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Ayden still hadn't worked up the nerve to call the girl about meeting up with Nox at some point to talk. As much as the girl had brought Connor back to her, she hated her for it too. She'd call her someday soon. She promised herself that, but more importantly she had promised Emily she'd check on something for her. Emily didn't really know what Nox was, but she believed Ayden when she told her friend he was dangerous.

But she also had other things to worry about. Ayden had done as Emily suggested, she'd put in her resume into the pool at Shale International, specific to the Moscow division starting up. Head of Security didn't exactly seem her game after been an assassin, but she also had a very different outlook on things than most others.

Ayden hated lying to Emily, but her resume was full of bullshit that was tied to her new persona. Things that explained what she'd been doing her whole life. All lies, well mostly, there were some half truths. But Ayden hadn't planned on working for a real business firm with proper business attire, that was what today's journey to the open air market was for. She could probably find better things at the mall, but the idea of walking through the market again creating a new identity for a real purpose it had its appeal. She'd come full circle - from assassin for hire to a working woman about to get married. The idea itself terrified her, but she loved Connor.

The market was crowded despite the winter chill in the morning air. Ayden walked down the street browsing each stall. Stopping when a piece of jewelry or belt caught her fancy. She'd find something she liked.
His meeting with the Regus was over and Yoshimura felt as if it had gone well. Yoshimura knew that he had to change and embrace the more modern world that he lived in, and it actually wasn't proving to be too difficult. Today he wore a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt underneath his coat. He neglected a tie - he hated having something around his throat.

Yoshimura entered the market, mostly just to browse. He had no intention of buying anything today, but decided to go out and look anyways. And if he should find anything that piqued his interest, maybe he would make a purchase.

Despite the cold, the market was crowded. Yoshimura was surprised at that, especially since indoor markets and shopping malls were all over the place. Vendors called out to potential customers, trying to get passers-by to purchase their wares. One nearby called out to him, a jeweler of sorts.

"Good day, sir! May I interest you in this fine necklace for that special woman in your life?"

Yoshimura went to look, more out of politeness than anything else. He didn't have a special person in his life and he wasn't really interested in finding one. He was content with his purpose. However, he had to admire the craftsmanship of the necklace. It was a sterling silver chain with a pendant that had an etching of a wolf head on it. He was rather well crafted, but Yoshimura handed it back. He wasn't interested in a trinket.

He kept browsing, passing by a meat stall. He reminded himself to stop by later to get something to cook for dinner. Right now, he was just out and about trying not to get lost in a sea of people.
Nox finally got home. Finally was back in his own house only to find dog crap everywhere. The critter who was questionably the only one to leave such droppings didn't look like they fit it. The thing was near skin and bones. It was lying on the couch curled up and barely moved a muscle when Nox got in the door. It wagged it's pathetic little tail and lifted its little head with those huge satellite ears on its head. Nox sat down next to it and rubbed its little head. It was nothing but skin and bones. Damn it, Aurora!

The poor thing had been without food and water for days from the looks of it. But why would Aurora do that leave an animal in the house untended. Nox started to get a bad feeling. He hadn't waited for an answer as he knocked on the door. Her room was still neatly made, her phone and a bag were missing, she'd gone somewhere, but why leave the dog behind? Where did she go?

Nox checked the counter and found no note, he grabbed the bowl on the floor and filled it with water and some food that was still left in the bag for the dog, he clearly couldn't get on the counter to get it himself. Nox took the food and water to the floor by the couch and lifted the little dog down so it could eat. From the size of the feet, it was going to be a rather large dog.

Nox set to looking around the place, cleaning up after the dog as he went. How does a little thing like that produce so much friggin crap! Thoroughly cleaned and doors shut that shouldn't have been opened in the first place Nox felt that someone had been in the warehouse since the dog got out, the bathroom in Aurora's room was a right mess as if the puppy had started out there.

Nox finally picked up his phone and called Aurora's. It went straight to voicemail. He left a message, "Hey sis. Call me when you get a chance. We really need to talk."

Restless Nox grabbed his coat, a picture of his sister on display on his phone and he grabbed the pup and held it under one arm. He wasn't about to leave it alone in the house again. He'd buy a collar and leash at the market and then it could walk proper like. They both could use some exercise.

Nox started going to some of the nearby places and asking if they'd seen Aurora. They were of no use, everyone gawked at his sister and just shrugged. No one in the area had seen Aurora.

Eventually, his walk led him to the outdoor market. One of Aurora's haunts, she would walk the stalls for hours and bring home only food. He stopped into a shop and picked up a collar and leash for way more money than the silly things were worth, but whatever, right now he had other things on his mind. The worry over his sister was starting to bite at him, or maybe that was the playful puppy under his arm.

Finally the pup on the leash he walked down the street stopping at each stall asking if they'd seen his sister lately. So far he'd not been lucky to get any information at all.

The pup grabbed his pant leg and pulled and Nox looked down, it was only a moment, and he ran same dab into someone. He looked down and all he could see was a head full of flaming red hair.

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Ayden had managed to find a sparkly new belt, three pairs of earrings and a cute pair of shoes, but she hadn't found anything appropriate for a job interview to a suit and tie sort of company. But there was still plenty of shop and plenty of time before she'd call it quits and go home to Connor. But she might have to hit the mall and that didn't seem like much fun at all. Malls were so boring.

