracing the path. But the True Path is the lesson all religions speak of. The True Path that was given to us to be exemplary, to be what humanity can be. All we must do is embrace it. This light given to us is more remarkable than…

Rajani was interested of a sort. Not in the religious nonsense, that was droll. But in the opportunity these fools did not realize they had. The CCD would look to unite cultures and create bonds throughout their empire. Before long they may have invented such a religion themselves to do so, or maybe they already had? An interesting though, but not one she believed. It was too small scale and too shoddily done for the government to be backing it, even underhandedly. The government would have seen to more press being in attendance at the least.

No, these were just fools who may actually believe their drivel. It did not matter so much to Rajani, but she was interested in the potential influence this could lead towards. Once the government did catch wind of an unifying religion, they may very well support it whole hardily. And at that point whatever leader came forward for this religious movement would have the ear of the CCD. An interesting thing to keep an eye on.

Her obsidian eyes captured those standing before the crowd. It was not a large gathering, nor were many on the impromptu stage. But Rajani was sure to remember each of their faces in case they ever became noteworthy. Not a good chance, but still a chance. With that, she continued on. Her next train would be departing in only a few hours, then she would be in Beijing. A step closer to Moscow and finding out about the River of Magic. Closer to learning how to be stronger with it.

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