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New Home (closed)
For days he studied the 5 tombs he bought, 4 of the volumes proved worthless, they gave him little more knowledge than he already had. The 5th however was different, at the time he knew not why he choose it, it was a "gut feeling", one of those things he knew not to ignore. The book was about ancient scrimshaw. He knew much of scrimshaw, being a sailor his whole life and had a massive collection dating back to the beginning of his family. AS he read, he knew of the superstitions that scrimshaw was made for charms to ward off a host of events, but one sentence stood out. "The art of scrimshaw is just that, art. The power of scrimshaw comes from material, from the elements and from within". He know what was meant by the elements, the material was easy to figure, but what does it mean "from within". He must study this, he must learn this and he can't do at home, he must remain in Moscow where there is more knowledge to be found.

Disguised in old clothes and a tattered cloak, he walks with his full stature using a worn but sturdy a walking stick. He is not alone, dressed the same he is accompanied by his 1st mate. Together they enter the underground.

The first encounter was the smell. The smell of unwashed bodies, vomit, alcohol, sewage and death. Bodies were scattered everywhere, it was hard to tell who was dead and who was alive. A few approached, them, a small woman ragged and well used was waved off, a beggar was more aggressive and was left with a crushed chest. descending to the lower level's was like a maze, but a lifetime a navigation proved it easy to map. After 3 level's there was no one to be seen, yet they went further. 3 more levels til the found what they was looking for. A series of rooms offset from the main tunnels, the rooms were dusty and not even animal tracks showed on the floor. The rooms linkage to the tunnel was a late addition, giving a thought to Manix this was someone's bomb shelter years ago. Searching the complex he finds 5 rooms, a common room, a place to prepare food, some type of restroom, a private bedroom and a bunk house. Searching the the each room in detail he finds the door in the common room leading up to the outside world some 70 feet above.
climbing the stairs when enters a basement of a ancient structure. well build but long abandoned, he smiles. His First Mate saw the smile and sighed, he knew that look.

Returning to the ship he quickly issues orders, keeping 2 of his better craftsmen and 2 deck hands and his cargo master he sends his ship, with the 1st mate at the helm back to the Isle of Man to retrieve all he possesses and to deliver the documents needed to turn control of his share of the fishing empire to his cousin. Most important, is the request to his father to collect all scrimshaw and send it to him in Moscow, even those buried in the family tombs. His Father knew of his studies, and suspected more, so Manix prayed his Father would understand and do all the he has asked.

Watching his ship sail off, he issues further orders, to the Cargo Master he sends to purchase the rundown home in Manix's name, sending a deck hand with em for protection. Manix with the 2 craftsman and final deck hand he returns to the home and the underground complex, to store supplies. First mission, He sends Junns (master craftsman) with Steven (deckhand) into the tunnels. The mission, map the tunnels and find a connection to water and seawater and get it piped into the complex. Jackson (Jr. Craftsman) is set to assess what is needed to get this complex up and running, without the knowledge of the CCD.

Satisfied his orders will be followed, he takes on a disguise of lower class citizen to roam the streets and absorb the culture.

**closed and booked**

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6 level's below the streets in the dreaded "Underground" Manix scanned over the short message, again, sent from his father. It was short, needed to be and not no reason to be longer, simply read: "Son, you will not be alone, the carved art of the past will be forthcoming. I know you won't be careful but be safe." Learn son, learn it all, then come home. God's speed and fair winds: unsigned, of course it was obvious who sent it. Even Maxix knew not whom delivered this important message to his hidden home, tho he could guess. "not alone", His 1st Mate was lurking near by. The go between, never to be seen, but Manix knew how to find him, but why destroy a good cover. He, lovingly stroked one of 3 bottles that also showed up, simple but sturdy bottles filled with water from the sea of his home. The purest of power had been given to him *smiles wickedly*, power he may now have to use for things other than the winds blowing the God forsaken smell away. Manix picked out some of his rattier clothes for his journey to the streets, slipping one of the sturdy bottles in an inside pocket, he left. In one of many hidden alcoves he would change into something finer, his order at the silversmith's was ready.


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In the upper Mansion that Manix had restored the 2 sailors laid the near dead lass in a conformable bedroom. Chief sent 3rd mate Sarn to fetch the Doctor off the "Storm Cloud" , Manix's own Ship.

Placing fresh water by her bed he sat down in a corner to await Manix or the girls awaking. He pondered about his Captain's last statement about she would not be easy to keep inside.

((OCC)) This is the continued story from "The Spoil's" of the meeting of Aria and Manix.

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There was nothing but darkness and images of her life passing before her. It was an endless loop of the horrible things that happened in her life and the one good thing brutally taken from her... Dane and Lucas continually rolling through he mind... two obsessions, two loves... two ... light and dark... back and forth. Fighting each other like the tattoo on her arm.

Nothingness bothered her, there was nothing. Why was there nothing? Empty save for the pain and anguish she felt of her own self. Nothing...

