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2 hours later (buyers remorse)
It had only been 2 hours since he left, yet he was back. He felt a comfort here, so here he was. Looking around he did not see his redhead he liked so he found a quiet booth and mindlessly ordered a scotch.

Only a few weeks here and I got 2 on my payroll and no idea on if i can trust em,
his thoughts swirled further and deeper. I need me crew, but this only a few be trained to handle this kinda of shit and i can't risk em.

A wicked grin crossed his face and a purdy blond brought his bottle. She smiled at Manix, prolly more for the tip than anything, unless she misinterpreted the grin. Manix decided to pull a few Marines of the "Storm Cloud". The home could use protection and maybe one to keep him company.

He laughed out loud and he took a long swig from the bottle, his neighbors seem to disapprove: I need no protection but I wonder what these land lubbers would think of Grompus as a body guard. Grompus being near 7 1/2 feet tall, 450 lbs and ugly as sin and loyal to death. Manix had saved Grompus from his own twin when the twin went insane.

He was drunk and knew it. He also knew he could burn it out of his blood in a heartbeat. He was tired and anxious over Aria and Jax, Manix realized he wanted a good old fashion fistfight. He looked the room over, no one here to give em a good row, maybe if a couple of bouncers ganged up on em.

Manix had been to sea ports across the globe, even some on no maps and knew most fighting styles out there, of course there was option "b".........Laughing again he took another pull, this time a bouncer was watching em. Manix winked at the bouncer, out of pure onerousness then held up his hands as if saying he'd be good.

Enjoying the show and the booze, his thoughts drifted back to the "now": Will I find what I have searched for? Manannan Mac Lir, Celtic God of the Sea, he prayed, guide me ur servant to truth.
He slipped his hand into his special lil flask, one that he had twisted into something other than a water flask. the home waters felt good, peace found his heart
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