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Wolves, Dreams, Memory
Continued from A New Home

Calvin opened the door to the cab as it pulled up at the hospital entrance. He paid the driver, giving him a generous tip for the assistance in walking to the cab. The driver helped him into the hospital and a nearby nurse moved ro get a wheelchair. Before she could, Calvin asked for crutches instead, preferring them to the wheelchairs.

The first thing that Calvin noticed was the smell. Hospitals generally have a sterile smell, and with his heightened sense of smell, Calvin was able to smell other chemicals used to keep things clean.

He also picked up the scent of those in the waiting room. If was a part of his gift that he could "smell" the emotions of other people. There were too many scents to count and Calvin had difficulty differentiating the scents, but he could pick up worry, sadness, fear, and anxiety. The effect was like walking into a candle or perfume shop - all the scents mingled together and gave Calvin a headache.

He approached the front desk and the woman behind the counter spoke, "How can I"

She covered her surprise well. Calvin noticed the slight pause as she noticed the color of his eyes. He hadn't even thought about hiding them, but afterall, he couldn't hide them forever. Calvin explained that he needed stitches in his foot and she gave him some forms to fill out, telling him to let her know when he was done so.she could get them without him having to walk on his injured foot. He thanked her and sat down to fill out the forms.

The memory of the last time he was in a hospital forced itself back into his mind as he began to write his name...

Calvin was going out to feed the cows when the phone call came that his wife and son had been in a car accident involving a drunk driver. He immediatly got in his truck and drove to the hospital. He had only arrived when the doctor came out to inform him that they didn't make it. Calvin asked to see them beginning to cry. The doctor took him into the room, and he saw his wife laying on a hospital bed. She appeared to be asleep, but when he took her hand it was cold and there was a large gash on her forehead. He kissed her and said goodbye, continuing to cry. He moved to his son and kissed him on the forehead, remembering that only a few days ago, Benji had caught his first ball. He picked him up and feeling his son's broken body was when he had really realized that they were gone. He put his son down, and began sobbing uncontollably

...Calvin snapped out the memory and and thought Mary, Benji, I hope I will see you again someday.

Calvin reached for the wolves. Being on the outskirts, he was able to sense some wolves farther away. He just sensed them, not comunnicating much except a brief introduction. It brought him some comfort.

He wiped away a tear that had formed during the memory, turning once more to fill out the hospital form.

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Calvin let the woman know when he was done filling out the forms. She stood and walked to retrieve them, keeping her own eyes from meeting Calvin's own.

I wonder what the doctor will think when he sees this.
Calvin thought a little nervously.

Calvin knew he would be in the waiting room for quite awhile. Feet needing stitches was ranked rather low on the triage scale. To pass the time he reached out to the wolves again, once again sensing them on the edge of his effective range. Some of the wolves stopped at his prodding and he politely greeted them again.

A two legs?
one wolf sent to him.

Calvin told the wolf of his past and coming to Moscow. He mentioned that a wolf named Whispering Leaf had told him he needed to come and that something was happening here.

Whispering Leaf sometimes comes to us in the dream and told us Star Gazer comes.

Star Gazer?
Calvin asked.

The pup knows not his own name?
the wolf's reply had a different tone to it and Calvin thought that the question may have been the wolf laughing at him.

Calvin wanted to tell the wolf that he was 33 and was not a child, but quickly removed that train of thought. In the eyes of the wolves he would be nothing but a pup, learning how to control his own abilities.

Calvin smiled at the name, doubtless that Whispering Leaf had come up with it. Calvin did enjoy star gazing, but he felt there was more to it than that. Calvin was thoughtful and patient and often got lost in his own thoughts.

I like it.

I am Dawn Wind
the wolf sent. I can help teach you, as Whispering Leaf did.

Calvin remained silent for a bit, thinking he heard something, but then reverted back to the Dawn Wind who had continued.

The pup misses his pack?

Then question caught Calvin off guard. His immediate thought was that Dawn Wind was referring to Whispering Leaf and the other wolves that traveled with him. As he thought more, he realized that pack meant family. He was asking if he missed his wife and son.

Yes. I miss them very much.

Dawn Wind remained silent for a bit and Calvin was shaken. Drawn out of his thoughts by a nurse who was shaking his shoulder.

"Mr. Johnson, are you alright? The doctor can see you now."

"Ummm...yeah I'm fine.
Calvin responded. "Sorry."

As the woman led him to a room, Calvin reached back out to Dawn Wind, I must go. I wish you good hunting, Dawn Wind.

Good hunting, Star Gazer.

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The doctor entered the room some moments later. He was short and balding, wearing a white lab coat, and his head was buried in charts.

"So Mr. Johnson, you need stitches in your...foot."

Once again there was a slight pause as the doctor saw Calvin's eyes. Calvin wasn't sure he would ever get used to it, and wondered if he should get some contacts to hide them.

"Yes, doctor.
Calin replied.

The doctor got to work, removing Calvin's makeshift bandage. He disinfected the wound, and began the stitching quietly. It didn't hurt much, but once more, he began his search for more wolves, and was surprised to find one inthe city.

Calvin rached out to this wolf wondering why it was in the city, introducing himself as Star Gazer.

I'm Drifting Snow
the wolf sent an image of snow and Calvin's mind translated them into words.

Why are you in the city...most wolves I met avoid them.

I'm with my two legs

There were more! Calvin had been unaware that there were others with his abilities. He would have to try to meet with this two legs. Maybe this was one reason why Whispering Leaf pushed him here.

We hunt
the sending was very matter of fact.

Please inform your two legs of me. I come. I need help learning. Good hunting Drifting Snow

The wolf bid farewell and left. The doctor finished up and had Calvin stand. His foot hurt less, but was still sore.

"Take it easy the next couple of days and they'll fall out on their own. If the pain is bad, some over the counter pain pills should suffice. If the condtion worsens come back and we'll patch you up again."

The doctor paused and grabbed a tool for looking into patients eyes, "Excuse me one moment Mr. Johnson."

The doctor examined Calvin's eyes and then backed away puzzled.

"Is something wrong, doctor?"

"No...nothing at all."

Calvin smiled as he left the room and headed out to meet the other two legs.

Continued in Out Hunting

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