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Continued from In the Heat of the...Tunnel?

Giovanni awoke, unaware of where he was until the smell of a hospital entered his nostrils. The scent itself bringing back memories of better times. The last time he had really been in a hospital was when he had acquired the Sickness, yet it was still before he had endured the emotional trauma of murder and being hunted.

Murder. He was unsure of the word. Had he really murdered his brother, or was it self-defense? What about when he killed the Atharim man at Michael's place? Giovanni thought on these things as the silence in the dark room lingered.

Silence. A sense that hadn't been around since the ordeal in the tunnels. Ordine and Caos had been his constant companions since he met the bloodsucker, but had not stirred since he awoke, leaveing Giovanni time to think without being interrupted. Giovanni checked the clock - it was 6:00 AM, and the sun had not yet risen.

Ordine caught up with him first, causing Caos to begin his muttering as well. "Help..."

Giovanni groaned and sat up, moving his arm carefully. His shoulder was stiff, but there was little pain. The shoulder had been wrapped in bandages and another shirt had been place on the chair next to his hospital bed - maybe some Red Cross donation or something. A glass of water sat next to the bed and suddenly Giovanni's thirst flared. He picked it up, drained it in seconds and slowly stood.

Surprisingly, the room remained level and Giovanni sighed before putting on the shirt and venturing into the hallway. A young nurse approached him, holding a chart and looking concerned.

"Sir, you've lost a lot of blood, you should lay back down,"
the young man's tenor voice said.

"Please, I just want to go to the chapel to pray. It's Christmas season,"
Giovanni said softly, feeling surprised that he actually meant the words.


Apparently the young nurse was new or actually felt moved by Giovanni's plea. He helped him walk down to the chapel. Giovanni refused the wheel chair, but the young man stayed with him, ready to assist Giovanni at a moments notice.

They arrived at the Chapel. The place was clean and well lit. Several candles stood in front of an icon of Mary - Giovanni assumed they were votive candles for the sick. A statue of Jesus on the cross sat at the front with an altar before it. Several pews adorned the room. All in all, the room was plain, but functional.

Giovanni sat in the second row and pulled a bible out of the pew in front of him. The nurse stayed outside the room, allowing Giovanni to have some privacy. He had never read the book, so he opened to the first page, and began to read silently.

"In the beginning, God..."

Giovanni closed the book and put it back in its place. God was one of the last words he wanted to see right now. Giovanni thought of all the bad things he had done in the last three years, beginning with the incident with his brother. Surely God wouldn't forgive that.

Giovanni put his face in his hands, feeling completely lost. Even as a vagabond, he had never felt this deep sense of isolation and confusion. Giovanni wondered what direction he would take, feeling uncertain of which one was truly the right one.


Ordine's voice had caused him to jump, and Giovanni spotted the man who had sat down in the pew in front of him. He wore all black with the exception of the collar at his neck. A crucifix hung from his next. He was relatively young for a priest, his hair only showing a little gray, but the concern in his eyes was clear.

"I did not mean to scare you, son, but you look troubled,"
the priest's voice was soft and soothing.

Giovanni frowned and said, "I'm fine, Father, just a little tired, that's all."

The priest's brow furrowed, catching the lie, but the priest didn't call attention to it. "If you need anything, son, just ask. I'll leave you to pray for now, and will pray for you."

The priest stood to head back to his office and Giovanni thought on the man's words.


Ordine's words didn't catch Giovanni off guard. His own thoughts had been on forgiveness since he had woken up. The priest was a catalyst for Ordine's reaction. Giovanni turned to face the priest, his back facing Giovanni.

Giovanni said and the priest turned around, a hopeful peace in priest's eyes. "Does...God really forgive sins?"

The priest looked Giovanni in the eyes, pure compassion emanating from him. "We serve a merciful God, son. He always forgives those who ask. Would you like me to hear your confession?"

Giovanni turned his eyes from the priest's gaze, feeling as if his whole life were laid bare before the priest. The priest cared - truly cared -and Giovanni felt a strong urge to confess. He wasn't sure he could though.

Giovanni looked back up at the priest and shook his head in a silent no. The compassion in the priests eyes remained, but it was laced with sadness. The priest nodded to Giovanni, and although it was clear that he thought it be best for Giovanni to confess, he didn't push Giovanni. Perhaps he realized that Giovanni had to come on his own.

