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A Freed Prisoner
Aria had plenty of time to sit and do absolutely nothing while she waited on the Regus and Martin Borovsky to come up with their plan. She was sure her only objective would be to lead them into the den of the lion. And to their deaths.

Thankfully she had her wallet with her and she was able to text Nox to stay away from HQ. He was having a busy day. He said they had a lot to talk about but he didn't want to do it over texts. Annoying since she could likely be dead before she saw him again. But whatever...

A book was sitting open on her lap in a comfortable chair in the library. It wasn't like home, and she was truly bored out of her mind. She was avoiding anything that put her around people, the emptiness was grating.

Aria started reading the next page of her book, and rubbed at her temple. The edge of a headache started. Things started to get blurry. The pain intensified at a greater rate. And soon it was completely unbearable. Her mind was overwhelmed with pain. Oh the pain. Nothing but pain...

Aria's heart was racing in her chest, she could feel it pounding against her fingers as she clenched her hands to her head. Overwhelming pain... fear... hate... misery... regret... but it was mostly pain - her own pain but the rest weren't her.

Aria pulled her safety around her but it slipped from her grasp. The bubble was elusive. Aria saught the calm of her center. It was reflex when things went chaotic. To search for the calm center and when she found it nearby Aria's heart dropped. Everything else stopped. The pain, the hate and every other overwhelming emotion that was flooding her brain evaporated on the one swift edge - Dane!

The moment passed and the world crashed in on Aria again and she realized why. Stupid girl! she chided herself. Her senses had been wide - trying desperately to grasp any and every possible emotion out there and striking at a loss. It was a measured effort, a distinct pulling of her senses back inside after the distance she'd stretched them. She could feel blips of people around her. Fear, Anger, Hate. There was plenty of that to go around. Plenty.

Aria smiled to herself - her powers weren't gone. But now there was a problem. She was told not to leave the mansion, and she had been willing to obey - until now. Until she knew where Dane was. Dane was sitting looking in her bathroom window. When did he get back? Aria smiled to herself - would she risk the ire of the Regus by leaving, even for a moment??


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