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A slight knock came to his door, and Anton was glad he had left the party early. He had lessons today, and it wouldn't have been fun doing them with a hangover - not even to mention how unprofessional it would be. Anton stood and answered the door and felt the nervousness that his student Natasha was feeling now.

"Good morning, Professor,"
she said politely.

Anton nodded and let her enter. She set her music binder on the music stand next to the piano as Anton sat down. Her nervousness was almost overwhelming and since he had no one to focus on, he had to mute her emotions in another way.

Anton led her through some vocal warm-ups, critiquing technique when it was needed. She was a senior and was learning quite well. It wouldn't surprise him if in a few years she was performing with him on stage.

"You're nervous, what's wrong?"
he asked. He of course knew what was causing it, but if she talked about it, it would help.

"I have my audition for the opera soon,"

Anton nodded. He knew auditions for the University's performance of Don Giovanni were coming up and he knew Natasha planned to audition. Auditions were always nerve wracking.

"What are you singing,"

"The Queen of the Night Aria,"
she said.

Anton smiled. It was a good choice for her voice part, and she had the talent to make it happen. "Good choice,"
Anton stood and pulled a book from his shelf. He opened it to a specific page, and started the introduction. "Sing it."

Anton listened as she sang though the aria. Natasha had a beautiful soprano voice. She would do well in her auditions as long as she didn't let her nerves get the better of her. Even now though, the nerves were dissipating.

She finished the aria and Anton held back telling her how he felt at first. "Critique yourself,"
he said and waited.

"The notes are there, but it lacks something I think,"
she waited as if expecting her teacher to comment. She continued when he did not. "I feel like I'm singing the notes, but it feels like it's missing some life."

Anton nodded. "What is this aria about."

"The Queen of the Night is wanting Pamina to kill Sarastro. It's a song about revenge and hate."

Anton nodded. "Hard emotions for you to channel I'm sure,"
he said. Natasha was a very kind hearted student. "But you need to put that emotion into your sound. That is what the directors want to see. You can sing the notes, but they want to hear you make music. Try it again."[color]

Natasha seemed to understand. The life the aria had missed before came into being. This lesson made him think of his own performance that was coming up the next night. He would have a gamut of emotions to portray. Of course, he had an advantage that his student didn't have.

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