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Now that's a fish story
As Damien specifically asked to be excluded from interactions with the Lirs, Elias did not beg him to come along. In fact, he was all too eager to leave the golden haired man behind. The weather was slowly warming, but for a born and raised Utah bred Mormon, Elias was still nestled in thick layers of leather, his outermost coat trailed all the way to his boots. They left heavy footsteps as he trailed the sidewalk, seeking the address in a neighborhood that should have made him uncomfortable. Anyone that thought to approach was given a long, black, shadowy-stare even as he grasped the power of Rage into his mind. He let it fill him, Rage, until the violence flickered across his features, daring anyone to think to try something. With the beautiful, young Asha in his company, more than a handful seemed to think about it, but a mere glance at Elias and they backed off. For such a skinny kid, he was far too confident. With the powers of Rage on everyone's tongue, people were wary. Nobody knew who the next wielder would be. There was more Rage could do than melt buildings with one's mind.

He craned his neck back, studying the massive construction site, and pushed piles of black hair aside. Thick as a blanket, it fell from his eyes. He knew the Lir family was involved in shipping and he saw the release of their newly allowed private navy. So he assumed the construction was related to industry. Odd that it was based out of Moscow, so far from the sea. Damn, so far from the sea. But these days, who cared. Moscow was filled with weirder stuff.

He glanced at Asha, shrugged and approached the door. He was not wielding Rage as he did. He tended to leave cracks in the cement in his footsteps when walking and Rage toyed from his mind. He was sharp, though, eager. He was finally about to get answers. After all this time searching.

He knocked, loudly.
The door was opened by a Marine with a second, just seen to the offside. Both uniformed and armed.

"G'Day sir, how may I help you"

Manix had instructed to Marine guards to always be nice, until it was time not to be nice.
Blackened eyes roamed across the marine that answered the door. Elias noted the second one in the background. He found their presence slightly interesting, but not entirely unexpected.

"I'm Elias Donovan. Manix Lir told me I could find Synjyn here."

He retrieved his Uncle's wallet from an interior pocket of his coat, and ablack and white t-shirt flashed beneath. He showed the man Manix's email as proof.

Beside him, Asha waited quietly. At the last moment, Elias nodded a thumb at her. "And that's Asha."
[Asha moded with permission]
"Certainly, Captain SynJyn is on premises. stand by please".
Over the implanted comms: "Post 1 to Captain SynJyn (he hated being called Captain quick) you have a visitor at the front post"
with only a brief pause but unheard outside of anyone without the comm unit "Roger that, Have the party escorted to my office"

The front Marine made a single hand gesture to the rear guard who called for an escort. Shortly a 3rd Marine, in the same dress and also armed arrived: "If you will follow me I will escort you to Captain SynJyn"

The path lead them down a long corridor that avoided the house proper. Going thru a reinforced door they entered the training grounds. Several of the new Vikings was being put thru the paces by their LPO's (Leading Petty Officer's) and Veteran Vikings. At the end of the Quad the Marine opened an exterior door that lead into SynJyn's office. "There you go, good luck"
The Marine did not follow them in.

The office was bare, some maps on the wall of the Moscow area, A dry erase board with several, what looked like, tactical formations and nothing more. No pictures, nor decoration, not even a book shelf. Captain SynJyn sat behind a sturdy desk, littered with all kids of papers and clutter. 2 straight back chairs sat opposite of his desk.

SynJyn stood: "Good Day, how may I help you, and please keep it brief, you caught at one of my few quiet moments."
His voice and attitude was gruff but for SynJyn it was almost down right polite. He waved them to have a seat as he once again took his.
They were led through the compound that looked and felt like a military base rather than a house. Suppose that explained all the construction. The marine guiding their way took them through a training arena, and men, built solid as a ship, and almost as large, seemed to be doing some sort of physical training. Elias wasn't exactly into exercise. Walking from his room to the kitchen was his big excursion for the day. Or it used to be, back in Utah. In New Zealand, he was outside far more. He walked beaches, even dared himself to get in the ice-cold ocean. He walked out looking like a drowned rat and shivering, but smiling.

With every passing marine, his gaze lingered a few seconds longer. Until by the time they reached the captain's office, he stood tall and proud, almost as though he radiated a sense of kinship. The man inside was not what he expected, but not having known many ship captains in the desert of Utah, he wasn't sure what to expect. Certainly not a native American, as that was obviously Synjyn's descent.