Ayden was stopped in a booth looking at a some hemp jewelry, they were all unique, and the rocks, sorry, turquoise stones were all very pretty, some were even hand painted beads. Someone ran into her, literally and figuratively. She looked up at the towering man and as recognition dawned on her he saw the grin forming on his smug little face. This was the man who'd upset Emily. Ayden didn't think if she had she probably wouldn't have, but she did. Ayden's hand without any cause of her own flew up and struck Nox across his face. The grin turned to a frown as he rubbed his cheek the red mark left by her hand was blooming adding a nice change to his annoying little grin. "How dare you! Do you have any idea the pain you caused?"

Yoshimura's browsing was interrupted by a loud slap, and like many around him, he turned to look at the source. A red-headed woman, about Yoshimura's height had slapped a tall and lanky man. Some nearby had laughed at the situation, but most just watched.

Yoshimura found it irritating. He couldn't tell whether or not it was people airing their grievances out in public or if it was just the fact that everyone stared. The woman's words traveled across the air, and Yoshimura wondered at what pain that he caused another.

However, he couldn't just watch like the rest of the throng. He instead moved calmly, the male figure towering over him. It didn't matter to Yoshimura. In his experience, when he employed martial arts, the taller ones fell harder anyways.

He approached calmly. Miss, is this man bothering you?
Yoshimura offered his assistance. He'd rather not fight at all, but he was ready to assist.

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A flying hand to his cheek caught him completely off guard just as he realized who he'd run into. The fiery red head was the very same red head he'd met a few days prior to leaving for Siberia. Even the words out of her mouth made absolutely no sense to Nox. None.

But before he could respond an oriental man walked up to them and asked her if HE was bothering her. Of all the fucking things, yes he ran into her, but she's the one who started it. Always blame the damn man! Thankfully the slap had roused the poor little puppy and as the man approached, it hunkered down and started a low rumble of a puppy growl, barring it's poor little mistreated teeth. Nox looked down and grinned at the puppy before he turned his attention back to the offending people.

He took a step back, leaving the pup where it was, even in skin and bone mode it was going to protect Nox. He liked that, granted he was very unlikely to do any damage in his current state, but that, that he could change. Maybe he wouldn't be so terribly mad at Aurora once he found her.

Nox looked at Ayden, "I apologize for running into you. It's not like I knocked you over, or god forbid smacked your face Duckling."
He turned to the man, "She hit me, thanks for asking if I'm alright!"
He rolled his eyes at the intruder but went back to Ayden. "What are you on about? You aren't pissed at me because I ran into you. I caused you no pain Duckling."
A man interrupted her spiel against Nox. At least he was courteous enough to ask if the stupid boy was bothering her. She wasn't exactly sure how to respond to the man, Nox wasn't actually bothering her, she was angry at him for a completely different reason. But there was suddenly a slow rumbled down near her feet. There was a rag tag little dog growling at her and the man, she'd have said it was cute if not for the skin hanging from protruding bones.

Nox asked her what was going on after letting lose a tirade she hadn't paid any attention.

Ayden kicked the dog and it winced in pain. "Go away."
She turned to look at the man who was kind, "No, sadly he's not bothering me. I'm furious at him for what he did to my friend."

Ayden turned to Nox and stepped up to him closing the distance between him, she put her finger in his face and shouted at him. "You slept with her and you left without a good-bye. You are such an imbecile!"
Ayden punched him in the arm.
The woman was sticking up for her friend's honor. That in itself was honorable, but these two would soon be coming to blows in a public place. That would only embarrass them. Perhaps it was time for Yoshimura to help them keep their own honor.

But first, he looked at the dog that had backed up after the woman had kicked him. Yoshimura frowned at her and knelt down, offering his hand to the dog. It sniffled and then smelled his hand. When the dog licked his hand, Yoshimura picked it up. "There was no reason to kick the dog."
he said softly to the woman, moving in between the pair and handing he dog to the man.

Yoshimura turned so he could look at both of them. "tuis isn't the place for this, and there are better ways to deal with your situation than violence."
He hoped they would listen, but it was their business if they wanted to act like children.

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The bitch had the audacity to kick the puppy. Nox was about to say something when the man knelt down and befriended the little one and handed the pup to him before he had any chance to respond. It was probably a good thing. But he wasn't likely to go anywhere, he was more than fine with making a scene. Though he lowered his voice and looked down on the duo before him and he grinned.

He smiled at Ayden, "Her? You'll have to be a little more specific on the who, cause I walk out on a lot of girls. They all know my intentions when they bring me home. I shouldn't be expected to stay the night because we had sex like it was more than what it was."

He nodded towards the man, "Thank you. I think we can manage not to cause a scene. You would be?"

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Ayden felt like she was being reprimanded by the asian man, like he was her father. Of course it was uncalled for! It was rather the point, the dog was growling at her and was leashed by this .... She had no words for the way she felt about this boy who hunted her.

Nox looked about ready to bit nails though, she grinned happily at that. But his words horrified her. He treated every girl like this? Poor Emily. She sneered at him, but he was right, they could do this without making a scene. At least she would try, for Emily's sake. But she could ask Nox what she really wanted to now, now that there was someone standing with in arms reach of them ready to make them behave like adults. But what if she wanted to act like a child.

Ayden sighed. "Emily! You remember her don't you. Cute little blonde you met in Siberia not to long ago."
The grin on his face said that he did. She whispered it was the voice she used to scare unwitting men who thought she was something to trifle with. "I will kill you if you hurt her again."
Ayden grabbed his left forearm arm to indicate what she truly meant by the threat. Her grip was firm on where she remembered the black and red dragon sat on his arm eating its own tail.

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