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Servants in kind
Blue eyes glowing with knowledge drank in the screen with all the thirst of a man in the desert. This most recent article was published in the Houston Chronicle, but reflected one of a dozen similar reports the Regus consumed these last few hours.

It was well into the early morning hours. The object of his obsessive research related to these mysterious findings in the Gulf of Mexico. It cost him blurred vision to remove his eyes from the screen, having so long toiled over digital words. Finally, when the strain became unbearable, he rubbed his eyes, seeking a moment's rest.

There was a glass of water on his desk. Carried there hours before hand, it remained untouched until now. It was gone in a few, short gulps. Fifteen seconds exactly to center his mind, followed by a minute of meditation to quell his growing excitement. He could not allow emotion to interfere with his work, despite what anticipation that drew him to send the following message, written in Formula Valetudinis since the recipient was fluent in Greek, but titled appropriately to his office in Latin:

Armande Giánni̱s polla kharein kai errosthai,


I had the immense pleasure of being a colleague of your Archeology mentor while we were both at Harvard. I see much of him in your studies, and applaude your recent efforts, particularly your deauthentication of the Q Document.

Our interests are greatly aligned. I have dedicated my life to the collection of antiquities and a mastery of ancient languages. In honor, the Holy See has deigned me Director of the Vatican Historical Society. I offer my assistance in the verification of the cuneiform language, and am in personal possession of some documents you might find intriguing as well.

I reside in Moscow at the moment, overseeing the opening of our second headquarters. However I frequently travel to the Vatican. I wish to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Ta d' alla, seautou epimelou hin hugiaineis,

Director, Vatican Historical Society of the Sancta Sedes,
Servus Servorum Papa, His Holiness,
Armande Nicodemus

Message sent to Mr. Doulou, Armande retired to recuperate the rest of the night's sleep.
Continued from Uncovering the Past...

John sat down and quickly wrote a response to Armande Nicodemus.

Armande Nicodemus

Honorati et libenter ad te. Pone temporibus tuum commodum. Praesto ero. Ego etiam multum acciperent acies habeátis in acquisitionem cunneiform novissima mea.

Humilis servus vester
John Smith

(and in English for the uninitiated)

Armande Nicodemus

I would be pleased and honored to meet with you. Set the date at your convenience. I will make myself available for you. I would also warmly receive any insight you may have in my newest cunneiform acquisition.

Your humble servant,
John Smith

John called a courier service and arranged to have his letter picked up and delivered to the given address. When the courier arrived and understood the address, the man refused payment. He said that it was his honor to be of service and that no payment was necessary. John was confused. Who was the man he was communicating with, really?

Continued in
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Rereading the missive, Armande smirked at the second pass through. Latin was woefully unnecessary, and while Armande's official titles were Latin honorarium, the salutations had been in Greek for a purpose. He was extending a respectful olive branch to the young man. In return, Smith tossed wood to flame and doled an immature gesture of his own. This was not the best way to initiate a working relationship. However, Armande did not take it personally. He understood the inflated whims of younger egos. Someday, John would age to the point he no longer had time for such games; Armande did not. He formulated a suggested date and meeting place, and arranged for the message's delivery.

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