He stood off against Synjyn a few moments before they sat. Elias was just as tall as Synjyn, but the old man was solid as a tree, tanned and gruff. Elias voice was deep as the sea, but his face was clearly youthful. Frustratingly youthful.

"I'm Elias Donovan. That's Asha."
He nodded at the girl following. He looked at her briefly as though asking her a silent question, and let his hand fall free to his side as he sat down in case she wanted to hold it, trying to hide the gesture behind the desk from Synjyn. They weren't a couple, though.

"I am here because of the sea beast. You saw it. Fought it. Well, me and someone who wants to remain anonymous for now, want to kill it. I think we can. And I think you would be glad to help us."

Damien was a coward for not showing his face here. So what if he was the king of Mexico? Kings sometimes had to do their own dirty work.

SynJyn Looked the pair over. He made no assumptions, he lost that nativity decades ago. After the man spoke SynJyn thought for several moments. It was not him they wanted to see, he was only the face on the video, they needed Manix for more than one reason.

"Mr Donovan, Fleet Captain Lir informed me of your pending arrival. I wouldn't say we "fought" the Kiaju, that is what my Vikings have come to call it, it is ancient Japanese for "monster". I know not very original but functional. Our actions were only in case of last minute defense. I am guessing you saw the video feeds or you would not have sought me out, however: I'm not who you need to talk with. I am the Captain of all military forces but Fleet Captain Manix Lir orders the Navy and he is also"
.........SynJyn did not know how to phrase this next part, it was no secret but was it really his to say what Manix is? "I don't know you Mr Donovan, nor your shy friend, it is up to Manix to dispatch the fleet and i will tell you this, you best pray he goes with you. come with me I'll take you to Fleet Captain Manix Lir'."

Getting up he contact Chief via comms to inform them of the his and the guest arrival. Crossing the training grounds again they entered thru a different door, one that took into the Mansion. Chief was there waiting. Captain Lir begs your indulgence, if you can wait a few moments in the study he will be right there

Chief escorted the 3 to Manix's study and offered seats and beverages to all, from water to whiskey. SynJyn sat in his usual chair with his usual whiskey and cigar, obviously comfortable in this room. 10 Minutes later Manix arrived.

"G'day sir Donovan, I be Captain Manix Lir, be nice to meet ye, so what be going on that brought ya to me door?"

SynJyn gestured to Mr. Donovan to start.
Elias liked Synjyn. He wasn't full of b.s. like every other a-hole he'd met in town. With the exception of Tony, maybe. And one or two of 'his guys'. In the end, he really didn't have enough motivation to assign the term to any one particular person. Nobody was really worth his time. Except Asha. She was different. Everyone else could waltz into hell and set up camp in the seventh circle for all he cared. Let em.

Synjyn wasn't full of it. He was straight forward. In five minutes of talking he knew the old captain had more balls than Tony, Damien, Nox and Connor together. Course that wasn't saying much. Tehya probably had bigger balls than Nox, and Tehya was a girl.

He glanced at Asha when Synjyn mentioned Manix. It was Manix that told him to go talk to Synjyn. Elias rolled his eyes. Memories of tracking dead ends between the New Zealand government and Victoria University administration were brought to mind. After the research vessel carrying his uncle disappeared, nobody could give him an answer about the investigation. Turned out, there was no investigation.

He followed the captain back through the training rooms, curiously watching what the mariners were doing as they passed. He vaguely itched to join in. To give them something to really train for, and someone for him to practice his skills against. He was too isolated from Tony's guys to get involved in their practice. And going against another Rage-wielder was different than fighting actual soldiers.

They were introduced to another old guy, Chief. Elias offered to shake hands like a good little mormon boy, but his knobby grip was tough, his lanky fingers wrapping around Chief's like tentacles.

The waiting on Manix also conjured memories of the time he waited four hours for the Dean of Victoria University to finally get the balls to face him in person. The endless emails and rescheduling had infuriated him to the point of kicking in the door with flows of Rage and demanding the Dean explain himself. He left that building through a huge hole in the wall and sea spray misting the floor like tide pounding on the rocks.

