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In the Event of...
Word had gotten around that Martin Borovsky had died. Atharim died everyday - it was nothing new. No ceremony, not pomp and circumstance, just the sense of loss permeated the building. Jance had been Martin's secretary for over 20 years. Personal Assistant she called herself, but she was just a glorified secretary. Before every mission Martin always handed her letters to distribute in the event that he died. It was the first time she'd had to deliver them. One went into the post for Dorian Vega. It was a new name on the list, but Vega had worked with Martin for many years, so it hadn't surprised her when she dropped the letter in the post box to go out. Vega hadn't been seen since before the Annoucement that Ascendnancy had been made - which wasn't out of the ordinary, but it made giving him the letter personally very difficult.

The second letter was to the American Cross he'd been working with in his new position as Metatron. Jance had no idea what the letter might contain, but it was delivered to the woman in the gym without any ceremony. Jance hadn't even stayed around to watch the woman read the letter. It hadn't mattered to her. Jance would find a new employer with in the Atharim - she always did.

The last and final letter was to that of the Regus. It was always address to Armande personally, but this time, it was addressed. "To the Current Regus" As if he too might not return from the mission. Martin had been prepared for the eventuality that they could all die, and it was with a heavy heart that Jance delivered the letter to the Regus. She left the letter with the secretary and walked away. It was only then that Jance let the tears fall - a good man had fallen never to walk the halls of the Atharim again but he died a hero. Or at least that's how she'd remember him.

(( PMing the letters to those it was delivered... You can reveal it how you feel necessary ))

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