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((Although not a part of the underground city, this first part takes place in Elyse's apartment - I just didn't want to make a separate thread for it.))

Elyse had all her equipment ready to head to the Underground City. She wanted to wait until she heard from Mr. Durante before she did, however, so she was keeping herself busy with setting up her apartment while she waited.

A beep came from her wallet and she checked it. Sure enough, it was Mr. Durante - Nox - sending her a text message. She had to smile. Nox had decided to look at her file and was flirting. Elyse decided to play along and flirted back just as eagerly. As they continued to talk, Elyse became more excited about meeting with Nox. They seemed to have a good rapport already, and Elyse, who had looked at his file now too, found him to be quite the cutie.

And thus, she had a date. She told Nox she was excited, but neglected to tell him that she was nervous as well. It had been a long time since she had gone out with someone - since her change to be exact. She was more nervous than she let on in her text messages.

But the excitement outweighed the nerves, and she was truly excited. Nox had mentioned that good girls didn't like guys like him. It was something she had noted, but Elyse would make her own decisions on something like that. And she doubted Nox was as bad as he made himself out to be. We are our own worse critics.

Elyse had gotten the information that she had needed, and was ready to at least do some scouting. She could handle a few rougarous if needed and she would heed Nox's advice. If she saw any of the strange creatures, she would run.
((Now in the Underground City Proper))

The first thing that hit Elyse was the stench. At first it was hard to keep herself from vomiting. Doubtless, it was less to those who had a normal sense of smell, but Elyse didn't have a normal sense of smell.

After she had composed herself, Elyse kept moving. She had a pair of land warriors on - mostly for the mapping software rather than night vision.

The software was phenomenal. Elyse had also looked up Aurora Durante. Finding her in the database hadn't been difficult because of her relation to Nox. What she saw was saddening. Aurora was deceased - killed by a sicko. It seemed Nox was alone, something that hit Elyse fairly hard. Elyse felt alone, but she still had her family. Nox didn't have family anymore. It was likely hard for him to connect to people.

Elyse kept her pistol ready in its holster. Her crossbow was slung over her shoulder. Based on what she had read about these creatures, she had also packed another firearm with a faster fire rate than her desert eagle.

But she wasn't looking for the creatures, she was just getting familiar with the Underground City, the app, and the potential rougarou nest.
Elyse kept working her way down into the tunnel. The smell was horrendous, but at least now her stomach wasn't churning as much. She kept an eye on on the map. She was getting close to the rougarou nest.

She kept to the shadows, using her lithe form as and stealth to get close. IN the nest she saw four of the buggers - ugly humanoid creatures. She smiled. This would be easy enough. She got out her crossbow and prepared to fire.
He hated this job. It paid well but the underground was disgusting and these things were the worst. He wasn't sure why Alistair Pavlo had insisted they collect yet another sample. But that was the case. The man was far crazier than he had been only days ago.

These things were living in nests it was always so hard to coax just one out and capture it but that's what he needed to do. This nest held four. He'd taken from it before. Armed with only a stunning weapon he had to disable it then drag it back to base for dissection and harvesting. Why he didn't know but the subject couldn't be more than zapped. Pavlo would know.

Outside the nest he threw a rock inside. Waited for one to come out. When it did he ran to the end of the tunnel before turning around to see if it came after him. When only one did he grinned and let the stun shot go. He watched as it collapsed to the ground shaking. "Stupid things.

He walked over to it carefully and when he was sure it was out he started to set up his litter to drag it away.
Elyse heard a rock fall, and her eyes searched as one of the rougarou went to investigate. She frowned, wondering what was going on.

Then she heard it, a strange electrical sound and a voice. "Stupid things," The voice was in the edge of her hearing. Her frown deepened as she moved silently away from the rougarou nest. The rougarous were simple and taking them out would be simple enough, however, this was an unknown factor and one that at least needed to be investigated.

She made sure her wallet was switched to silent mode. It already had been before she began her mission. She moved silently around the nest, her stealth skills not making a sound. Peeking around the corner of a stalagmite, she saw a man dragging one of the rougarou to a litter. This didn't bode well.

She looked for a retreat route and finding one she kept her eye on the man. If he came her way, she had a way to escape and could come back to the nest later. With so many unknowns, she didn't want to follow this man to find out more. It was better to be safe and come back with others if she needed to, but maybe with observation she could find out more.
The stupid dumb creature was loaded on to the litter. He found it hard to believe these things were actually human once. They were mindless in their reasoning. They were disgusting and ate humans. What kinda disease did that to a person.

They were heavy too. Lifting the litter he dragged it behind him heading off in the direction he'd come. Pavlo better be happy with this one. He wasn't going to go bring another one. He was just glad he didn't have to get those other creatures. They were harder to capture and they didn't come in singles like these ones.

He headed off deeper into the tunnels. There had to be closer nests, but the experiments were pushing every creature topside...
Elyse let the guy go deeper into the tunnels, marking on her map the location of the man's direction on the app. She would notify Nox of this strange development, but didn't deem it safe to follow him deeper into the tunnels by herself.

When he had left, she headed back to the nest. She pulled out her crossbow and took aim at the first one. She fired, and her shot hit it's mark. The other two rougarous looked around, looking around for what had happened.

Elyse moved her position, quietly and stealthily. She reholstered her crossbow and pulled out her desert eagle. She aimed and took out the other two with two quick shots.

Getting to the surface was easy enough now, and when she was up, she put away the land warriors and pulled out her wallet to update Nox. She then headed home to clean up and rest.

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