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Cuz if you don't care, we don't care
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Roman Mordvinov

It took a little while before little mudak finally got sprung. Spetzel leaned on the right people. And his guys leaned a little harder. Moscow was in turmoil over his Royal Douchbag's little trick out at the square. People were scared shitless, running around with their pants around their ankles and dicks hanging out just hoping not to get fucked.

What was one little prick falling through the cracks in all that? This was on Roman for now. Pops was letting him take point on this. Bout goddamn time. He'd been on the back burner too long. Always having to step back and watch some asshole or other head up some mission while he sat at home holding his junk. Well someone did anyway. A few someones. He laughed to himself. He did have a thing for dark skin and those liquid brown eyes. Fyodor ran a nice place and always had the best girls for him.

So anyway, where was he? Oh yeah. Little proya. Yuri. Who seemed to be TAKING HIS TIME getting dressed in his new digs. Fucking primadonna. He went to the bedroom they had given him and pounded on the door. "Come on, fuck-face!! Or I'm gonna leave and you can stay at home and stare at the pope all by yourself!! Just make sure you washed that prison-shit smell off of you."

He went back to the chair and sat down. Wine and dine. That's what he had to do. Fucking proya seemed cool for all of it. Prolly didn't need much. But if he had the recipe for cooking up the blue, they were golden. Gotta tie him to us. That's all. Make him family.

He glanced over at the cabinet. Inside were some tasty treats for before they headed out on the town. They'd hit up a club or strip joint or whatever. Show they guy what it meant to Mordvinov. Who knew? Maybe even run into a Kolomov. He missed stomping with Bas. The fucker usually went off. He raised his glass of rum, ice clinking the sides, and poured out a few for his fallen brother, other hand a first pounding his chest in salute. Arkady was too much of a pussy to go out with, him and that cock-sucker Karl. Only the memory of Bas left Arkady a place with a goon, pretty much.

Not the brightest tool in the parking lot.

He checked his black onyx watch again and waited. At least he had a drink, though.
Yuri threw away the empty can of piss warm beer he'd manage to filch on the way to the shower. Being sprung was nice, but already the familiar itch to get high was settling over him like a bedbug bite in between his shoulder blades. All he wanted to do was scratch it. What use was being free if he couldn't enjoy it? He looked around the bedroom and found some markers, and pulling the cap off, took a big whiff.

That's when Brodyagi pounded on the door. Guy was an impatient bitch. Still Yuri reasoned he'd better keep the guy happy. "Hold on Bro, I'll be right there,"
he shouted back. He smelled himself. Probably smelled the best he'd had since he left his do-gooder parents. Nah, no prison stink.

Yeah, people always thought Yuri was stupider than he really was. There was no way Brodyagi was going through this much trouble getting Yuri out and getting him threads unless there was something he could get back in return. Just like Mudak. Until he learned what it was, he didn't trust the guy. He took another big whiff from the markers. His head fuzzed out and he tried to grab the power. Nothing. He hated feeling this unprotected. Oh well. Yuri grabbed the jacket and put it on. A nice treated leather jacket. Good in case he got blood on it.

Yuri came out the room. "Alright Bro I'm good to go,"
he said as he came down the hall. Brodyagi was looking down at his watch and drinking something. Vodka? Rum? Something hard. The itch intensified. Maybe he had good dope or something. . "Nice. Got something to spare for a guy who just got out of the joint and wants to really party?"
He'd get his hands on something fast anyway, but Brodyagi probably knew how things went. You couldn't spring a guy and not hook him up, after all.

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Roman Mordvinov

Proya came out and look better than before. Course anything woulda been better than the CCD prison duds in the bright pink. That was a real fashion statement there. Prolly some psyops bullshit reason to make the prisoners dress in that fashion, but fucked if he'd know.

Anyway, guy came out and was good to go. Almost. Wanted some candy. Roman got that. No fun going out without something to make the night special. He took a swig of his rum and put it on the table before getting up and heading to the cabinet. He liked the the warmth that blanketed his brain as he walked. From within he pulled out a few baggies and some containers of powder and dropped them on the table. Another pass pulled out some of the various accouterments- lighter, spoon, strap, some needles, a bong, whatever he'd need. He also nodded at the bar.

"Let's tear some shit up, bro. Nice club down the street where we can find some trouble. There's some good China White there, though I tend to take it without the needle. Don't like the track marks. Some Shaolin Sleep and Green Monster. That's it for now. Load up if you want."

