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Lost Time
Dreams. Nox hated dreams. He never had any good ones. They were always filled with death and failure and waking to nightmares was never fun. He'd chosen to sleep very little and drink lots of caffeine every day. He worked hard and tried to pass out. It rarely worked the nightmares still came.

They came even with the pain. His head felt better, but whatever they had jabbed him with made it all go away and he passed out into the darkness. But then the nightmares took hold. All his failures come to bear. Everyone from his mother and now even a new one - failing his father. Failing to be the son that he had wanted. It had always been there. Nox failing his father, but the images of Jaden and then Jay and Sage and shit the countless guys he'd seen and wondered then forgot because of his father.

Failure after failure played over and over again and as the pain came back the dreams died and sounds came to the forefront. Beeping and voices. Soft and close.

A rattled chain against metal. The sound rang as Nox tried to move. Opening his eyes hurt. Moving hurt, but he had to move. Sit up. "Water."
But little sound came out of his mouth.

Nox opened his eyes and found a glass of water held in front of him my a small hand. Nothing familiar. He looked up, blinked away the tears from the bright light behind the man, woman, who?

"Do you know where you are Mr. Durante?"

"Moscow I hope."

Things were coming into perspective and Nox pressed back into the bed and sighed when he felt the cold metal against his skin. "How long?"

"About 6 hours. We are treating the burns and your head CT came back clean despite the blood dried in your ears."

Nox rattled the cuffs again. "Where are the officers?"

"You have a guard outside your door, and Detective Vega went to the station to try to help your friend. His words."

And then the whole situation came crashing in. Jay had confessed to the murder of the stygza. Dumb ass! "Am I under arrest?"

"Not yet, Mr. Durante. This is a percaution we are told, you are dangerous." She said with a genuine smile.

Nox laughed. "Cuffs aren't going to stop me if I really was dangers, Duckling. Can they come off?"

She shrugged. "I'll ask, and I'll get the doctor. You hold tight."

Nox smirked, "Not going anywhere Duckling."
The nurse came back shortly there after carrying a tray of things in her hands and the guard at the door was standing just outside waiting. Nox looked up at the woman, she had a frown on her face as she pulled a needle from the tray and Nox flinched. His body reactively jerked to the other side of the bed tugging on the IV already in his arm.

Her frown deepened. "I'm sorry. I won't stick you. Detective Vega informed us of your fear, we'll do our best to accommodate you. But the officers here want you sedated but enough to talk. So you are going to feel woozy. I'm also going to give you another shot of morphine for the pain, that should accomplish everything they need."

Nox sighed. "Fine."
Nox didn't like the idea of being drugged and out of his mind much less out of touch with the power. There go to move for handling gods. Well it was better than being shot in the head at first sight so there was that.

It didn't take long before the sedative blurred his mind. It was hard to think. There was the edge of panic to it. The memories of the Atharim flooding into his mind. Nox reached for the power and it slipped from his fingers. It was like he grabbed it but it oozed from his fingers. Nox sighed and looked at the officer with a smirk which probably looked more like a dopey grin but who the fuck cared now. "I'm no danger to you now officer. Mind getting this over with?"

It was like looking through a blurred window. Nox had done drugs once in his life. He was a 13 year old kid who had just gotten into a big ass fight with his father. Nox ran away, found a club, found some kids having a good time. He took whatever they were smoking and had myself a grand time until his father found him and beat the shit out of him. It was funny how many memories Nox had repressed that decided now was the point in his life he needed to see them.

The man looked at him. "I'm Officer Jens Abt. Mr. Durante, I'd like to talk to you about the events that transpired last night."
Nox nodded. He wasn't going to give up any answer to any question not asked.

"Where were you two nights ago?"

Nox squeezed his eyes shut and gripped the bridge of his nose and frowned. "What does that have to do with last night?"

"Just answer the question, Mr. Durante."

"Just Nox, please. And I don't see how that has anything to do with last night."