"I will continue to pray for you,"
the priest said as he turned back to kneel before the icon of Mary. The priest lit one of the candles, crossed himself, and began to pray silently.

Giovanni stood and began to walk out of the chapel. He hesitated a moment behind the praying priest, wanting to confess everything, yet not ready to. He kept moving and approached the nurse saying he was ready to go back to his room.

Ordine's usual statement was a question laced with sadness.

The nurse escorted him back and informed Giovanni that the doctor wanted one last look before releasing him. They arrived at his room and Giovanni sat back down on his bed and waited. He suddenly just wanted to leave. Choices lay before him, and he had no idea which one he should make.

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Giovanni sat on the bed while waiting for the doctor to show up. What he saw was a complete surprise to him. She was beautiful. She was young for a doctor, with dark hair and eyes. She was thin and wore small glasses. Giovanni, brain muddled with morphine, couldn't help but check her out as she walked to look at his chart.

"Very nice..."
Giovanni heard Caos say.

"What was that?"
the doctor said and Giovanni realized he had spoken the words aloud.

"I said, very nice."
Giovanni responded.

The doctor frowned as she looked at his chart and then smiled knowingly. She had seen that he was drugged up. "I'm going to need you to remove your shirt so I can examine your wound."

"I bet that's why you want me to take my shirt off..."
Giovanni followed Caos lead.

The doctor chuckled at him, but waited until Giovanni pulled off his shirt before removing the bandages and examining the wound on his shoulder.

"This should heal up fine. Lay back down, the morphine is still wearing off."

"You know, there's plenty of room here for two..."
Giovanni said patting the side of the bed as he obeyed.

The doctor sighed and replaced Giovanni's chart. "Alright Romeo, just sleep ok - a couple of hours and you can go."

"But, Signorina, I'm lonely and cold. Perhaps you can help with that."

She responded by drawing up his blanket. "Sorry, Romeo, I can't be your Juliet."

Giovanni watched her as she left. She turned off the light and closed the door. Giovanni stared at the ceiling and laughed at himself. She was cute. Perhaps it was time for him to find some female companionship. Maybe it was time to enjoy life. Feeling the morphine addle his brain, Giovanni fell into a deep sleep.

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Continued from Hoping For A Family Reunion

Luciano breathed deeply as he exited the shower in his hotel room. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he went into the room. The woman in his bed roused a bit and gave him a smile that he returned. She was a nurse at the guardian, or a candy-striper maybe; Luciano didn't remember, but she was talkative and nosey, and that would work well into his plans.

Women found him attractive and charming, and Luciano had found that he could use that to his advantage. There we're many hospitals in the Moscow area, and Luciano had to find out which one Uncle Francesco had been taken to. He needed inside information, and didn't think that going into the hospital and asking "have you seen this man?" would to over well. That's when he came into conatct with this woman - what was her name...Sofia maybe?

He would have to trick her into revealing whether or not she had seen his mark. Most hospital employees were good at keeping information confidential. He had placed his uncle's photo on the bedside table. She hadn't noticed it yet, but they had been a little busy last night. She was nosey enough that she'd see it eventually.

"Good morning, Luci""
she said sitting up and smiling at him.

"Good morning,"
he responded, placing a fake smile on his face.

Great...she has no idea what it means to have a one night stand. And shortening my name...what's up with that bullshit.
Luciano thought as he sat down to begin gettinf dressed.

Sofia, or whatever her name was, stood up and sat in his lap. She kissed him, and Luciano returned it. He wasn't interested in her, but would play the game if he needed to. She stood back up and walked back to the bed and sat down. Her eyes finally crossed over the photo.

"Who's this?"
she asked picking up the photo.

Perfect! "That's my uncle. I'm new in town and was looking to stay with him. I haven't seen him since I was a young boy, so I brought a photo so I could recognize him. When I arrived, he wasn't there and a neighbor told me he had been injured and was taken to the hospital. That's why I was there last night, but I got a little distracted."

He gave her a grin and she beamed at him before turning her eyes to.the picture again. "I saw him on my rounds yesterday. He was pretty tired but ok. I'm guessing he'll be released today."

Good girl.
Luciano thought as she stood to kiss him again.