But he paused, fixing the guy with a stair. It was like giving a starving man a banquet. "We didn't just break you out because we thought you were handsome. You're smart enough to know that this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. As long as you can help us, you'll be alright. Call it probation if you want. But we treat our people good, bruh. We don't cut 'em loose."
For a moment, shame filled him as he thought of Bas. Well, we don't mostly. That had been pop's call.

On a whim he decided pops would pay for that one day. Maybe. If he still remembered.

He didn't like this feeling. He reached over and started preparing some stuff for himself. "Well, better dive in. 'Fore we head out rollin'"
He DID wanna do some rollin', too. He wanted to jack some shit up.
Well, fuckin' A. Brodyagi laid out a dope Mecca. That's the kind of shit Yuri was talking about. Don't mind if I fucking do.
Better start in moderation, after all his system had been clean for some time, he didn't want to shock it. He laid out a couple lines of blow while getting some of the stuff ready. Later he'd shoot up some of the dope but right now he wanted to get cranked. He packed a spliff with green and crystal and put it in his pocket. Then he did one rail up each nostril.

The powder filled his nostrils and lungs. "Fuck yea!"
His eyes widened and he felt his heart constrict. And the power was there. He reached out and grabbed onto that shit.

It came raging into him. The fucking world just exploded. It thundered through his veins. He pulled in as much as he could. "Oh, fuck yea. I missed that,"
he said. "Yeah, I can work with you guys. I can do anything you fucking want. You seem like a good bro."
He got up and made for the door. "Let's go check this fucking club out."
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Roman Mordvinov

Yuri went over to the nose candy and laid out a couple lines. In only moments he was wiping his nose and trying to breath but Roman saw his eyes light up as they went wide, the shit already hitting his brain. He'd already banked away a nice j for later.

It was all he needed, it seemed, as he bro'd down his 'in', all the while his voice seeming to go distant, like he was a million miles away. Heh, yeah. First time he got hi in forever, he'd least other than whatever nutmeg he could con or steal for his fix while in jail - and he didn't even want to imagine what he'd have to go through for that!

Roman laughed as he set up his own treat- a little rock cooked up neat as you please. Following proya's example he prepped his own little draw for later- shaolin sleep with a little sherm for that extra kick. For Bas. Yeah. Fuck! His pops was an asshole for that. He'd pay. That day watching Bas walk away pleading for help. He'd done the best he could, gave him the hint he needed. Who knew that off the books warehouse would go down like that. His paranoid bro. Fucking pissed him off.

Nah, escape. Now, now. He didn't want to remember that. He inhaled deeply, tried to drown in it. In moments, it was like his mind retreated and he was riding his body, observing from that comfortable place no one could touch. He threw some E and some blue in his pocket too. They might pick up some girlies later on and it would be good to zoom in when the time came.

"Alright Yuri. Well I'm sure you're tired of jackin' it to whatever big-tittied male guard came by to give you your food. But you're not slick enough for Kallisti's- not yet. But the Blue Moon will have what you need."
Oh yeah it did. Yep yep. And not just the girls, either.

Kolomov's hung out there. And he was feeling a rumble in his gut, a hunger. That fire that he and Bas and Gotya would get when they went out lookin for trouble. Proya looked like he liked trouble.

They headed out to the car- a silver blue 2046 Mustang, white leather interior. The shape was almost that of a leopard or lion crouched and ready to pounce, its raised wheel wells like paws. The engine roared to life that beefy animal growl that burned in the chest and made the ground shake.

He shot proya a grin. "Ready?"
And they tore away. It was a ways away, but the night was nice and he had the windows down, the cool early summer wind blowing, Crutch Rocket slashing on the stereo, the deep heavy power thrum of the dropped C♯ tuned guitars grinding away, amping them up, ear speed to complement the shit they had taken in.

All of it kinda melted together into one massive experience and by the time they actually hit the Blue Moon, it had seemed he had been floating for hours. The guy at the door gave him a look but a flash of bills let him in. He hit one of the couches- near the back with his back to the wall- and popped his feet up. One of the girls came over in a black teddy and sat down on his lap to take his order. It was loud but she was hot. Not like the skinny chick on the stage. She had curves enough for him to drive around on. It took 3 tries before she understood his order- the feel of her lips on his ears repeating it back to him making him laugh with glee.