"Okay. Fine, Mr. Durante, what can you tell me about these pictures?"
The man showed Nox pictures of Dorian's estate before and after he'd gotten there and started implementing security measures of the impending attack by the Atharim.

Maybe he was missing it but this didn't seem like it had anything to do with last night. "Again nothing to do with last night."

"I'll have to take you into the station, you will answer these questions, Mr. Durante."

"You'll have to arrest me to do that. What are the charges?"
Nox asked. Still unsure how any of this had to do with last nights events. At least they weren't asking the really hard questions, like who killed Dane, or why he'd covered the murderer's tracks. Or what Aria was up to.... that was the hardest question of all since she ran from him. But Nox really couldn't think too much.

Officer Abt looked at the nurse, "I'd like a few minutes alone with the man."

The nurse left and the office drew closer. "Mr. Durante."

Nox interrupted. "It's Nox. I won't ask again."

The smirk on the man's face said there was nothing Nox could do about it. He pulled his vest away from his body and pulled out a syringe. "I was told I could use any means necessary to get my answers. Short of actually hurting you."
He laughed. "Normally I wouldn't resort to these tactics. But you are a channeler, and you are a confessed murderer, you are Atharim. I could go on Mr. Durante. But I think you get my point. A little turn about is fair play."

Nox watched as the man prepared the drug and then stuck it into the IV port meant for such things. Fuck! "What are you giving me?"

He smirked. "Just a little something to give me the answers I want."

"Who are you?"

"Just someone looking for answers. Internal Affairs, you might know us also as Inquisitors."

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There was a jolt of recognition in the name he offered. Internal Affairs was about Dorian. There was a cop keeping all the Atharim cops clean. That didn't surprise Nox, but the fact that this man was an Inquisitor made Nox's blood run cold. He couldn't move to get away, it wasn't just the cuffs holding him down, no the drugs made it hard to move. He was sedated, medicated for pain, so higher than a kite. Almost to the point he was seeing things. Maybe this was all just a hallucination...

That was until the burn of the truth serem worked it's way into his veins. Now there was nothing stopping the Inquisitor from learning the whole truth. Fear boiled Nox's veins. He felt the shiver of it running through his body while Officer Abt stood above him watching the IV do it's thing. He wasn't even watching Nox.

Why couldn't he hurt him? What was in store for him. Fuck! The nightmares cloyed at his waking mind. He could see his sister with her guts strewn all over the parking lot as his father cleaned it up. Nox knew that wasn't right. It was the cocktail of drugs playing with him. How quickly things moved.

Abt sat down in the chair and grinned at Nox. "What's your name?"

"Nox Durante."
Even his voice sounded distant. Nox didn't like this at all. He felt trapped in his own body - he needed to escape - wanted to escape but his body failed him.

"Why did you come to Moscow, Mr. Durante?"

That was so long ago. He barely remembered. It was like a memory of a memory. Nox shook his head. "I don't know. To get initiated?"
His voice rose in question. He didn't really remember.

"You didn't come here to assassinate the Regus?"

Nox shook his head and regretted it the moment he did. His eyes felt like they were swimming in a bowl of jello. "Why would I want to kill the arrogant pompous man? He's our leader. He's done nothing to harm me or mine."

"How long have you been working against the Atharim?"

How long? How long? Fuck... how long? Nox shook his head. "Never."
Nox thought long and hard. Never was the only answer. "I knew they'd kill me when they found out. I don't believe we should kill gods for the sake of their godhood. Most of them are just kids. But I've never worked against the Atharim."
The last came out more like a plea for help. A cry of anguish meant to be saved by the very people who would kill him for what he was.

Nox added. "I only defended myself. I was going to take the fall for the Atharim who killed those kids. I was going to help Dorian so he could keep his son safe."

"Why would Dorian need to keep his son safe?"

"Because he's a god."

Officer Abt showed Nox the pictures again. "Why erect these walls?"

"I told you, to keep Dorian's son safe."