She said something about taking a shower, but Luciano's thoughts were on the hunt now. He quickly got dressed and removed his weapons from their hiding place in the room. He strapped his knives onto various places on his body, put on his shoulder holster, and placed his revolver into it after checking to see that it was loaded. He put on his jacket and tie, put on his winter coat, and left the room silently. The hunt had really begun.

[Image: Luciano_zps6125e206.jpg]

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Giovanni was tired. He wasn't physically tired - not anymore anyways. He had gotten a lot of rest in hospital room and most of the drugs had worn off. He was tired of living the nomadic life and tired of being a petty thief. He seized the power and felt invigorated by it. Everything in the room came into sharper focus as a knock came on the door and the female doctor entered.

Giovanni remembered his drug addled conversation with the doctor from before, and part of him felt ashamed, but part of him felt proud of himself for speaking his mind. Ok - perhaps asking the doctor to sleep with him was too much, but other than that, he had done well. It was a nice change from the hermit life he had lived before then.

"How are you feeling?"
the doctor asked.

"Very well now, thank you...and sorry."
Giovanni said, surprised that he meant it, but at the same time thinking that the whole ordeal was a lot of fun.

The doctor laughed and said, "Don't worry about it. You're not the first patient to do it and it's likely you'll not be the last. Move you arm for me a bit. How does it feel?"

Giovanni obeyed and mentioned that if felt a little tense and there was still some pain. She nodded and told him to keep moving the arm and use some pain killers for the pain. In a few days everything should be alright, but he should stop in if the pain got worse or wouldn't go away.

"You're clear to go, Romeo."
the doctor said with a smile. "Take care of yourself.

Giovanni thanked her and left the room, still holding on to the power. He had been worried about the incident in the tunnel leaving him unable to use it, and feeling it surge in him made him feel better. He assumed that practice would keep him from freezing up again.

He felt a need to do something with it though. He approached the counter and the young lady behind the desk smiled at him. It was a pretty smile and Giovanni returned it.

"Do I need to check out or anything."

She said he was good to go as Giovanni used a thread of air to knock her pencil cup on the floor. The woman jumped out of her chair in surprise. "Did you see that!?"

"What, miss? Your pencil cup fell - not that big of a deal."

"It moved by itself!"

Giovanni kept himself from smiling, but inwardly he was laughing. It was quite amusing. Other people in the lobby were beginning to watch. "I'm sure there is a completely logical explanation for it, miss. Do you need some help cleaning up."

The woman shook her head in the negative and Giovanni bid her farewell, using another thread of air to knock a plant of the table a man walked past it.

"What the fuck!?"
the man shouted as the plant fell. A mother nearby shushed and glared at him as she covered her child's ears.

Giovanni glanced back, feigning concern before slipping out of the hospital. He turned the corner and let out a laugh at the mischief he caused. It was a nice day and the only thing that made it more complicated was the arguing voices in his head.

God, shut up!
Giovanni thought as Ordine let out a hmmm and Caos hissed before their arguing recommenced.

Giovanni leaned against the wall and put his hands into his pockets. In his pocket, he felt the roll of bills that Armande had given him in the tunnels. He had forgotten about it. He was partially concealed so he pulled out the stack to count it. Another piece of paper fell to the ground and Giovanni picked it up. The top of the paper had the name "Claire Novak" on it and below it had her contact information.

He had forgotten about Claire and Giovanni immediately felt a sense of guilt. She had offered to help him, and he had fallen into old habits once more of avoiding others. Giovanni suddenly felt tired again. Maybe it was time to really settle down - get a job, a home, maybe a girlfriend. As he thought about it, he realized he just wanted to enjoy life now.

Giovanni put the note back in his pocket and made a mental checklist of what he would have to do. First he would need work to generate some income. He looked down at his clothes, functional, but dirty and old. No one would hire him looking like this. So he would need to get a new suit and a shower wouldn't hurt either. He could pick up one of those Wallets too to stay in touch with people.

With that in mind, he went to a nearby hotel and got a room. It was mostly so he could shower, but it would also give him another nights sleep in a real bed. He would have to find more permanent residence somewhere soon, but didn't know many people. Would Michael, Jensen, or Connor being willing to help him get on his feet?

After his shower, he pulled out the money again and counted it. The stack totaled 1,532 CCD dollars. It was quite a find. How the dead bloodsucker had gotten it, he couldn't imagine. Giovanni left he room and went to a nearby store to get a Wallet. He got an older used model to save some money and the shopkeeper helped Giovanni set it up and showed him how to use it.