Then he pushed her off and slapped her firm ass- Shit! Now that was a nice sound he felt in his palm even if he couldn't hear it over the sound of the music- so she could head over to proya. In the meantime, his eyes roamed over the other patrons in the dark light and he saw a few that made him take notice. They were eyeing him. He smirked at them.

Awe yeah. He looked at the girl as she left with their orders- teeth ground together for just a moment at the sight- and then back at the guys. He felt nothing but pure joy.

He looked over at proya and laughed, feeling it go all the way through him. This was life, bitch!

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Yeah, this was the shit alright. Yuri sank back into the couch and waited for Brodyagi to finish feeling up the waitress. The guy flashed Yuri a grin and laughed as he smacked her ass. Yuri cocked his head back. This was fucking awesome. He hoped Brodyagi wasn't into freaky stuff, though, from the way he was grinning at Yuri while all over the girl. That wasn't really part of the plan.

Finally the girl turned her sweet rack and banging hips that popped in his direction. "Yeah, bring me a fucking bottle of Zyr 176 and like four glasses. And some pickles."
He'd always wanted to try this. "One for you, and bring over a friend."

The girl purred at him. "For you or for me?"

"Whatever you like,"
he said back. "How about that one over there?"
Some hot piece of action with dark black hair and black leather boots with four-inch heels, sporting a coat and -- maybe they were shorts at one time, who fucking cared -- was over at the bar, hanging on to a couple of guys who were giving Yuri dirty looks. The chick was fucking around on her Wallet and hardly paying attention to them. Reminded him a bit of Raven. She'd had a fucking mouth on her that could go to work for days. Too bad she turned out to be such a scrub.

The cocktail girl just laughed and shook her head. "I don't think you want me to ask that one," she replied, as she walked away.

Well, fuck her if she wasn't going to be any help with it. Guess Yuri would have to do it himself. Only problem was he didn't want to move. The power was rushing through him in beat to the music and his head was all wrapped up in coke land. So he sent out a strand of the power, a flow of air, and flicked the bitch in the chin, lightly. She instinctively jerked her head up from her Wallet. Yuri cradled the power around the back of her neck and nudged it a bit in his direction. Just a little bit. If he'd wanted to, just a little more power and he could crush her skull. But he didn't want to hurt her. Well, probably not.

She rubbed the back of her neck and her eyes settled on Yuri. He gave her a grin full of teeth. She glanced at the guy next to her -- who wasn't paying her any attention -- and smiled back at Yuri. He waved her over. The girl extracted her other arm from the fuckboy and slipped on over just as the cocktail girl came back.

Yuri checked her out. Fuck yeah. Tight booty and legs that went on and on. Purple eyes that were either contacts or tattoos. "Hey you're looking bored, come do a shot with us,"
Yuri said to her. A solid opening line. He could be classy. He pointed to himself. "Yuri. This is ..."
Fuck, what was Brodyagi's name? "..Roman."

The girl giggled. "Yeah. I know of him. Nadia. I don't think my boyfriend would like that, though. They ain't fans of your friend's family."

Yuri sat up to reach the table. "Yeah. But you're here cause you're bored and he ain't a good boyfriend."
She didn't say no. That was as good as a yes in Yuri's book. The cocktail girl poured the glasses full. Probably a good four fingers of 176-proof vodka. A decent shot if a little small. His mouth watered. He'd always wanted to try this. He took a glass and a big pickle, motioning for Nadia to do the same. "If I drink one, you drink one. I drink two, you drink two. Deal? But you got to really bite on the pickle. It's good practice."
She'd be dancing naked on the table before she got a chance to have a second. She giggled.

He kicked back the shotglass and drank the whole thing down. It burned like a fucking hot poker had been shoved down his throat. Still not as much as the power burned him. He bit into the pickle and inhaled. Nadia had the whole fucking thing shoved in her mouth and looked like she was holding on for dear life. He liked the way it looked on her. Good practice.

Yuri exhaled. "Aw, fuck. I forgot to light it on fire."
He threw an arm around Nadia, who was still trying to get her breath back. "Alright, again,"
he said, motioning for the girl to fill their glasses. He could tell the waitress was either really into Brodyagi or really into his money. Which was pretty much the same thing. "Here, you guys try it out. Bet you can't do three of them, bro."
He smelled Nadia's hair. It was nice.

