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Ricky took a deep breath. He hadn't felt nervous until now waiting at the gate of Damien Oakland's estate. There were guards stationed on the outside. It was something he had anticipated. As he walked, he pulled out a picture of Marta at the zoo. He was doing this for her and all those like her. The picture gave him courage.

Ricky approached the guards, standing tall. He exhaled the breath he had taken and waited for the guards to acknowledge his presence. "My name is Enrique Salguero. I'm requesting to see Señor Oakland. Camila Muñoz sent me here."

Ricky had a brief meeting with Camila. The discussion led to this. Apparently she worked for Oakland and now Ricky was hoping to do the same. If the guards decided to check for weapons, they would find Ricky unarmed. If the rumors were true, then Ricky didn't want to in any way appear to be a threat. Besides, he wasn't here to harm Damien anyways. He was here to discuss a partnership.

(Camila with permission)
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Three days were lost. Three days.

He had been told death's fingers had crept close. Damien had laughed at that. Death was a petulant child who grasped at far more than he could handle. The Light had sustained him and the doctors were amazed at the speed of his recovery.

The light of his communication device lit up. A guest to see him. His muscles ached, but he rose to view the widened screen that displayed the live footage from the mansion's gate.

Damien stared at the image of the man for a moment before answering. If Camila had sent him, he deserved an audience at the least.

"Escort him to the audience chamber,"
he spoke. His voice was tinged with a rasping pain that grated on his nerves. "Use the usual procedures."


The guard received Oakland's command with a terse nod. Gesturing with his rifle, a dozen armed men fell into a circular formation behind him.

"Alright, Enrique, you're coming with us."
His eyes were hard with suspicion. The guards had not liked the Mockingbird incident and took it upon themselves to tighten their watch. "Don't try anything stupid."

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The guards moved in a semi circle behind him and one gestured for him to move on giving him instructions not to do anything stupid. Ricky nodded his understanding and followed. He wasn't going to start anything.

Ricky followed the guards through the mansion, and Ricky's eyes wandered. He'd never seen the inside of a mansion before. It was quite impressive.

Ricky was led to a large chamber and He got his first sight of Oakland. The man had a sense of power around him. Ricky raised his hands slightly, his fingers open to show he was unarmed. "Señor Oakland,"
he said with a nod of respect.

Ricky wasn't 100% sure what else he wanted to say. He stayed quiet only a moment before continuing. "I'm an associate of Camila Muñoz. She instructed me to come here. I know your time is valuable, so I'll get straight to the point. If you truly want to help the Mexican people, I'd like to offer my services to you. I have skills and resources that may be of assistance."

Ricky moved his hands back down, keeping them slow to not make any threatening motion. Ricky truly believed he could be of service. Especially if the rumors are true.

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Damien seated himself in an upright position, careful to avoid any movement that would have his wounds flair. For this purpose he surrounded himself with the Light.

The room was simple compared the ones Gamez richly adorned. The floor was cut from white and emerald marble and the walls naked, but sleek. The table separating the two of them was heavy dark timber and two bookcases of the same flanked Damien, the gaps between books filled with plants or small trinkets.

"Welcome, Enrique," Damien said, his voice resonating with power the Light and the acoustics of the room. "Camila does not trust easily, and she would not waste my time, but any man or woman who wishes to create a greater Mexico is welcome. What skills and resources do you speak of?"

It was not his usual approach but pain afforded him no luxury.
Ricky nodded his head after the man spoke in acknowledgement of his words. The man's voice boomed with authority. Whether that was from natural charisma, his rumored powers, or in Ricky's head was still up for debate. It could be any combination of the three.

"I run a bar in the city right now, but along with that, I've also had another job."
Ricky said, wondering if the guy would actually believe. "There are things in this world - spoken of in myth and legend that actually exist. I'm part of a brotherhood that has fought these creatures for centuries."

Ricky paused for a moment, considering his words carefully. "Before I had a bar, I was a gunslinger for a traveling show. As a result I'm an excellent shot, and my position within this organization has been as a hunter of those creatures. I have a level head in difficult situations."

Ricky paused for a longer amount of time. He pulled out Marta's picture and looked at it again, giving him the courage to do what he needed to do. This could be bad for him. "There are rumors about you Señor Oakland. Rumors that you can do extraordinary things. These rumors often reach the ears of those in the Atharim - that is what this society is called. The Atharim will decide to determine if the rumors are true and if they are, they will come after you.

