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Searching for a Quarry
Elyse wore all black with armor underneath her shirt. She was on a hunt. Rumors of a creature feeding on human flesh had perked up her ears and she decided to take a look and investigate.

After the incident outside of Moscow, Elyse had spoken with the police and the hospital staff. She told the truth, not speaking about the others that had been there, but as she was not guilty of any crime, she told them about the accident and the death of woman. After some questioning she was released.

The puppy now lived with her. Elyse had taken the poor thing to the veterinarian and got all of his shots up to date and got him some food. The little guy seemed happy at least. That was something.

Elyse had made sure to check into Atharim Headquarters, so the Moscow branch knew she was here. When she had heard the rumors, she headed to the underground city to investigate. Underneath her coat she carried both her pistol and her crossbow with extra ammunition and a bolts. She planned on getting more information and assessing the validity of the rumors and from there on out, making a plan.
It hadn't taken long for Dorian to get to his location. The squad car he'd been assigned made it through the Moscovian traffic with ease. It would look silly in front of the small mansion he now resided in, as it had in Madrid, but such was the life of he lived.

He parked a few blocks away at what looked to be a night club, the parking lot was all but empty now. It was really the only place open enough that it didn't get trashed by the locals. Maybe he shouldn't have driven himself? It was too late now.

Dorian checked the gun in his shoulder holster. He'd grabbed a few of the smaller items that could come in useful against a 'terrorist'. He strapped a few flash bang bombs on his flack jacket he had on over his dress shirt, not bothering with the coat. A gun that shot out sound waves was in his trunk, but he left that there.

Dorian knew that the tunnels were loaded with all sorts of big ugly monsters. He hoped to run into one or two while they went on this wild goose chase. There was another nearby tunnel entrance and the top level schematics had been found. There were a few others of the squad positioned outside. It was his and boy wonder's job to flush him out. He hoped Sarkozy was up to being back on duty. Apparently this tip was greatly anticipating a capture. Dorian chuckled to himself, they weren't going to get anything but a dead body for this one, if the Atharim had their way about it.

And then the report would go on looking like case was closed by 'accident'. Dorian hated that but with the Atharim hunting this man it was the best case scenario. Dorian just didn't want to get his fellow officers killed because they interfered. This was beyond them.

Dorian stood and watched the street for any signs of Sarkozy or his mark - just in case.
Ivan made sure he had everything before he got out of the vehicle. He remembered his last trip into the tunnels- the last two. Idly we wondered whatever happened to Xena. She hadn't contacted him with the phone he'd left her. And the few times he'd called it it had gone straight to voicemail, which of course SHE hadn't changed from the message he had set.

He smiled at the thought. If she had she probably woulda called him and chewed him out. He'd left a nice little surprise for her. "Hey. This is Xena. I'm not in because I'm out kickin' ass and getting scales tattooed on my arms. You know me. Anyway, leave me a message."
Maybe she didn't know about voicemail. Oh well. One day she'd get it. And then she'd laugh. Or want to kill him. Probably the latter.

Come to think of it, she'd probably get on good with Vega. Guy wasn't exactly chummy. Then again it was the one time they'd met. He'd see what kinda man he was once they were in the tunnels. It sucked to work with people with no sense of humor.

Flashlight, extra batteries, some radios, rations and medical supplies- he remembered how the Cap had packed that last time- was all stowed in his pack and he shouldered it onto one shoulder. Wasn't a big pack by any means. And it could be useful, as he had learned.

And of course, heading down into the tunnels meant he'd have the power. That at least was predictable. He tasted ashes at the thought and at the pastor's flight. So close! But he stuffed those feelings down. He'd have the power available to him.

He made his way from the lot where what had to be Vega's car- of course it was- and headed toward the tunnels where his wallet indicated Dorian had dropped his crumb.

He saw the man standing near the entrance waiting. He didn't wave. They weren't 5. Just walked over to him."How's it going Vega?"
He looked down into the tunnel darkness. "So he's in there? Ok."

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Pretty boy showed up with a pack and looked ready to go. That was a good thing. Dorian wasn't sure he really cared how things were actually going. And Dorian didn't really answer the first question. "That's what the tip said."
Dorian gave the younger officer a sideways glance. "Not afraid of the dark are ya?"

He didn't wait for an answer as he stepped inside the entrance. This particular entrance was an actual 'tunnel' - some old drainage pipe that the grating had been pried off what looked like years ago. Or burst out of. Dorian wondered what kind of creature did that. He hoped not to find that armed only to fight a terrorist. He'd not come packing with any of his Atharim gear. Not that it was any more high tech than what he had already. It was just geared towards taking out monsters with thick hides, or with long reaches. He was a cop today.

The tunnels grew dank and hot compared to the cold above. He rolled his sleeves up without thinking about it. The dim lights would hide the tattoos well enough for now. But he wasn't going to completely suffer for appearance sake. Though he would have if he'd been top side. His left side was covered in unofficial tattoos - the last bit of rebellion as a teenager. The oroborous was added and the remainder of the black arm tattoo added to hide the elegant dragon eating its own tail. The chinesse symbol for son was inside the everlasting symbol of the Atharim - Cruz was probably the only good thing out of his entire rebellion. He lived a dangerous life now endangering not only himself but those he loved. And now Cruz was stepping right into the middle of it coming to live in Moscow. Ana too.

Dorian pushed his thoughts away, it was not the time to think on that as he stalked the prey that was not there.