Giovanni left the shop and pulled out the card with Claire's name on it. He input the information and sent her a message:

Hi Claire. It's Gio. I don't know if you remember me, but we met awhile ago. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. You said you would be willing to help me sometime with finding some good clothing. I'm looking for a job and could use some help. If you are willing, that would be great. If you don't want to, I would understand.


Giovanni then headed to a men's clothing shop. He could at least get something decent. One of the men helped Giovanni find a decent suit that wasn't too expensive that would be suitable for finding jobs. It was a standard black suit. Giovanni also picked up a couple of dress shirts and a black tie to go with the ensemble. Giovanni looked at himself in the mirror, feeling like a new man.

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Luciano entered the hospital and it looked as if there had been some commotion. A janitor was cleaning the floor where a plant had fallen. He looked around, but couldn't see his Uncle anywhere and short of asking the staff if they had seen him, there wasn't much more that he could do besides watch. He decided that outside would give him a better vantage point and he hoped his Uncle hadn't been released already.

Luciano exited the hospital and crossed the street, looking in shop windows and using the reflection on them to keep tabs on the hospital entrance. Occasionally, he would enter a store and "browse" but always kept an eye on the hospital.

Time went by and Luciano kept moving. He became more frustrated as time passed, but he tried to keep his patience. He would have done well too if not for the feminine form he saw approaching him from the hotel he was staying at.

"Luciano, you fucking asshole."
Sofia or whatever her name was, said, moving quickly to intercept him. "What you think you can just leave me there like I'm some fucking whore. What the hell is wrong with you?"

Luciano wasn't really bothered that she was upset. He was more bothered that people were beginning to take notice of the situation. If Uncle Francesco was out, he would notice him.

"Listen, Sofia, I had..."

Luciano's statement was interrupted by an ear ringing slap across the right side of his face. He saw stars and stumbled back against the wall of the shop.

"My name is Stefinia you son of a bitch. Stay the hell away from me."

With that Stefina left the area and several of the people near her applauded her actions. Luciano regained his balance and as he did a muscular man pushed him back against the wall.

"Stay there asshole,"
the man commanded him.

Luciano rested on the wall for a few moments while the crowd dispersed. This wasn't turning out to be the day he had wanted it to be.

[Image: Luciano_zps6125e206.jpg]
Giovanni exited the job in his new attire, truthfully feeling like a new man. He was holding the power and everything around him was in clear focus. He could hear the multitude of steps on the pavement and people chattering as they walked.

"Luciano you fucking asshole!"
Giovanni heard the exclamation coming from across the street.

Luciano was an Italian name. It was also his nephew's name. Giovanni wondered if the boy had caught up with him and he prepared to fight the young Atharim by preparing some weaves.

More attention was being given to the scene, but finally enough people broke apart for Giovanni to see the young woman screaming at a young man. The boy was taller and had filled out more, but there was no doubt that the young man was his nephew.

"Kill, kill, KILL!"

"A chance..."

Caos and Ordine's arguing intensified at the recognition of Luciano. If the boy had been initiated, he would be dangerous, and if he was this close, the confrontation between the two would be near. Giovanni was determined to fight the battle on his terms.

Slap! The woman slapped Luciano across the face - hard. He heard her mention her name and the pieces fell together. Luciano had used her for sex and forgotten her name. The young man staggered back dazed, and Giovanni couldn't help but laugh with the crowd.

Luciano was a joke and Giovanni found himself wondering why he was ever afraid the young man would find him. As the crowd dispersed and a muscular man pushed Luciano against the wall again, Giovanni prepared a weave of air to encircle his nephews ankles. He didn't hold it tight enough to trip him - only enough to keep him from moving. Luciano tried to step away, but found himself unable to move and Giovanni smiled as the young man looked confused at his situation.


The word itself brought a smile to his face as well. Giovanni was beginning to find his strength again. Luciano was weak and insignificant and he would know it before the end.

Giovanni approached a still struggling Luciano from behind as he sent a second weave of air around Luciano's arms and torso - again just keeping it so he could barely move.

"Buon giorno, il mio nipote."
Giovanni whispered as he got close enough for the boy to hear.

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Being this close to his nephew brought memories back to Giovanni...memories of a different time and a different name.