"You expected an assault."

Nox laughed. It didn't sound like him. It was manic almost insane. "Wouldn't you? We are Atharim. Our goal is to eradicate threats to humanity. Gods are the ultimate threat. You eliminate us so that humanity can survive."

"But you don't believe that you just said..."

Nox grinned. "I don't kill gods. I don't kill humans who are different. But I live to protect humanity - same as you."

"Is Dorian helping to destroy the Atharim?"

Nox shook his head in a short shake so he didn't jar his eyeballs again. "No, he's protecting humans who are gods. Nothing more. Protecting his son."

Nox's head started to hurt more. The pain was on the edges of things but he could feel it. Nox wanted to ask if they were done, but his lips failed to move and then there was nothing but blackness.
Jens Abt had been a good cop in the CCD. He'd moved from Germany to London and the now in Moscow and all throughout his time there was always weird things to do. His father had been a cop and his father before him. It was a generational thing. But it wasn't until Jens turned 20 that he learned the true legacy of what his fathers before him had done - protected the world from monsters. You got that monsters...

Jens Abt moved up the ranks and into Internal Affairs. It was the best place to keep the reputations of the cops he looked after clean. What better way to do this. That was until Jens started seeing a once very prominent Atharim cop starting to give up Atharim secrets. Dorian Vega had been good at his job. Total unsolved cases were countable on one hand. He always found his man - or monster. And there had never been an Atharim caught under his watch.

But now it seemed he was turning. He brought in a god - who was Atharim. The boy had a death sentence on his head for more than one reason now. And yet he came in. It was Jens Abt job to find out why the two were working together.

And the boy now lay unconscious in his hospital bed. The weapons that had been used on him had been good, but not good enough. The boy was alive, sleeping off the medication. A cocktail too powerful anyone to stay away long. And he'd given Jens something to think about.

He believed the boy would never betray the Atharim. After looking at his dismal record - Americans! It wasn't that he didn't have a good record there was nothing there. But since coming to Moscow his record was impressive. He and his partner were clearing the tunnels of the underground methodically.

But then there was Dorian Vega. His son was a god. He'd made his choice and forsake the course he took years ago. It's one thing to kill some unknown kid. Killing your own flesh and blood and then turning it upon yourself that was different. Entirely different.

It was one reason most Atharim didn't have families. But then there were families like the Durantes who just kept the tradition alive. The boys line would be easy to finish. His parents were already dead, and his sister too. A tragedy all of it.

Jens did the only thing he could. He put Dorian Vega, his son and his wife on the list. Immediate dispatch. The Durante boy was already there. Jens could easily end the life of the boy. But that would take the fun out of it. Watching the rise and fall of his chest. He was an actual challenge. He was one of the first challenged the Archangels would receive. No, they needed to know how to take down this god. If they can't take him down, how did the expect to take down Ascendancy!

One team had already failed. Their tactics and their resources needed to be examined. Their approach needed to be refined. Nox Durante would think we'd forgotten about him, until we come again. Jens Abt nodded to himself. "Sleep little god. You won't know when we come for you."
Nox woke to an empty room. His head felt better but his mouth was dry. He tried to sit up and found his wrist still hung from cuffs chained to the rail of his bed. Whatever had happened the last time he was awake hadn't helped.

The moment he stirred there was a lady in white standing beside him. "Mr. Durante, you are looking better. Color in those cheeks instead of ashen."

Nox grinned. "All the better to flirt with then I guess."

The nurse gave him a bright smile and Nox asked, "How long this time?"

She answered quickly. "Another six hours. It's just past noon. Would you like some thing to eat?"

"Yes please, water would be nice too."

"I'll get that ordered for you asap. Anything else I can get you?"

Nox smiled. "My guards, where are they?

"They are getting a coffee. You were asleep and Officer Abt said as long as you were asleep they didn't need to be present 100%"

Nox nodded. But his thoughts were racing. Abt was IA and Atharim. He wanted the guards gone so the Atharim could kill him. The nurse was looking at him with concern. "Something wrong, Mr. Durante?"

