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Aria's friend
(( Sorry. Don't want the posts tangled in a mass of other posts. ))

Continued from Miscellaneous Errands

Nox and Elyse took the metro most of the way to the location Aria had told him to go. It was an odd location very run down and looked like a bunch of construction going on. Must be nice to have money.

Outside the brownstone house - more like a mansion to him. They seemed like they kept meeting these rich bastards. The journal was held under Nox's arm in a canvas wrap. It was how it was given to Aria, it was how she would deliver it to Manix.

Nox knocked on the door and smiled at Elyse. "Let's see how this goes."
Elyse took a shower and got dressed, briefly wondering what had happened to her. She wasn't usually like she had been with Nox, but as she thought about it, she had spent so much time alone and avoiding the company of those she could fall for for so long, that now the attention was getting to her. She would have to learn some control.

Elyse smiled as she went to the metro with Nox and spoke quietly with Nox on the way, wondering who he wanted her to meet. Nox had a book with him wrapped in canvas and she wasn't sure what it was, but she didn't ask. It wasn't her business.

Nox led her to a large brownstone house. Nox must know a lot of rich people it seemed. Nox knocked and gave her a smile. She smiled back at him and waited, wondering who the person inside was she was going to meet.
((occ remember Manix and Elyse met in "the Silversmith thread"))

A Marine guard, armed, answered the door, a second guard could be seen further back. "Good day to you, How may I help ye?
The guard seemed relaxed but was anything but.
Nox grinned. "I'm beyond help but I'm here to see Manix. Aria sent me. She's a bit preoccupied at the moment."
She was a little more than preoccupied she was in the fucking hospital because ... well Nox didn't actually know what exactly had happened. Sage didn't actually have anything more than information that the hospital knew. He couldn't get inside Kremlin security without crossing some moral line Nox didn't quite understand. He shrugged it off. "I have something for him."
Nox lifted the canvas covered book and smiled.
"Please enter and remain here, while I go inform the the Captain."
with a meaningful look to the 2nd marine he stepped out of the room for a privet communique. "Post 1 to Captain, 2 visitors claiming to be sent by Mrs Aria is here with a package, please advise."
"Roger that post one, Ill be up to meet them".
Stepping back into the foray the marine informed his guest: "Manix is on his way u, should only be a moment."

True enough Manix appeared. "Hello, I be Manix Lir', what can I do for ye?"
Captain? Where they on some sea faring vessel? Maybe a space ship? That'd be cool. Nox grinned as he stepped inside and waited. He looked around the room at the decor. From that he guess it was sea faring type of Captain.

Nox could have pulled his power around him and heard the conversation but it didn't really matter, the man was just calling his boss. Though Nox wouldn't have let questionable people in past the front door. But this wasn't his ship to run... He grinned at his thoughts.

Standing around waiting sucked. Even though it was only a few moments. It still sucked. The man who presented himself was slightly shorter than he was be he was far larger than Nox. But that really wasn't a feat to be proud of, Nox even with the bulk he put on lifting weights and working his ass off he'd never have that sort of framework. So Nox tried to reign in his comments, but it would be difficult. Aria had said he could heal - which meant he knew his way around the power. It was best not to tempt fate... He'd try anyway.

Nox grinned at the other man. "Aria sends this as she's otherwise occupied. It's a translation of a translation of a translation going back to the time of the god wars. It's not in any database known to the Atharim. It's a personal account of that the writers time as a hunter. Aria doesnt' know if it'll help. But it's all she can offer you. And it's all she has to give for saving her life. Her position in the Atharim is now null and void."
Taking the book he gently rubbed it with satisfaction, this was exactly the kind of things he was looking for. He started to look up to thank Nox, when he saw her. "Elyse? it is good to see you, very unexpected the glad to see you well.
Turning to Nox".

"Thank you sir, for bringing this. How is Aria, I have heard nothing from her, even tho she had decided to reside in the Eastwing? Also would you be Nox? She told me you might show up."

Still caressing the book like a long lost love, he was having a hard time focusing on the here and now, wanting to compare it with recent findings given to him by Jaxen.
Manix knew Elyse. That was a story he'd want to hear later. It was a small world, this much Nox knew. He and Aurora had met Bas at separate times and yet when they finally met back up who was there - Bas. And Moscow seemed to be getting smaller and smaller.

Nox laughed. Of course Aria would mention him. "Yeah I'm Nox. Aria won't be coming back here."
Not if he had any say in the matter. He needed her at Dorian's, but he wouldn't tell this man that. He'd offer up far more dangerous reason. "Aria is the hospital after an attempted assassination of the Ascendancy. I'm pretty sure Aria is enemy number 2 on the Atharim hit list right about now. I can't imagine any other reason she and the Ascendancy are in the same hospital. Besides you probably don't want Aria sleeping under the same roof. She has dark tendencies and even darker friends. Present company excluded though I'm sure."

Nox added as a second thought "I'm sure Aria is going to want that back at some point."

Elyse followed along with the conversation. They had this whole military/navy thing going on. Elyse of course heard the marine call his captain and heard the voice on the other end that sounded somewhat familiar - as did the name the marine gave when he returned.

Elyse smiled somewhat as Manix arrived, recognizing him right away. She remembered meeting him. Something had happened that had concerned her and she went to see if he needed help. They had talked about the sea. The thought brought a frown to her face - she would likely never see her beloved Denmark again.

Nox gave him the book, and they spoke for a bit. Elyse didn't listen in this time, but turned her head up when she heard her name. "Hello Manix, everything is fine. Hope all is well with you too."

Manix continued to talk to Nox about Aria, and Elyse wondered for their safety as she did. Dark tendencies and darker friends. Nox trusted her and Elyse wondered why. Elyse would ultimately trust his judgement though.
For an answer to Elise, Manix simply winked and said : "Better than when we first met. Thank you again for you concern and gentle touch".
He don't know why he was purposely phrasing it that was, nothing was between them, maybe that Nox need something to think about, Manix was known for pranks.

Looking to Nox: "Is there anything I can do for her, something that I have done before? I may be more helpful than the hospital."
Manix had no idea how much Aria told em, but she must have some trust in him to deliver this book. "I will scan this book asap so she may have it back, I can return it to you after im done or feel free to come back, tho I ask for a week with it, sometime scans miss hidden content."

"If you can get me to Aria, I can help her, I really can, please let me know."

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