Things were different. Where we lay was soft and not as she expected it. Aria tried to move but every cell in her body cried out in pain and she groaned and even that hurt. Trying to open her eyes hurt. And while she was awake, she felt nothing... nothing... where was she? Why was no one around?

Movement, a rustle of clothes and Aria knew someone was there. Despite the searing pain in her body she sat up straight reaching for the sword at her hip that was not there.... Aria's eyes stared at the man in the corner and waited for whatever unseen weave he'd send at her. It was the only explanation for his absence in her mind.

(OCC) My staff have no powers, they just loyal Sailors. Ill post tomorrow.
((ooc I know that. She can't sense anything at all so assumption is they can channel. There is no other explanation to her at this moment.))
Manix entered the girls room. After hours of studying Scrimshaw, he was just more confused. Every time he thought he was following a hot trail, a story, it ended in another riddle. So he came to visit the young lass. Seeing her bolt up, with a wild look in her eyes, was she looking for something? Ah, yes what is a hunter without her weapon.

Chief was standing tall, as he always did when his Captain walked in. The girl had startled him, but with Manix there he would keep quiet.

Manic calmly walked over to the closet, opening it and removed a freshly laundered and neatly folded clothing, on top was all the girl's, weapons. Manic had done nothing to the weapons, not even cleaned the blood from the blade, some hunters were picky about things like that. He carefully sat the items down on the night stand, keeping eye contact with the girl the entire time.

Chief! Prepare a warm bath for our guest, have cookie make some food that is fit for us human's not some bilge rat.
With a quick salute Chief dashed off. So lass, or would you prefer hunter, you are safe here, u can bathe and eat, then we can talk. Or you can dress and be on your way. However, leaving severs our time together for good.
Watching her face closely he let that sink in.

I'll leave ye to ur decision. I'll shall see ya at dinner, or if not, may the Seas God's keep ya safe and fair winds follow ye.
Starting to turn away he stopped: Chief see you as a wee lass, maybe even a daughter he never had, please, do not toy with em, He is a Loyal Friend.

He didn't wait for an Answer, he would see her at dinner, or not.

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Another man walked in and the dynamic changed only slightly both were empty of emotion and Aria was concerned. Her head hurt, her body hurt for that matter. Who the hell were these people? Where was she?

Her things were placed on the table near the bed and the man spoke in a weird sort of accent. It was hard to understand but she got the grasp of it well enough. It's not like she hadn't spoken other languages before that were far more foreign to her ears.

Her sword lay unsheathed on the night stand and Aria reached for it as the man left. Dinner... her body was weak and she could feel a gnawing pit of emptiness in her stomach. Aria had been healed. She wasn't sure why, but she remembered the bullet hitting her. She didn't know what happened to her father. The hunt was likely over, again. She would find him and kill him!

Aria took a quick bath and thought about the watery depths and emptiness she was feeling. Why was everything so empty? The world was empty.... but there were people about she could hear them in other rooms soft voices...movement on the floors. But there was no one in her head. It was almost too quiet. Aria didn't like it one bit.

She dressed quickly but she was not happy that the shirt was stained and had a hole in it, but it didn't matter really. Aria was hardly modest.

Aria cleaned her sword before she left the room and headed towards the smell of food. She had so many questions. Who was he? Why did he help her? What the fuck was going on, why was everyone holding the power?

She walked slowly through each room looking for where she was supposed to go, careful of everyone, but her hands at her side not near the sword that hung at her hip.
Manix walked into his privet dining room, no need for the flashy formal dining set. Cookie had a wonderful meal set out, BY CANDLE LIGHT! Damn it Cookie,
he yells! all he heard was a growled laugh. The crew was always looking for a woman for him, the last thing he needed.

He stood by his chair, small threads of air brought back the sounds of the girls footstep, getting closer. If the smell did no lure her here, then he had vastly underestimated her skill.

He Waits!
Aria found the man who'd rescued her standing behind a chair in what looked like a private dinning room. It was lit by candles and Aria gave him a wry look. Candles meant romance and she was hardy in a romantic mood and the chances of that after losing Lucas was rock bottom to begin with.

There was a familiar stab of grief from the loss but it nearly overwhelmed her as it pounded in her body all to strongly and she stumbled catching herself on the door frame. What was going on?

There was nothing around, no one she could feel. Absolutely blank. Aria stared across at yet another man who had saved her life. How many was that now? Michael Vellas when she first got here, Lucas in every way that matter, Nox who was always saving her ass in the field and now this new stranger... how many men was she going to owe a debt too.

Aria spoke softly. "Thank you for saving me. But why? And who are you?"
Not that Aria wasn't grateful for being saved. Though there were so many more questions. "The man with me what happened to him?"
Too many questions tumbled through here head, Aria sat down in the chair and dropped her head in her hands, some thng was wrong. No Everything was wrong... everyone can't be a godling... no there was something wrong.

Aria looked up at her so called rescuer "What did you do to me?"

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