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The moon grew great and small many times before Silas returned to the stone roads of the two-legged.

He followed the scent of meat. Boiling and bubbling. Harsh and putrefied against the wet snow. But where there was ruined meat, there also would be fresh.

With shaking paws, he fumbled with the round disk in the road until claws pried it from its iron seams.

He thrust his muzzle into the darkness revealed, sniffing at the humidity of the tunnel. Human, foul and wet, but also meat and flame.

He dropped in with a splash, crouched low. Fire flew, paws barely touching the surface of the underground river. He was a black shadow in a blacker tunnel and led only by a pair of golden glowing eyes. His mouth watered as he drew close.

continued from here

Sierra started out of Moscow. She got to the edge but something kept her wandering the edges and back into the city proper. Something felt incomplete, like she was missing something. Leaving the city right now didn't feel right, but she didn't want to be in the middle of humanity.

Sierra wandered the streets at the edge of Moscow. The night sky was hidden behind an ever present grey cloud. The stars and the moon hadn't seen earth it seemed in months. Something caught Sierra's attention. It was fleeting, almost like she'd seen a ghost. She could have sworn it was Snow dashing off into the tunnels below the city. The outflow drainage system looked creepy. But Sierra could have sworn it was Snow, but he he was dead.

Against her better judgement Sierra followed her phantom friend. She knew she was seeing things. She knew better, but it was hope. Despite the creepy place she was going.

The farther in she went the darker it got, and the smell increases. Her super-human senses were good in the long run, but at times like these where the stench of living and decay present itself so strongly Sierra was sure it was a bane.

She had not seen any sight of her mystery phantom since entering. She should turn around. But two golden globes caught her eye. Sierra stopped in panic. She didn't believe in monsters, but that was not human. She couldn't smell anything over the gunk of the place. Sierra knocked her bow and took a step forward. If she saw the glow of its eyes she was sure it could see her. The light was dim, and she soon made out a face, a human face with golden eyes.

Sierra didn't smile, but another like her was something to celebrate... maybe. She lowered her bow, there was something about him she wasn't sure of. He had the look of predator. She had to be careful.
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The closer Sierra got to the man, the less she liked it. She stopped. Sierra suppressed her fear and started backing up. The darkness was closing in, he smelled of... Aaron, like he had, when he became the wolf. But there was no familiar smell of woods, just danger.

Sierra didn't run, but she left quickly. Meeting another like her wasn't worth her neck. She didn't want answers anymore, just to get away.

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