Three years earlier, Rome, Italy...

Francesco had just been released from the hospital and he knew what it meant. They would hunt him - those he had once called brother would hunt him and they wouldn't stop until he was gone.

He didn't check out of the hospital. Lucky for him, he was on the first floor, so he climbed through the window and used the training the Atharim had given him in stealth to remain hidden as he left Rome. He had trained slowly, wanting to perfect his craft before receiving the ouroboros and now it looked like he would never receive it.

Part of him thought they were right - the Atharim, but the more primal need for survival took hold. He would be hunted, but he would make sure he did what he could to avoid them. He had left the hospital at night to be able to use the cover of darkness. He would use every advantage he could get.

He was one of them. One of those that had destroyed the world. He had power and didn't know how to use it. He didn't know if he would ever want to use it. He felt dirty using it - an evil filth that wouldn't go away whenever he felt that power raging through him.

Francesco kept moving, reaching the outskirts of the city and finally arriving in some area of country. He started to run. Being out in the open made him more nervous as suddenly a vehicle approached from behind.

Francesco hid behind a tree and made himself small as the vehicle stopped and doors opened and closed. "Come out Francesco, we know you're there. You know why we're here. Let's just get it over with."

It was his brother, Alberto. His brother had come himself to see the deed completed. His brother was probably smart enough to know that Francesco would be little danger to him now; Francesco couldn't use his god-powers at will yet.

Francesco stepped out and saw that his brother was not alone. Alberto's son, Luciano had accompanied him. Alberto was much older than Francesco, and as a result, his nephew was only three years younger than he.

"I'll make it quick brother. You know we have to do it."

Alberto had thought Francesco would give up and part of him wanted to, but another part of him was angry and full of fear. He was afraid to die and didn't want his brother's hands stained with his own blood. Suddenly, that power filled him - it was disgusting and sweet at the same time.

Fear filled him as the cloudless sky filled with clouds. Francesco looked up as did Alberto and Luciano. Recognition filled Alberto's eyes as he began to pull out a gun to fire at Francesco. Before doing so, lightning struck from the sky and hit Alberto. Luciano was tossed aside and landed on top of the vehicle they had used to follow him. The scent of burnt hair and flesh filled the air.

Francesco moved forward, examining Alberto's body. There was no way his brother had survived. He then check Luciano; the boy was unconscious, but still breathing. He would live, and more than likely lead the hunt for his uncle now.

Francesco ran east, eventually coming to a church. There was a horse stable outside, and Francesco saddled one. He was tired, but couldn't stop running now. The horse would get him far enough away from Rome for now. It was night, but not terribly late and the church choir was practicing inside. He recognized the piece as Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli.

As he rode away, Francesco thought that he would need a new name. It probably wouldn't help forever, but it would slow the Atharim down. The name of the Mass's composer would suffice for a first name, but what would be a good surname. Francesco held tighter to the reins as he thought of the Italian word for horse...change a few things...and it would work.

Giovanni Cavelli would be a good name...

Giovanni looked as his nephew face him. Luciano was good at hiding his emotions, but Giovanni and fear were old friends and he recognized the fear in his nephew's eyes. Luciano knew he had come face to face with a god.
Luciano turned his head to see his Uncle Francesco behind him. He couldn't move - an unseen force kept his legs from walking. Since Sofia's - Stefinia's rather - outburst, people had been ignoring him and giving him a wide berth. No one that he could see had noticed his struggle.

His Uncle wielded the power of the gods. The problem now though was his Uncle could control it and use it at his whim. Fear sank deep into Luciano, but he kept his face serene. His Uncle wouldn't know he was afraid of him.

"Uncle...I was just looking for you."

His uncle gave a grin that made Luciano want to shudder. "Walk"

The bonds around Luciano's ankles loosened enough for him to walk, although. Luciano wondered why his Uncle hadn't killed him while he had the chance, but as he thought of it, he understood. Outside the hospital wouldn't be a good place to kill him.

They walked in silence until they arrived at an abandoned building. The streets were now empty as the door opened without anyone working the mechanism. Luciano's fear deepened as the entered and he was lifted off the ground and pinned against the wall on the other side of the room.

Giovanni moved forward and his nephew's fear was palpable. He opened Luciano's coat and spied the revolver. Giovanni removed it, emptied it of bullets which he put in his coat pocket, and placed the revolver in his belt. He patted Luciano down, removing all of the knives including the one he kept in his boot.