"So tell me, when you went up against him last time what was it like?"
Dorian had never gone up against a godling that knew what they were doing. This was going to be very different than all other hunts he'd ever been on. Not that he thought they'd actually encounter him, but he still had to do his job and act like he was really in it.
Elyse was almost silent as she moved through the tunnels. She was small which worked to her advantage. It was easy enough to stay hidden. As she descended, she became very aware of the smell. She held back her gagging, but only barely. Having heightened senses had it's disadvantages.

She had goggles with her, but at this point didn't need to use them. She was able to see pretty well at this point even though the light was dim. There were signs of previous encounters - claw marks that had faded with time. Elyse tried to focus, but was finding it difficult. The stench was bad and to her magnified. She began to wonder if coming done here was a mistake.

It was a thought she soon dismissed. She was here to help people, and help them she would. Elyse tried to push the smell aside, and think about the greater good. On the edge of her hearing however, she began to hear voices - clearly human voices.

These tunnels were inhabited. It was the reason why something had taken to living down here, but she didn't want to get involved in someone else's affairs. Elyse found a corner to hide in, making sure to stash her gear away. Hopefully the newcomers would pass her unmolested.
As they made their way inside, the smell of the tunnels brought back a flood of memories from what seemed a lifetime ago. Thankfully, despite the fact that it was warmer down here, it was still cold enough that the smell of rot was minimal.

He smiled at Vega's quip. "Nah. Dark doesn't bother me."
Even as he said it, though, he started to feel uncomfortable.

Still the feel of the immense surface above them seemed to look the moment they had made it only a short distance. He felt that queezy feeling again in his stomach. He wasn't sure where it came from but he could almost feel the weight of the world above him pressing down. Just a crack would be all that was necessary to trap them down here.

He stifled the feeling of panic that wanted to rise even as he felt the familiar warmth of the power over his shoulder. As he had so many times, he seized that power and forced it under his control. The act seemed to drive away the panic that had been forming.

It was strange to feel that you were sledding down an impossible steep mountain at the very same time as you were walking casually down, well tunnels in this case. At the thought of sleds he felt a phantom twinge in his leg.

Phantom was the right word for that twinge. Whatever the preacher had done, all his injuries had been healed, including that nasty gash he had received the last time he was down here. Not for the first time, he ground his teeth in frustration at the stupidity of the situation. He couldn't seize the power unless he was panicky or afraid. But that only helped when you were on the defense and meant that his reaction time would always be slower. There had to be a way. He still felt some resentment and disappointment at the preacher. He hadn't even tried. Maybe he couldn't have taught him, but he could have tried.

And now they were tracking Volodin down, Ivan no better prepared or trained for a second round.

Vega's question seemed to track with his own mind. He thought about it for a moment. At least he had the power with him. And Vega and his gun. He'd watched the recordings over and over again and it had been clear the guy had been injured as he got away. He still didn't quite understand why or where that water had come from. In any case, his only hope was that the guy was still hurt and weaker for it.

Dorain's question forced him to think though. "You ever get into a fight with three guys? Having to respond and defend against multiple hands and feet? That's how it was. I could see him, could see what he was doing. But his was like it was a second pair of fists. Except that where they struck there was fire or cuts or explosions. People died."

He ground his teeth to dispel the momentary sense of failure and loss that threatened to overwhelm him. That had been his fault. Determination and anger was like a rock hard ball of fire in his stomach and burned away any remaining sense of fear and hesitance. "I'm not gonna let him get away this time."
Dorian nodded. "Don't let it get you down. Men and women like this man are hard to take down."
Dorian spoke from experience, however he'd never taken on anyone who actually knew what he was doing. It was always some sick as a dog kid who was dying anyway. But it was Atharim law - dead is dead. And Dorian had never actually pulled the trigger, he'd always just been cover up and tracking before the cops got in. He'd never had to kill a kid like that before.

Dorian liked the kids heart, maybe this wouldn't be so hard after all. But he was still a kid. The call came over the comms in a static filled voice. "Volodin's location has changed. Last seen assaulting a woman." The location followed over the comms.

Dorian looked to Ivan with a frown. Dorian pulled out his personal phone and pulled up the maps of the tunnels. They had been progressively getting better as those hunters who hunted down here updated real time data. Dorian smiled and started down a narrow tunnel, there was a way to get there from their current location. "We won't let him get away this time. He's making too many mistakes now."

The earth shifted with a loud rumble through the tunnels. A text came in from Martin and Dorian understood the reason now. They were close. Volodin was already dead, but Sarkozy didn't know that yet. And there was going to be nothing to find. They had to make their way through a few more tunnels before they'd reach their last sighting, but Dorian knew they'd find much worse than a dead body.
Ivan was surprised at Vega's understanding. He'd half expected the guy to snort or make some condescending remark. Bad feet all around, it looked like. But no biggie. They'd work through it.

Both their radios came to life and updated them on Volodin's location. Ivan strangely felt excited at seeing the man again. With the power coursing through his veins he felt invincible. And underneath it was a anger, a hunger for pay back.

He looked at Vega and gave him a feral grin. Oh yeah. Volodin would be sorry. Vega tapped through his wallet plotting a course through the tunnels. "Lead the way boss. He's not getting away this time."
He couldn't help that some excitement leaked into his voice.

The tunnels seemed to deepen but Ivan was too keyed up to let that bother him. That is until he felt more than heard a rumble from above. He stopped and looked at Vega. It'd be great if everything just collapsed on them. He pushed the thought away. They had a job to do. And a douche-bag to find.

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