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Glittering Wallflower
Today Methos wasn't Methos. Adam was in Moscow for a concert - several actually but Bradley and Chris had joined him. It'd been a while since he'd seen either of them, and he intended to treat his husband well because who knew when they'd been alone again. Kay had Chris engaged in games and books as the two men left for Manifesto decked out in their best.

But Adam didn't go as Methos, Methos was home in bed waiting for the right moment to make his grand display. No tonight was all Adam. His hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail at the base of his neck, the colored dyes hidden under a red velvet beret.

Bradley was dressed in a black and white tux but Adam still couldn't be normal, he wore a red velvet tux from Gucci. He may not act like Methos but he was the man more so now than when he first started out. Methos had evolved into him and he into Methos. They couldn't be parted anymore than you could take the green off of grass.

Adam's arm was draped across Bradley's waist as they entered without much of a problem into the exclusively rich club. Bradley's eyes were wide with the grandeur of the place. It was just another of the same old same old for Adam - he'd been here before see it all before.

They took a booth in a secluded corner and watched the Moscovianites do their thing. It was all very normal for Adam.
Anton stood with a few others in Manifesto. It wasn't often he came out here, even though he did enjoy a good time. Everyone in the room looked happy, but their faces told lies. Most in the room were afraid. The announcement hadn't been taken well by many.

Anton was grateful his father had trained him how to control his abilities, otherwise, the feeling would have been overwhelming. Stretching out his senses, he could find those who weren't afraid and focus on that emotion to stay stable.

Anton found them - a pair of men in a secluded corner of the room. One wore a tuxedo very much like his own, while the other wore one of red velvet. An interesting pick, but it seemed to suit the man. There attitudes were more happy and judging by how they came in, they were a couple. Anton latched on to their emotions, dulling the other ones in his head. They would still be there - he couldn't eradicate them, but it would be easier to keep his own head in a place where half were afraid and the other half drunk.

Anton didn't allow his gaze to linger on the couple even though Red Velvet's features looked somewhat familiar to him. He turned instead to those around him.

"So will opening night continue - even with all of this going on?"
said Ivan, a good friend of Anton's as he gestured his head towards a screen.

"Of course,"
Anton responded. "The show must go on, as they say."
He smiled. "In all seriousness though, in times like these. People need these sort of things - concerts, plays, whatever. It gives them a sense of...normalcy."

"The role of Orpheus in Monteverdi's L'Orefeo - you must be excited."

"Very much so,"
he said. "It's a role I've always wanted to play."

The people around him said their good byes and wished him to break a leg. The show opened in two days, so Anton wasn't worried about getting home a little later. Tonight, his excitement wouldn't allow him to sleep anyways. He leaned against the bar to watch the crowd as he sipped at his wine.
Bradley was watching everything and barely noticed he'd swallowed the entire bottle of wine they'd order in three glasses. It was probably a good thing Bradley didn't know how much that single bottle of wine cost. The accountant would have thrown a fit blowing that kind of money. To which Adam would have rolled his eyes. If he couldn't spoil his husband with his fame and fortune what good was the money he made.

But with empty wine glasses Adam slide away from the table and walked up to the bar. He waved the well dressed bartender over and ordered another bottle for the table. He heard others wishing another man well - break a leg. Where the hell did that come from really? Such were idle thoughts of Methos.

His smile widened and he took a step closer and twirled a lock of hair from his pony tail that was swept over his shoulder. "Where did that phrase originate I wonder?"
Adam pulled the persona of Methos around him with ease. He was rarely ever Adam to anyone outside of his inner circle. Methos rubbed the hair on his chin with a thoughtful gesture. "I wonder if anyone was cursed by such a saying."
Anton had to smile at the gentleman and his curiosity. What a curiosity that this man had come to him with a question. The tuxedo definitely had Anton curious. Who was this man and what did he do - and why did he look somewhat familiar.

"There are several stories as to the how it got started. Which one is true? Well no one knows."
Anton finished his wine and waved his empty glass at the bartender, who began to prepare another. Anton nodded in thanks. "Everything from wishing someone could luck grabs the attention of the evil eye to reference a bow at the end of a performance with bended knee - hence a 'broken leg'"
Anton demonstrated.