Giovanni did all of this in silence. "So why haven't you killed me yet? Why draw it out?"
Luciano said, his voice emphasizing the fear.

Giovanni smiled at that. "The difference between me and you, nipote, is that I have no desire to kill you. I'll do what must be done though."
Luciano laughed a forced laugh. "You murdered my dad and then say you have no desire to kill me."

Luciano shuddered as Giovanni grinned at him again. Luciano was being held above the ground and Giovanni had to look up at him, but there was no question which one of the two was in charge in the situation.


"A chance..."

Caos and Ordine struggled for supremacy in the situation. Giovanni was tired of the voices always taking control, but they had good ideas. Giovanni didn't choose one. He would let Luciano choose.

"As I remember, Luciano, he came to kill me. I was defending myself. You're quick to deal out judgement on matters you don't understand."

Giovanni formed another thread of air and wrapped it around his nephew's neck. It wasn't tight enough for the boy to feel it, but it was prepared nonetheless.

"No, I didn't want to kill my brother, and I don't want to kill you either, but I'll do what must be done."

"You said that already. What the hell do you mean?"
Luciano was beginning to panic.

"It's up to you how this situation ends. You leave Moscow, stop hunting me, and never return, and I will let you go. I will not hunt or pursue you. You will live - likely a long and happy life. If you return, I will kill you. If you do not find these terms acceptable then I'll do the deed now. I'm tired of being hunted and won't accept it anymore. So what's your choice."

Luciano's panic was still there, but there was a determination in his eyes. Giovanni shook his head as Luciano said, "Fuck off."

"That's your answer then."

The panic returned as Giovanni tightened the air thread around Luciano's neck and twisted sharply. There was a loud crack as Giovanni released the threads holding Luciano up and his body fell to the ground lifeless.

Giovanni searched Luciano again, finding two thousand CCD dollars on his person. There was nothing else of value. The warehouse had a dirt floor and Giovanni dug a hole and buried Luciano in it. He didn't need police asking questions.

Giovanni felt a freedom that he hadn't felt before. The Atharim might still pursue him, but he could fight back. He would train and get better - both in the power and physically. He would be ready for them - after all, he was their superior.
Shadows swathed half her face, her back resting against the wall of an alley bordering the empty street. Black hair framed the paleness of her cheeks, the stormy murk of her eyes surveying her surroundings with idle disinterest while she spoke into the Wallet in her hand. The call was business, one of many forays into plans that had been simmering in the back of her mind since her visit to Sofiya's grave. Kallisti was not known for attracting trouble, and she had always left the unimportant detail of security to Carmen. Until now. A smirk upturned her lips as she spoke, though her voice was low and perfectly inflectionless as she bargained.

She desired loyalty unquestioned, of course, but for that required leverage. Money was too weak an incentive, easily outbid by others, and that made her doubt the more notorious of security companies. She didn't want a contract of ink and words, she wanted it of blood. A cause that claimed the soul. Morality was negligible; she wasn't after a white knight, so her feelers fed into the Underground first. The hooks were set. She'd wait. Call ended, she slid the Wallet into the pocket of her jacket, set to move on.

Two men broke the isolation of her view. Gave her pause. Her gaze followed them ahead, darkly curious for a single reason; the one that walked stiffly, despite no visible bonds. Oriena was not unaccustomed to violence. Her childhood had been punctuated by the sorts of heinousness no-one wished on a child, and she knew the value of turning a blind eye. Whatever was happening, she did not care for soft-hearted reasons.

Still, a sly look followed them into an abandoned building, and she stepped out of the alley, arms folded. A smile curled like smoke from her lips. The curiosity lured, despite the danger.

Better judgement was lost to the maelstrom as she crossed the street to loiter by the door, leaning casually, the sole of one booted foot pressed against the wall. Silence hung heavy; she heard nothing of what transpired within, even with the light that fizzled brilliantly against her skin, dousing the world in a new dimension of sense.

The man who eventually retreated was alone. Ori pushed off the wall to join him in step. "Where's your friend?"
The words were brittle, accusatory. Knowing, even if only in pretence. There was probably only one reason he was now alone. She braced herself for his reaction.
"You say you're a godman. So what? 
I'm the devil herself"
Alpha ~ Little Destroyer
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