Nox shook his head. "My friend is here in the hospital, this is University right? Can you tell me where he is? Sage Parker."
Nox needed to be gone sooner rather than later. He didn't want to sit around and wait for the Atharim to come find him.

The nurse smiled. "Detective Vega informed us of your friend. He is in surgery right now I can check to see how that's going." She said as she left.

Sage was in surgery? Nox thought it was done - over. What was going on? But first he had to get out of here. He didn't know how long he had but he tested the power. It came to him like an unwilling child. More struggle than he remembered having in the recent past, but at least it came. He held it close. He wasn't going to let it go. No, this was his, as long as he held it the Atharim were not going to hurt him. They wouldn't dare attack through the walls of a hospital. Would they?

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Nox sat unchained to his bed, the guards still were away. Detained, or hungry either way Nox didn't care. The power had melted the cuffs unusable so even if they tried to put him back in those cuffs they couldn't.

Nox was ravenous as his nurse pulled a train in front of him eyeing him warily. Nox grinned at her and held a finger to his lips and pursed them. "Shhh. I won't tell if you don't."

She rolled her eyes at him. She was probably used to flirting patients. Better than mean ones Nox thought to himself.

The food was horrid, but he ate it anyway. His stomach rumbled even as it rolled as the smell and taste were enhanced by the power. But Nox wasn't going to let go of it. He didn't draw on it, but he wasn't about to be without a weapon. It was bad enough he wore a flimsy gown made of paper and plastic. He wondered where his clothes were and his gun. He didn't want to have so git firing it and committing a real crime with his weapon.

But the nurse didn't return when a pair of men dressed in well fit black suits came into his room. "Mr. Nox Durante?"

Nox nodded and added a playful grin despite the fear that was coursing through his body. The Atharim were back - this time they were going to kill him in front of everyone - no mistakes. Nox threw a shield of air around him, it would do little good against a bullet but he wanted the safety of his power around him. "Who's asking?"

The bigger man of the two - they were both rather big, their biceps both bulging through their suits. Nox suppressed the underlying desire to see the arm bare. Fuck! The man had said something and Nox could only look at him with a blank stare, his thoughts had wandered. He said again. "We are here because you registered."

Nox laughed. "I've done a lot of things lately."

There was no laughter from either man. The other man's voice was gruff as he added. "We want to move you to a facility better capable of protecting you, Mr. Durante."

"From the Atharim or from myself?"
Nox didn't care which as long as the Atharim couldn't get him. But if he went someplace safe, Dorian and Cruz would be in danger. Shit!

"Doesn't matter. Mr. Durante. You are coming with us."

The man must have seen or known he'd protect himself, he hadn't even moved towards him. He moved immediately to the IV hanging from the side of the bed and injected something. "Oh not again..."
Nox drifted into oblivion again - for the third time in 24 hours.

continued in Rerouted
Dorian returned to Nox's room after his shift which was decidedly uneventful despite the rumors that two channelers had been captured last night. No one knew where they were. Dorian knew Nox was safely in his room at the hospital but he'd been unable to find Jay. It was highly disturbing. No one had record of the man entering any precinct in any of Moscow's Districts.

But when Dorian returned to Nox's room he wasn't there. His nurse from the night before was at the desk. "Where is he?"

She looked up at him with a frown. "They transferred him to secure location for treatment."

"Two men came in with papers stating they were moving him. It was legit, signed by Ascendancy himself."


"Did he have any other visitors?"

She shook her head. "Just the Office Abt."

Dorian sighed. Double Fuck. Abt was known Atharim at least to him. They'd never personally spoken, but he was IA and there were others like him in Madrid as well. Atharim and IA. This was not good.

Dorian expected to be called into Abt's office soon. This was not good at all... But he was too worried about Nox to really put the effort into worrying about himself. Where the fuck had they taken the boy?

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