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A new Old Search.
The Older man enters the this "place of enlightenment". small in stature, humped over with just a thin cane for support he glances around the room. Wondering **is there people to help and do I want their help"**. He slowly wonders the room scanning seemingly at random, but knowing exactly what he wants. He is new to the city but has already heard what is in the heart of the center of knowledge, he dare not use his magic.

Finally a young clerk approaches "good day sir, may I help you". The old man ponders for a minute then replies "I am looking for Celtic lore" "that is quite a topic, do u wish to read or purchase?" the clerk responds, the old man remains silent. Finally the young clerk leads the older man to a back row of dusty tombs. "not many are interested in this old of lore anymore it is refreshing to find a scholar in this day and age." The Old man remains quiet and carefully studies each tomb. The disciplined young clerk never leaves the side of the old man. Finally the old man points to 5 volumes and says "these is wish to buy". The young man quickly gathers the tombs and having dealt with many eccentric scholars before does not blink an eye. from under the old cloak of the old man he produce his "wallet" the new electronic device of the time. After the payment the young clerk wraps each tomb in a leather cloth and binds them neatly. Taking the package the old man leaves with out a word. After he leaves 3 men clothed in black step out of the shadows, they say nothing only nod to each other. After a short time One man in black leaves and looks up and down the street, the old man could not have gone far, but is no where in site. After a brief search he puts the old man out of his mind, there is rumor of a wealthy young Fishing tycoon in town whose sister had died of the pandemic.

Exiting the shop the old man quickly turns into an alley, at the back of the ally he turns again at each turns he becomes a little taller and a little younger finally turning back onto the street he appears as he normally does, a young man of 27 in a tee-shirt and sailor dungarees. The young man wheres a back pack now with a distinct bulge. Having found some old tombs he did not already own he headed back to the wharf, where his ship was docked. He planned on staying for a small time but trusted no hotels Moscow. He may appear a ship-rat, many would not guess he is the heir to the wealthiest family in Ireland. Silently he wondered if he would go unnoticed by the powers that be or if he would have to dress up and put on his dog and pony show.

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