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[Archangels] The World is Changed
((Any Atharim is welcome to pop in. Regus and the Archangels probably need to make an appearance and Aria will be.))

Martin was going over reports in his office when his wallet buzzed with a new alert. He gave a silent sigh as he set down the paper and picked up the electronic device and flipped the screen to the alert. His eyes went wide as he watched the declaration of Apolyon. He should be dead, was the only thought running through his head.

And the minute the word Atharim slipped from the man's power-filled mouth Martin was sending an urgent text to the god-forsaken little whelp of a girl who was supposed to be killing the greatest power in the world. He smirked at the thought of her taking on Ascendancy himself. It was something he dreamed of nightly. Watching her boil and burn like the monster that she was only to die so he could use her to gain intel. Yes, that was his plan.

The text was simple Here! Now!

He didn't expect her to show up immediately. Martin had plenty of time to wait for the whelp and think about what he was going to say to her. He had a mission to plan, the paperwork on his desk was all but forgotten. He needed to decide the best course of action after sending the girl to her death.

Martin walked out of his office towards the armory. We have to have something that can do the job.
Elyse was in the armory. Her searching had led to a discovery in the Underground City of monsters that she could hunt. Mostly, she just needed some ammunition. Her pistol was cleaned and her crossbow was in working order, but she could always make sure she had more.

As she was in the armory, she was unaware of the announcement the Ascendancy had made. Elyse double checked her equipment before moving to leave.
Martin didn't find the Armory empty. Another small wisp of a girl was checking through her gear. He cleared his throat to announce his presence. "Looking for something in particular?"

He didn't recognize her, but he hardly had time to keep track of all the new faces around these parts since the Regus' convocation. New faces. New talents. He wondered what drove this particular one to the Atharim. So many born into servitude. Others chosen by the monsters themselves. And the few brought in for exemplary skill sets. He wondered which she fell into.

But he hoped he could help her and send her packing on her way so he could hunt in solitude and think. People around in the armory always set Matin's nerves on edge.
One announcement. The world changed.

She paced the corridors like a caged animal, grim faced, disseminating what she'd heard - what the world had heard - and what it might mean. Long fingers caressed the inelegant tattoo beneath her sleeve. To hear her society's name on stranger's lips had unnerved her; stripped a layer of anonymity she'd never realised was so precious. Worse, it brought her own inner conflict into sharper focus. The line she walked grew thinner. The day she might fall seemed closer than it had yesterday.

Her feet took her towards the armoury. Seeking an outlet, perhaps, else unconsciously needing protection. She was a walking weapon, of course, but something solid in the hand was always comforting. But the voices within stopped her short. Of course others would have had the same urge. A grimace hardened her expression, and her arms folded across her chest; waiting for the bodies to clear out.
Elyse was unfrightened by the man who had approached. She had smelled his presence. Elyse, however, did look up at him as he spoke to her. She shook her head no at his question.

"No, thank you,"
she said, her Scandinavian accent curling around the English words. "I was just checking my equipment before I go investigating something in the Underground."

She didn't recognize the hard faced man that had entered, but access to the armory should only be restricted to Atharim. Elyse checked the safety on her weapon before putting it away, and then approached him. "Elyse Andersen. I'm a new transfer from Denmark."
Martin wanted to groan at the introduction. He really didn't have time to socialize. And how did this girl not know who he was. Did she not watch the convocation?

But there was nothing left but to be courteous. "Martin Borovsky, head of the Archangels.."
He extended to his title to impress upon the fact that she should know who he was.

He gave her a curt nod and walked around her and started scanning the walls looking at the various equipment. "The tunnels seem to be a lucrative hunting spot. One of my own charges finds herself down there quite often. Have you seen these weird abominations she speaks of often?"
Martin turned to look at the girl out of curiosity. "Things she's never seen before."

Martin began to wonder if the gods had anything to do with these things Aria had hunted before - report after report of these 'things'. After Ascendancy was taken care of he might have to check on that himself. The gods created all manner of creatures back in the war of gods. The Atharim were still cleaning up that mess to this day.

((Removed High Inquisitor per Regus request - supposed to be a secret society!))

Edited by Borovsky, Jul 1 2016, 12:52 PM.
Elyse nodded at his introduction. The name the man had given was familiar. She had heard of him when she listened to the convocation. These Archangels were the Atharim that were fiercely loyal to everything the Atharim stood for. If the man knew what she was, he would remove her head without a second thought.

These creatures though, she knew nothing of. She had just gotten here, and hadn't done too much exploring. The Danish girl shook her head. "I have not, but I've only just arrived in Moscow, and am new to the environment. If you wish, I could look for them, given a description of the creatures."

She hoped the man would take her offer and give her a description of the beasts. That would give her something to focus on.
Yoshimura was practicing his swordsmanship. It wasn't a tool he used much anymore, but he wanted to keep his skills up regardless. The Japanese man was getting with technology despite having eschewed most of it for most of his life.

A beep came from his wallet and when he looked he saw that the Ascendancy was giving a speech. Yoshimura's eyes widened as he listened. The announcement was quite...disturbing.

Things would change now - more than they already had. The Atharim were running out of time especially since Ascendancy revealed them. Yoshimura put his swords away and stashed them for later use. He would practice later. For now it might be a good idea to find Borovsky and Cross. They would have work to do.
Martin continued to browse the wall as she made her declaration of arrival. He sighed. She was of no use - until her offer. Not that he didn't have a good description. Hell, between her and her loyal boy toy they had pictures of the gruesome things. They reported locations they'd cleared and re-cleared time and time again - each time getting only a little deeper into the catacombs underneath the city.

Martin took his wallet from his pocket and sent the girl the last few reports from both Aria and Nox. Detailing their exploits. But there was always that nagging feeling that these two were hiding something. She was Sentient. She was always hiding something. He tried not to spit in disgust but his lip curled in distaste.

He shook his emotions away and turned to look the short girl in the eye. "I don't suggest you hunt alone, not if you hunt these. My charge and her partner are always together and their numbers are large and unpredictable. I've sent you the reports from their last two hunts. Three levels deep in the underground city is as far as they've gone thus far. I cannot stress enough that you should not hunt these things alone. Take the boy with you if you must have someone. Aria will be busy for the foreseeable future. He should be returning from his side trip home soon."

Figuring the conversation over he turned back to his wall of high tech weapons looking for the best solution to his current problem - killing Ascendancy!
Elyse nodded. She had enjoyed working alone. She was sort of a lone wolf, but she could understand the caution suggested by the other Atharim. "Understood, I'll find another hunter before I head down there."

Elyse would get in touch with this Nox Durante, but he was apparently out and about, and Elyse wanted at least to start investigating. Perhaps she could find another willing hunter to go down with her.

She sent this Nox a message.

<dt>Outgoing Message</dt>
<dd> </dd>
"Mr. Durante, my name is Elyse Andersen. Another hunter. I'm tasked to find some information in your reports in the Underground City. Would like to go with you if possible. Await your message either way. Thanks,


Elyse turned the corner and found herself face to face with another woman. "Hello,"
she said. "Elyse Andersen, I'm new to Moscow."
She at least tried to be friendly and introduce herself.

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