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Introduction, few days later.
The ride to the Pub was quiet, bot lost in thought. Once they got there SynJyn gave Manix a dubious look. Walking in SynJyn made a quick study of the area and followed Manix to a booth.

It had Been 2 days since he struck the deal with Carmen for protection and he saw the 2 Marines casually blending in. After ordering SynJyn looked directly at Manix not quite happy: "Why are there 2 Marines in here pretending to drink?"
Manix laughed: "I am helping a friend with security until they get professionals in here, and that is where you come in. I need Vikings to take their place. 2-3 hour rotations, they need experience blending in, and the ability to appear to drink without drinking. While in the pub they are under the orders of Carmen"

"A friend named Carmen? first name basis, let me guess, red hair?"
SynJyn chuckled: "Easy enough to make happen, so do I get to meet this Carmen?
Manix looked down at his drink, he couldn't fool SynJyn and didn't even offer a defense: "She may or may not come by as I sometime will sit here watching over her, this place. I am hoping she will so you can meet her"

Both sat quiet for awhile, by tomorrow it would be Vikings in here so the Marines could go back to normal duties. SynJyn was not sure he liked so casually letting an unknown be "in charge" but saw the need. If Manix trusted her then until it proved a problem he was cooperate.
They had sat there talking of home, old flames, and sea adventures for nearly an hour when something changed in Manix's face. He went silent, serious. He remained so for several minutes, SynJyn said not a word, he knew something was forming inside Manix's mind. Finally Manix broke the silence.

"We need to form a combat plan to fight those with the power, we need to train the Vikings on how to react and not panic, how to fight in tandem. One Boat crew engaging at different angles and time to keep the wielder of balance and we need to see what weapons may help us, im thinking sonics is our best bet"

Synjyn was surprised at this line of thought, he had briefly wondered about it but never thought Manix, a power user, would breach the subject. Manix was right, first priority of the new training would be fighting power users. "Manix you realize the only way to train em, and test the weapons is for you to be the target"

"Yes Syn, I know. I am willing to be that target if it can save Viking's lives. I can have some sort of sonic weapons within 24 hours, but we can start preparing them on how to react to a power wielder asap."

Silence descended upon the two. SynJyn was proud of this boy for placing himself in harms way to benefit the entire team, but was still worried. Manix just looked into his drink as if drifting off to another world, a world without so much chaos.
a look of disappointment was on Manix's face when he looked at SynJyn: "Well I guess it is time to leave, Carmen must be busy and tomorrow will be a busy day."
Synjyn simply nodded, deciding silence was the better part of valor. Obviously the kid was smitten, but Manix was still his own man. Together they headed out.

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