Ricky was certain that the guards would probably tense up. "Power corrupts is what the idea is. I don't agree with that. You've done more for this country in a short time than my brotherhood has done in centuries. I offer you my services as a gunman and as a double agent for the Atharim. I'll report whatever you want me to and will inform you if they are chasing you. You will know them by their calling card."
Ricky lifted the sleeve of his shirt, revealing the red, green, and gold ouroboros tattoo. "The snake eating it's own tail - the ouroboros. Stylized differently, but always on the left forearm."

He approached, unconcerned about the guards, but he held up his hands showing he wasn't armed and handed the picture to Damien. "That is Marta. A girl I rescued from a Nuevo Leon brothel. She's twelve. I would do anything to protect her and prevent others from going through what she went through. I know you probably won't trust me yet, but I want to help you. Let me join you."

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Damien showed no sign of surprise or disbelief because he felt nothing of Enrique's claims. He listened without stirring, his deep eyes penetrating and his mouth drawn in a pensive line.

At the end of the man's spiel, Damien placed his knuckles on the table and pushed himself up to his full hight. "Extraordinary claims,"
he said in a neutral voice. "A traitor to one master could easily turn on another."
Damien did not demand an answer.

Damien drew upon the Light and with a simple pattern produced a jagged spear of fire held out in front of him; his hands did not burn. "Rumour often holds a grain of truth, but rumours do not know a tenth of what I could do."

Damien edged around the table at a relaxed - if a little stiff - pace. "I do happen to agree on one thing your friends declare. Power corrupts. But it is not the power of this,"
he motioned to the jagged flame, "it is something far more primitive."

Damien shook his head, not bothering to elaborate. "You speak of true monsters. The ones you hunt. Tell me, are there any in Mexico? You can prove your claims by showing me one of these monsters. I will help you hunt it."
Enrique's expression didn't change as the power was used in front of him. Ricky couldn't say that he expected it, but at the same time he wasn't surprised. The said more than words ever could.

Damien wasn't afraid of Ricky - not that Ricky expected otherwise. Damien had given Ricky proof of the rumors about him, and he did so knowing full well that Ricky was a member of an organization that hunted his kind. He wasn't afraid of Ricky, and he wasn't afraid of the Atharim.

What did surprise Ricky was asking to go on a hunt. "There are, and that is acceptable to me. Allow me to fetch my arms and we can go."
Damien's lips turned up into a small smile. "Excellent." He spoke to the guards. "I will need six of you - volunteers, if some do not wish to see what is better left in tales. You will accompany Enrique and he will advise you on provisions and arms that will be necessary. Comply with his requests."

The pain was present, but Damien did not notice it, caught up in the moment. He was about to confront a 'monster', a creature of darkness and whispers that men feared and these Atharim hunted to keep the world safe. Or he was about to be betrayed by a very bold man.

Both prospects were equally welcomed.
Ricky nodded to the man and helped the volunteers pick out weapons and other equipment such as medical kits and the like. The men were soldiers, and he didn't doubt their courage, but they were going to fight things out of legends, he thought the men could likely handle themselves, but at the same time, they were fighting an unfamiliar foe.

The guards followed Damien's order to the letter - taking what he recommended in such situations. Firearms with extra ammunition and medical kits in case anyone got injured. Communication devices would help them stay in contact with one another and plan the attack. He recommended combat knives in case something came in close. He also recommended Night vision googles or Land Warriors in case they were in the dark. The creature they were going after liked dark places.

Ricky was actually pretty excited about this. It was quite the opportunity for him to fight next to Damien. Ricky began to speak. "The creatures we hunt are called Dreykan. They have superior eyesight, are quick and feed on blood. Their claws are sharp so be careful if they get in close. They look human except for their nearly translucent skin and large irises. They are very susceptible to bright lights - flashlights on rifles might be a good idea as well. These ones can be killed as any man can, but they are fast and clever beings."
Ricky paused and turned to Damien. "Any questions?
Damien listened to Enrique with interest as he described the creature they were hunting.

"I have no questions. Lead the way, I will be safe. My abilities give me an advantage,"
Damien gave Enrique a broad smile. "Perhaps they make me as great a monster as your Dreykan."

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