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Who told you that you were naked?
As always the Dream seamed so surreal to John. Teeming with crisp sensations with a backdrop of a 'what if' kind of foreboding. It had been over ten years since his first experience here, at yet he still felt like a child in a laboratory. Well, maybe more like the lab rat.

He still wasn't ready to physically step back into the dream even though it felt so natural and exhilarating. Bear's warning still resonated in John's mind, "You truly know nothing, Bear sent to him. Forcing this place to your will. You come too strongly! Do you understand that a moment's slip on your part will cause the pressure of the ocean to crush you before you could blink?"

And then there was that encounter with the Regus. Why didn't he kill me? John had no doubt that pound for pound Armande could beat the brakes off him. John was no stranger to killing, but he was well aware of when he was overmatched. Unless the Regus was equally aware that it would have been a short-lived victory. A general is sort of useless on foot in the trench.
No, Armande must still believe that even though they left 'agreeing to disagree' that John would somehow further the cause of the Atharim.
"Then you say you have no interest in involvement in political disputes, but are willing to brand the Ascendancy as a monster you would hunt." What an enormously conflicting statement. How disappointing Mr. Smith did not think more clearly what he spewed.

"You condone the elimination of potentially thousands of people, if they conform to your definition of evil, but yet detest genocide. When does war turn into genocide? If the enemy is evil? Or if the enemy is simply your enemy?"

Fucking Armande. He hit the nail on the head. What was my qualification to judge? How do I know whether I am on the right side of this conflict? I even attempted to convince Jensen James to engage supernatural creatures in what may become an apocalyptical struggle. Where is the line between right and wrong drawn? And where do I sit in relation, or should I say where do I sit positionally in relation to that line?

As John's mind wandered, visions floated in and out of the dream, always at his periphery. Visions of the monsters that he had slain, of the Regus, of the Ascendancy. Of God.

When did you judge? Why do you judge? What right have you to judge? Did I not declare My creation to be 'Very Good?' WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?

The voice boomed in his head. It permeated all around him. But how do you answer such a severe line of questioning? With your balls hanging so low that they drag on the ground!

<big>"I said it! I judged your creation! Right or wrong, I ate of the tree! And with the Knowledge of Good and Evil there comes the responsibility to know right from wrong. And with that knowledge comes the burden of judgment. So mutherfucker, I said that I was naked!"

And reality quivered.

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continued from Lost

Sierra woke up in the dream world. She hadn't intended to come here, but now that she was she might as well do something. The last time she'd come here, Snow was teaching her about it. He was being the alpha and he died trying to be that too. Sierra tried not to cry.

She could feel her self image flickering from wolf to human and back to wolf again and again. She couldn't decide, her mind wanted to be gone, to be lost, but Sierra knew she was human, knew that she was not like that. She would not die like her brother.

Out of the corner of her eye Sierra saw a white blur. It was not there and then it was and then gone in an instant. She turned and saw nothing. But she followed the direction it had gone, just like she had when she was playing the game with Snow.

Tears streamed down her golden eyes. Her mind had settled on her human form without the disguising contacts she almost always wore. Still wolf, still who she was. It was a perfect balance as Sierra 'chased' the blur of white. She had to know what it was!

She bound into places unheeding what was there, trying to catch it. But her instincts stuck in, she no longer bound recklessly through the dream world. But still she could never be sure if another was there. The dangers of the dream world were always present and Sierra had no guide. She stopped in a place she didn't know.

She caught the last part of a man talking to himself. "So mutherfucker, I said that I was naked!"
He was yelling and Sierra took a step back and bumped into the something behind her, it crashed, but it made no sound. It just blinked back into place where it had been prior. The dream world was something to get used to.

Sierra spoke softly. "Pardon me. I didn't mean to interrupt you."
"Pardon me. I didn't mean to interrupt you."

John spun around to face the sound of the intrusion. John's appearance flashed from man to wolf and back to man. He stood there before the beautiful woman with golden eyes, naked as he he came unto this earth. Shaking his head, he began to speak. "Well I guess that I shouldn't be surprised to attract attention when screaming into the wild."

John couldn't help but to blush. Wearing nothing but tattoos and brands was not the way to introduce one's self. "My name is slave, but most people call me John. My friends call me Doulou. Take your pick as I will answer to all three."
As he regained some semblance of control, John went from naked, to fig leaves, to animal skins' to fully clothed. john walked toward her with an outstretched hand.
The man shifted to wolf and Sierra frowned, he switched back almost as quickly. It shouldn't surprise her, not really. Though to meet two in such a short time span when the only other living soul she'd known was like her was her brother.

Sierra smiled once the man regained his clothes. Not that he was bad to look at, but it was always awkward and in the dream world it was so very easy to change things to your liking.

Sierra took his hand and shook it. "Sierra. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I thought I saw my friend pass this way, but then you caught my attention. John, "
she was curious as to name 'slave', but she wouldn't ask, at least not the first thing. "Why were you screaming into the wild? I suppose there is no better place to feel like you are completely alone than here in the dream world."

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Well, at least she didn't run away screaming or slap John for flashing her. That was a good start. Obviously John still needed to work on controlling his environment while in the Dream. That was awkward.

"I was arguing with God. We have heated conversations sometimes. We don't always agree, and He rarely concerns Himself with my input and assessment of His plans. We are funny like that."
John couldn't help but to look at the brands on his forearms. Recalling arguments with God always made him acutely aware of their existence. John paused to see if Sierra was going to put him in a straight jacket.

No straight jacket? Another point in her favor. John could really get like her. She must be bat-shit crazy also.

"And since you were too polite to ask, yes my nudity was a momentary lapse of control and not a Texas mating ritual."

John didn't remember seeing anyone else come through. Although during his yelling tirade he would have missed a mariachi band standing beside him. "I don't recall seeing anyone else recently. Who or what are you looking for?"
Yelling at God, an argument, as if he spoke back. Sierra wondered if the man was crazy, or if he was just some religious nut who actually thought he was a prophet of God or something like that. But really it didn't matter either way. She had no idea where he was, so the chances of a random encounter in the real world was not likely. Crazy could be crazy in the dream world so long as it didn't affect her life, as empty as it was now.

Sierra laughed at the comment about a Texan mating ritual. "I've never been to your Texas but I am glad to know that should I ever I will not wander the streets or valleys and stumble upon naked men yelling at God."
She grinned at him. "The Dream is difficult to control some days for me as well."

Sierra wasn't exactly sure she wanted to share who she was chasing, it was after all impossible. Snow was dead, she'd seen him die, felt his last memories, knew he was gone from the world. But he had confided in his absolute insane yelling, she would do the same. "I thought I saw my dead friend pass through here. Rather I thought I'd saw him before, and this is where he landed. We use to play it as a game as he taught me how to control the dream world. He's a dapper white wolf, but he's gone now."
There was sadness in her voice, Sierra missed Snow. She would miss him forever, it was not fair, he shouldn't have died, they shouldn't have been out there. They should have minded their own business. Sadness was replaced with anger, but it had no more outlet than the sadness.

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