He reached for the glass, having forgotten entirely about Nadia's boyfriend.
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Roman Mordvinov

Roman leaned back and relaxed. Out with proya and all was right with the world. The nice buzz that had surround his brain cushioned him in warmth. Cutie took proya's order- Roman approved. None of this soft shit. If you're gonna drink, do something that lets you know you're drinking. Seriously- but the pickles were new. Hadn't heard that one. Well, he had but the pickles went somewhere else. And there was running involved. He laughed at the memory. A good laugh in his chest. That guy hadn't enjoyed the taste of his pickle at all. Shoulda held it tighter.

Anyway, so he's sitting there and the waitress comes back. At the same moment so does a hottie for the table the Kolomov douches were sitting at. Ain't life grand? Sometimes the heavens part and give you everything you ever wanted. Girl was cute and all. A little too small for his taste. Looked like a model, cept he liked a little more ass.

The waitress, though, sat down with them. He was game. She smiled at him. Did he know her? Shit! Maybe. He couldn't remember. Ok. Better act like he did. "Broke my heart when you left. But I knew you couldn't stay away."
He looked at Proya. "I'm game."
He turned to the girl next to him. So cute. She had her bottom lip in her mouth and was watching him through her rectangular glasses, playful smile on her face. So retro. Most people didn't do glasses these days.

Why was the librarian nerd thing so hot? Outfit made no sense. Black teddy and the glasses and hair in a simple ponytail. But together....fuck yeah. Proya and Kolo's girl did their thing. He winked at her and smiled as he hoisted his drink. "Bottom's up!"
Yeah. Maybe tonight. Hopefully. Hired guns were still women, at the end of the day. Just because they were paid to be interested didn't mean he couldn't actually interest her.

And she had such pretty eyes. Really pretty, especially the way she studied him through her glasses. And he liked her smile. Sweet. And the vodka hit his head like a ton of bricks, dilating his pupils and all together with the earlier candy he'd taken, he was off in never never land.

And it was like proya didn't exist. Or that he didn't care. He was here alone with her in the booth. He smiled at her, letting his guard down. No need for puffing out his chest. He'd just do him.

"Tell me your name. The real one."
She studied him with that smile.


He frowned at her, mocking hurt. "Shut up. That is not your name. You might as well say Chandalier or Serenity. Or Finesse."

She laughed- he liked the way her eyes crinkled at him, the way her front two teeth were a little too big. Laughing and shoving him, "It's true! That's my name!"

So, he was good. He hadn't known her. Didn't want to do that here. Not know. He smiled. "Huh. Ok then. I like it. Not common here. Not a lot of Hollys."
And he just watched her. There was a sweetness about her. He had no clue what proya was doing. He supposed he shouid know that.

He turned and saw him with that girl....oh shit! Here it was. Damn! He forgot what they were doing. The Kolo guys were heading this way. Looked like they didn't like that their girl was here. He turned to Holly. "Sorry."

He stood up and smiled at them the most irritating smirk he knew. All about the presentation. "What's up guys? You lost?"
He didn't look at proya. Dude should be getting up though. Four guys. The rush in his limbs told him that he was ready to let go. He clenched his fist, imagining the feel of hitting baldy up front right in his jaw. Would hurt like a mother-fucker, of course. But damn it'd feel good too.

Maybe he'd get Holly to rub some ointment on it or something. Maybe.

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Yeah, so if the first shot got Nadia all tipsy the second one started a full-on whoretex in the seat next to him. She plopped down on the couch and was feeling her tits and shit. Yuri ran his hand up her legs and she let him. Damn they were smooth. Musta used Nair or something on them. Fuck me a lady tonight. Wasn't that the way the song went?

Brodyagi got all tense and shit and stood up. The fuck? They were having a good time. He looked up. Oh, yeah. Nadia's fuckboy. Kolo something. He had a scowl on his face like it had been slapped there with a trowel. Him and his buddies.

"Hi, baby," Nadia giggled, rubbing her neck with one hand so as to toss her hair a bit. She stumbled up from her slouch and pointed a finger at Yuri and Brodyagi. "You guys are so fucked. My boyfriend is totally going to like beat the shit out of you two..."

The big bald dude looked at Brodyagi and the other fucker with the slick back hair pulled Nadia up from the couch. "We all know you've overstayed your welcome. Mordinov." There were two more of them, also. He saw a glint off brass knuckles or maybe a trench knife. And from the looks of it maybe some more around the place. It'd gone really quiet, even to Yuri's power enhanced ears.