When the great captain Manix finally showed himself, Elias stood and looked him up and down like he was studying an adversary. Though he had no reason to consider Manix as such. It was just a feeling. Manix was about fifty pounds heavier than him, he guessed. The irish accent was thick and difficult to understand, but the man moved like he was raised on the water. Elias hated him for that. The dry, cakey mountains of Utah felt forever clogged in his throat in comparison, like it was going to slowly choke him to death until the end of his days. There was also a sort of kinship there, and as much as Elias hated to admit it, a modicum of respect. He'd never tell Manix that, though. Knowing what he did about Asha, he suppressed the feeling as soon as it bubbled to the surface.

"Captain. I'm Elias Donovan. I just finished telling your fellow captain there, Synjyn, that I believe his story about the beast in the sea. Me, someone else like me, and Asha want to kill it. I think we can do it together. But we need ships to get to it. And battle hardened marines once we find it."
He kicked his head in a nod toward Asha when he mentioned her name. Just to prove his point, he summoned flows of Rage into his mind, weaving a pale blue light just in front of him, an eery smile etching his face. "My friend is like me."
Two of the users of Rage against the beast should do it if they had the Lir marines behind him. Of course, he didn't mention that Damien was a giant douche.

Manix listened as Donovan spoke, he nodded to the girl when suddenly his guest drew in the power. Automatic instincts kicked and Manix strangled the power into submission, drawing 3/4 of his strength he was ready to strike when he saw the Mr Donovan was only demonstrating. He did not release his hold on his own power, but spoke and moved cautiously. a single finger gesture warned SynJyn of danger.

"Mr Donovan Please release the power, I know ye can its glow on me, so I be knowing the value of it. You need to be more cautious, even if the betrayer is saying we are all Gods, I damn near killed ye, I had no idea what ye intentions be."
Manix let out a sigh and sat back down.

"Now the Kiaju, The simple answer is yes, I will help ye, but it be no as simple as that. There be a Ship "The Wench", equipped with a special weapon for the beastie, but we no idea if it will work. Power users, I feel will be needed, but the need to be trained to work as a unit."

"Here is me offer, I'll get ya there with everything I have to fight it, including myself, but any that are to be going will submit to my command and come to this compound for training. I will no risk me ship, me crew or me life cause of anyone's pride over being properly trained."

SynJyn stood: "Manix is right, only a coordinated effort will take this thing down. It would take only 1 person doing 1 thing at the wrong time, to kill everyone."

Manix: " I no be sorry for sounding harsh, I care about my men, ships can be rebuilt, lives can't..........That includes your life and the life of your friend."
The light snuffed out when Manix pulled Rage into himself. Elias simply looked at the other man, held his gaze, daring him to confront him with it. His own intentions had been demonstration not intimidation. Yet Rage did not seem to understand the motive. It pulsed and throbbed against its own force, repelled almost, like magnets pushed pole to pole.

Manix could have unleashed hell upon him. Elias sensed the other man's strength eclipsed his own. It was infuriating. He knew he was better than this. Yet here this Irishman was stronger, better, faster. Elias didn't hesitate to answer.

"I will accept your training, Captain Manix."
It was not to avoid everyone's untimely death. What were marines to him? He didn't know those people. He didn't owe them anything. But the chance to improve, to grow stronger, that was something Elias needed. He remembered the immense forces Rage churned when the Ascendancy built the monument, and the man eclipsed both Manix and Elias and Damien combined. God or not, Elias saw the appeal in the term.

"I'll warn you that my 'friend' is unlikely to attend. He's Damien Oakland, you know, the man that single-handedly crushed every cartel in Mexico in a matter of weeks. He's also suppose to be in a hospital on death's door, but he's not. He's walking around Moscow."
Elias didn't hesitate to betray the shallow promise he gave Damien. Anonymity only worked as long as it worked. For an arrogant bastard like Damien, he should revel in his name on everyone's tongue. Then again, just for the chance to show off, he may come.

"I'll send him a message."
Elias lifted a finger for Manix to wait while he retrieved his Uncle's Wallet from the inner lining of his coat. The slim device was a high grade piece of tech, far more expensive than the regular user. It was research grade and connected to all kinds of satellites, telemetry, and instrumentation capable. Meanwhile, he released Rage from his grasp.

<dt>To Damien</dt>
<dd> </dd>

I'm here with Captain Synjyn and Manix Lir. They agree to take us by ship to the beast. But he demands that you and I train with him first. He's also a Rager. And strong. Maybe stronger than you. He also demands we submit to his command when on ship. heh.

"That's it. Now to wait on his reply."

He glanced at Asha, wondering what she thought of all this.

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