The bartender brought him his glass and as he took it, Anton recognized the man. It was difficult to see as he wasn't wearing his stage make up, but Anton recognized Methos. Many would be surprised that a classically trained opera singer enjoyed Methos' music, but Anton was a fan although attending 'rock' concerts wasn't really his thing.

"And now I remember where I recognize you from."
Anton said with a smile. "I'm a big fan or your Fertile Anomaly Album."

Anton spoke quietly. No make up and a secluded corner. Methos was trying to be hidden at least at this point. He didn't want to draw undue attention. Anton understood the desire to be isolated at times better than most. A signal to the bartender and the bartender moved the bottle from Methos' tab to Anton's own. The rock star would have noticed it.

"For your time,"
he said with a smile. "You're out with a friend and I don't want to keep you."
Methos gave the man a toothy smile. "Fertile Anomoly - the softer side of Methos."
He chuckled at the review he'd once received from the presses. It was always astounding the words people would write about him.

The other man bought the bottle of wine and Methos frowned. "I will only accept if you join us. My husband might be a bit annoyed you've spent money on him."
Methos smiled. "It'll be our little secret."

Methos didn't wait for an answer as he hooked his arm around the other man's and guided him towards their booth. Methos dropped the act of his persona once he reached the table and moved in beside Bradley. "Bradley, this is...."
He smiled. "I didn't get his name, actually. This is Bradley Whitehurst."

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Thankfully Methos' own emotions mirrored his own as the man took his arm. A swirl of amusement and happiness flooded Anton's thoughts. It was almost dizzying. Even with his training, he had never gotten used to the flood of emotion when someone made physical contact.

Anton was introduced to Methos' husband Bradley and smiled at him in greeting before offering his own name. I'm Anton - Anton Stepanov."
Bradley scooted forward in his chair a little in excitement. The name he knew apparently. He smiled at Adam and then turned back to their new acquaintance with the same bright smile. "As in the opera singer? You are set to open Orpheus in Monteverdi's L'Orefeo shortly. I've been begging Adam to take me. To ditch the entourage for one more evening."

Adam smiled at his husband's excitement. It was a rare gift to see him this happy about anything. It felt good to bring him this gift. "Fine. Fine. We can go."
Adam waved his hand over his head settling the matter. He already intended to surprise Bradley but this was much better. "Kay will have to watch Chris. He won't sit still for an Opera. And it's not like watching me backstage."

Adam turned to Anton with a smile. "It seems you have a fan as well. Funny how the circles turn, 'init?"
Anton let out a laugh. "That would be me.

Anton took a sip of his wine as the couple conversed. "Two celebrities in their own circles meeting at a bar in Moscow - this was an unexpected development."

Anton actually found himself tempted to go to the piano and give a little performance for the crowd, particularly for his two new companions, but it was always a possibility for later on.

"At this point, it can be difficult to get tickets, but I can easily procure some of you if needed."
He smiled and finished off his glass of wine.
Adam laughed. "Must I lay out my entire hand?"
He pulled two tickets from his inner breast pocket and slid them over to Bradley. "Oh look, what I found?"

Bradley stared wide eyed at him. "You're a devil."

Adam winked, "Aren't I?"

Adam pulled Methos around him and gave their new friend a wry grin. "Perhaps Methos can make a grand entrance in Manifesto with unlikely guest?"
Adam removed the red beret from his head and pulled his hair from the pony tail and gave it a good shake. "I'm sure we can find common ground to entertain the guests."

Anton laughed. Adam was a fun guy and what he did was sweet. But it was Adam's next move that made him really smile.

"Sounds like fun."
He grinned and stood. "Follow my lead."

Anton went to the piano and sat. Perfect pitch was wonderful as he took a piece from one of Methos' greatest hits and started playing. A trained ear would hear slight intonation issues on the piano, but the casual consumer wouldn't notice.

His hands glided over the keys. As a vocalist, he didn't get to play piano much anymore. He had more planned. Perhaps he would join in singing with vocal harmonies after Methos joined in.

A few patrons turned to face, many smiling, and several humming the melody of the song. Methos was prepared for his grand entrance.
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