Yuri pulled Nadia back down. She plopped down on the couch with a yelp. Not that he really liked her anymore after that crap she just said, but it looked like it pissed the slick fucker off to do it. "Nah, don't think so. See I still got half a bottle left to drink."
He still didn't stand up.

And would you believe it? That fuckboy actually took Yuri's bottle and smashed it on the table. He pointed the jagged edge toward him. "And now you don't."

Well if that didn't shave the fucking cat right there. The fuck?
He sprang from the couch. "You bitch motherfucker!"
Looks like the guy was waiting for him to do something cause he swung, but it didn't matter cause a massive flow of air shot out from Yuri's hands and the fucker launched into the air, thrown across the room like a rag doll. He crashed into a table full of rough looking drinkers at least ten meters away.

Nadia screamed. "Baby!" The others hesitated a moment, but just a moment. Then all hell broke loose.
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Roman Mordvinov

Baldy was lookin' at him, bushy black eyebrows turned down, hulking his shoulders like he was trying to alpha him. Roman's smirk deepened to full on amusement and slow chuckle emerged from his chest, his neck rocked lightly to the side as if this was one big joke. Course it was. The music was still loud and the guy prolly couldn't hear it but it didn't matter. His booze soaked mind would fill in the rest. Kolo was like a bull seein red or whatever. His nostrils flared and time seemed to stretch out.

Course that may have been the booze and the chemicals in his own head, but it was all good. Was like he had time to study everything. Proya was up and doin his own thing to provoke these morons, keepin the girl who looked like a real bitch, now. Like they had both studied the play book ahead of time and were mirroring each other. All would play its part. Stupidity made mistakes. And these dicks were already pretty stupid.

Proya's guys amped up the situation with a bottle break and a move forward, but Roman had no time to notice what happened after that. Kolo shifted suddenly as if to rush him. Roman was a good sized guy, easily 205, and wasn't short. Which was a sciency way of saying that he had a bit of stay-to-it-tive-ness attached to the earth, if you know what I mean. As in he wasn't one to be knocked over super easy. Especially by a bull who was playin by his script. Quick turn had Kolo tripping forward, his momentum carrying him just in time for Roman help him along all friendly like into the side wall. Even with the loud music, he could feel the bones crunch.

He turned back quickly to make sure he wasn't taken from behind- no one did that to him, no siree- and saw the other Kolo across the room on the floor next to overturned tables, cradling his arm. Course it was at that moment that someone shut down the music, which royally sucked. Cuz the remaining Kolo was now standing facing the two of them. He stared at proya and the fear was plain. Roman raised an eyebrow and quirked a smile as he jutted his chin in salute.

Kolo the least decided he needed to leave. The other Kolo's were out and the bouncers were coming over, hands at their sides where their pieces were. They knew who he was. While these were just Kolo punks. They too were looking at proya strangely, though.

Now this was a puzzle. He turned to look at Holly, who had pushed herself back into the cushions of the chair and saw fear on her face. He knelt next to her. "Hey. What's wrong? You get hurt?"
His eyes searched her and didn't see anything. All he saw was the fear through those cute glasses.

The rush was leaving him. He looked at her, and then back at proya. It was like the whole club had stopped. Everything felt off now. He stood and asked quietly,"Hey man. What happened? Why's everyone so jumpy?"
Yeah, after Yuri threw that one Kolo mofo into the table things got really tense. Another dude tried to stick a pool stick in his face so he threw up a hand and blasted the fucker back too. Not by much. Just like a fist of air hitting his gut. It was instinct, not like he had much choice. Other than get a fucking stick in his eye or some shit.

After that they got a little leery. But then Yuri picked something up through his heightened senses as he was rolling along. The subtle Chach-chach of a pump action shotgun getting cycled. Well fuck him with a cactus. From behind the bar. Guess the manager was going to intervene.

Brodyagi said something about everyone being jumpy. Yeah, take a chill pill. Only problem was Yuri was amped up to the max and it looked like the dude with the shotgun was too. "I don't want no trouble with your kind, you just need to go," the asshat said. As if Brodyagi wasn't dropping max dollars at his joint.

A moment of lucidity crept through Yuri, and he wondered if maybe it would be wiser for them to just find another place to drink. Things were liable to get deadly if they stayed. In the sense that Yuri could fuck them all where the sun didn't shine if he wanted to. Neither option would take much effort. He turned to Brodyagi and shrugged. "Your call, Bro,"
he said. "I could stay or go. Don't bother me none. I could give maybe negative half a fuck either way."

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