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Not the usual Hunt
Aria had gotten the alert that Nox had been named a god and frowned, but there was nothing she could do. She was already rogue, but the Atharim didn't know that. She needed all her connections. She added a last known whereabouts to his file for whatever hunter decided to hunt him.

The meeting with Rat had gone well after he had showed up. He was an hour late and Aria was on her way out when he showed up. She didn't buy him a drink and she didn't go back inside, she made him walk with her. It hadn't taken more than a simple touch to make him do her bidding. A fond touch, a little lust and desire with a smidgen of fear and he was putty in her hands. She smiled at the feeling of complete control.

Rat had told her that the Regus lived. She had know that much. The fire in the Baccarat building had been devastating, but he'd gotten out through the tunnels. There was no real way of truly finding him in the tunnels, but she still had her land warriors and the mapping software her and Nox played with. She didn't need the Atharim connection to track the Regus. She'd do what she'd done since coming to Moscow. Hunt the monsters in the tunnels. This was the worst of the worst.

Mikael sent one ZARS agent - Hammel - with Aria to do the hunting. He was both bodyguard and keeper. Mikael said he'd have gone himself, except he had no training that would be beneficial. Hammel knew how to survive in the trenches of war torn areas. He was a combatant before he came to ZARS.

It wasn't hard to get a second pair of land warriors synced up to her wallet and before they knew it they were outside the ruins of the Atharim building as it melted into the ground with godsfire. Underground it looked even worse than at street level. Aria started the tracking and mapping software and they started moving through the tunnels. There was no easy way to do this, it would be sleeping and eating in this shit hole, which is why Hammel was with Aria and not Mikael himself.
After days of wandering through the tunnels looking for any sign of the Regus Aria found nothing. Her lead that said they'd seen him was pretty much a dead end. If anyone had seen a burnt man wandering the depths of the tunnels they weren't speaking to Aria.

And they weren't speaking to Hammel, no matter how hard he tried. Aria even tried to coerce a few of them with her touch but those few sods had seen nothing. And they had little in the way to offer the waifs in food - their supplies having run low for the other bribes they'd done over the past days.

Aria wanted a real bed. She wanted a shower. And clean clothes. Even hunting with Nox hadn't been this gross. Aria wasn't a neat freak by any means but this was worse than squaller.

Hammel and Aria ascended into the openness of the street above the depths below covered in filth. It was a sure fire way to get thrown out of the Kremlin. That and they had no news. Where the hell had the Regus gone. He wasn't dead - Aria was certain of that. If he were dead the Atharim would have regrouped. They still held out hope. And Aria knew the man was too cunning to die in a fire. He wasn't that stupid.


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